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Time please…

Sunday night all of sudden my wrist watch stopped functioning. I tried to wake the watch up, but it preferred to be in sleep mode. I thought next morning I will get it checked from the service centre, which is very near to my office. So as usual Monday morning I put the watch on my wrist and left from home. On the way walking towards the train station, all of sudden a passer-by asked me “what’s the time” and as habituated I looked at the watch to check the current time but to realise that it’s not working. I immediately took my mobile out from my pocket, checked the time and told him the same. From his looks I could see he was also puzzled.

Meanwhile, I got my watch serviced and it was working fine. But to my surprise it stopped functioning again on Monday night. Tuesday morning I followed the same routine and put the watch on my wrist and left from home. To my surprise this time another passer-by, 2 young boys stopped and asked me “Uncle kitne baje” (Uncle, what’s the time?). This time I gave a long look at the boys trying to clear out that I am not that old to be called “Uncle”. I immediately checked in from my mobile and told them the current time.

2 consecutive days and 2 times (almost similar time of the day) 2 different people asked me for the time and that too when my watch was not functioning. All these months not a single person had asked me for the time when my watch was running. I had a hearty laugh within myself on the second day thinking why such thing happens with me.

Earlier many a times it has happened that while I am discussing work related things with my colleague standing in a smoking zone area (I am writing this in BOLD that I am a non-smoker) just outside office and someone or the other approaches me asking me for a match-box or a lighter. I really get pissed and think of shouting out loud that I am a non-smoker and I even don’t hold a cigarette in my hand and then also you ask me for a lighter.

Another incident I recollect from a few months back I was stopped by a traffic policeman for jumping a red light (which in my opinion I crossed during the green light). I was asked to show my license and PUC. Although I had a valid license but the PUC of the vehicle had expired just one day before and it slipped my mind to renew the same. During the period wherein the PUC was valid not a single time any police asked or checked it but as soon as it expired I was held up.

Well if I run down memory lane then there could be many more such incidents that must have taken place where-in I would had been asked for the thing which I don’t have or I have it but either the validity has got over or must have stopped functioning or I must have forgotten that particular thing at home or on that day I would have not been carrying it.

Does such incidents happen with you too or is it just only with me ?