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A to Z…

Apple_Logo_2015_03A is for Apple. I mean not the fruit but one of the most trusted brand in recent times. One of my favourite and would-never-let-go brand.

B is for Bombay. Now it is called Mumbai, thanks to some politicians. But I still say Bombay and I simply love the word Bombay.


B is for Beef. You can show it on TV but the word will be bleeped out on radio and sub-titles as this is a banned item in Maharashtra. Well I don’t have it at all.

C is for Censor Board. The most talked body who decides to give viewership ratings to the bollywood movies. The body which allows all type of violence, vulgarity and holism in movies but does not allow the word “Bombay”.

D is for Daughter. Am proud to be father of cute, loving and adorable daughter. She is the world to me and I cannot imagine myself without her.

emojiE is for Emojis. The latest trend of expressing your thoughts in ways of emoticons in social media.

F is for Friends. Friends are also my lifeline. Each and every friend is near and dear to me. And I am a person who will not forget any of my friends so easily.

G is for Good morning. Well most of you must be receiving my Good morning messages everyday in the morning. This is my way to reach people every day.

H is Hemang. Ok that’s me and I am what I am.

indiaI is for India. My country and I proud to say am Indian. India is a country having multi-culture and diversity. Well if I start writing about my country then this post will never end 🙂 .

J is for Jealousy. Not my cup of tea, so let me not get into it.

K is for Kiss. A passionate way of expressing your feeling to the opposite person.

L is for Love. Love is a big word with a small definition. Love can be boundless, unrestricted and has no ends. Love can be between friends, family, brothers-sisters, husband-wife, children and so on.

music-1M is for Music; an integral part of me. I love to hear Music in my free time be it at home or office or while driving or while morning walk.


M is for Mumbaiya Hindi. A different type of Hindi language spoken within Mumbai city.

N is for Net Neutrality. No matter what your faith or political affiliation, its politically correct to support Net Neutrality. When it comes to standing up to greedy Internet Service Providers, then we are  one people after all.

O is for Outrage / Offence / Opinion. One is what everybody is free to have. One is what everyone has right to give. One is a reaction of the other two. You have two minutes to solve this 🙂

P is for Panauti. Almost all Indians believe in this superstitious word. Every one passes thru some stage of Panauti in life. Well even our Indian cricketer team too were not spared from this. Cyber bullies attributed India’s defeat in the last World cup to the inauspicious presence of wife and girlfriends.

Q is for Quota. Looking for a government job, admission to college, darshan to a temple, or just a seat on a bus or train ? Just go through the Q word before you try any of the above. If you have a disability, or are a sports person or a victim of a terror attack, a child of a freedom fighter, former military service person or a tribal domiciled then you fit in the Q and if none of the above then you are into General Category. Well its surprising to know how many people are still left into General Category.

R is for Rape. Rape is the fourth most common crime against women in India. As per the research 98% of the cases are committed by someone known to the victim. Lots of awareness is spread on social media in terms videos and messages to stop this gruesome crime.

S is for Selfie. Smartphones has helped to justify the definition of the Selfie-Design-Elementword Selfie. All these years anyone hardly knew what it meant and today the world is busy clicking Selfies.

T is for Terrorism. The most dreaded word everyone is afraid of and has spread across the globe like a virus. There is not a single country which is free from Terrorism.

U is USA. A dream destination.

V is for Vacation. Most awaited time of the year where you can be free from the stress of day-to-day work, relax and spend some quality time with your family.


W is for Whatsapp. A game changer in way of communication but an addiction app for chatting. Although useful to keep intouch with rest of the world but many times a headache (that’s my feelings).

X is X-rated. Recently government of India ordered to ban 857 pornographic websites. This ban is for preventing Child pornography which is illegal in India. But does banning of 857 websites will help curb this issue?

Y is for Yelling. In earlier days Yelling was for those who had weak arguments. But these days yelling is a way to make yourself heard over the news channel by the hosts (I am sure you guessed it correct).

Z is for Zero. Has no value but if written at the right place than most valuable.

Smartphone – luxury or necessity?

Smartphone users stats

Yesterday I read the above interesting statistics in one of the leading newspaper. It shows how smartphones have changed our life. Those days are gone where only game option was “snake” in Nokia phone. Now lots of things can be done and managed with the tip of your 2 fingers or thumbs in few cases 🙂

If one goes through the above research, then it is very interesting to know few facts about “We” Indians. And I personally feel that the statistics which are given are very much true and day by day as the new generation steps in and starts using smartphone the percentage will increase and touch the sky.

I analysed myself after reading the above and concluded that I fit into many categories of the stats, like mentioned below :-

  • Yes I do check my phone over 100 times a day (although I have never counted it but am so much confidence because of the fact that I get minimum 700-800 messages on Whatsapp in a day).
  • If I am checking my phone over 100 times a day then yes I must be spending 3 hours, 18 minutes in all including playing games, chat, social media and mails.
  • I use many apps on my smartphone for example booking movie tickets, train tickets, etc. So very much possible that I am just not limited to social media and chat-apps.
  • I don’t use any chat-apps for business purpose.
  • I am not a person to watch videos on phone as I don’t enjoy watching on a smaller screen :). So I don’t fit into any category related to online video watching. I have seen and do see it daily in local trains that most of the people are watching movies on their smartphone with earphones plugged deep inside their ears.
  • Yes I am willing to pay more for better service as the type of internet connectivity speed we get on our phone is pathetic and specially while commuting.

I feel the survey is half completed without adding few more parameters like playing games, listening online music and non-stop chatting. So here below are my additional findings and results :-

  • I feel the percentage ratio of people playing games will not be less than people watching online videos which could be 23-25%
  • 12-15% people especially house wives prefer to listen music online.
  • Atleast 40% will be found chatting non-stop for hours and hours late night in bed. Online chatting has outpaced all types of face to face calling / meetings.

So which all and how many categories do you fit into? I will be happy to see your comments on this.

WhatsAppitis !!!

You must be wondering what is WhatsAppitis? Recently I read an article and made me curious to find more about it. “WhatsAppitis” is a name of a disease derived from the name of the most popular messaging app “WhatsApp”. WhatsAppitis is recently been diagnosed and its first victim being a 34-year old pregnant woman in Granada, Spain.

whatsappitisI always have been telling and informing people about the disadvantage of high usage of Whatsapp. Even my earlier post had mentioned the addiction of WhatsApp. As there are 2 sides of a coin, same way WhatsApp has its own advantage and disadvantage. Advantage being it has helped people getting connected to each other; not only one to one but one to many. Like wise it has the negative effect of people parting away from each other too. Relations are broken, minds are getting diverted, and the list goes on.

Few days back I had read an article in newspaper and I suppose many of you would have read it too. Recent survey shows divorce cases have increased to 200%, reason being high usage of social media. Another study says that out of 5000 divorce cases filed last year 3000 cases are related to technology.

whatsappitis_2Ok … so back again on WhatsAppintis. “WhatsAppitis” is a credible disease, with bilateral wrist pain induced by excessive use of ‘WhatsApp’. The case, described by the doctor, said the patient was suffering sudden pain in both wrists after waking up in the morning. The patient had been working on Christmas Eve. The next day, she responded to the many WhatsApp social messages that had been sent to her. Her phone was in her hands for at least six hours, during which she “made continuous movements with both thumbs to send messages”, said the doctor.

Day by day there is rise in number of victims due to WhatsApp. Examples like break-up in love, break-up in marriages, mis-understandings, illicit affairs, partner being caught with lover using GPS, and extreme cases being chatting on WhatsApp during sex too.

Earlier, before WhatsApp, heavy cell phone users have found to suffer from “Ringxiety” — a phenomenon in which users imagine their phone ringing or feel it vibrate when it actually doesn’t. These users hear this phantom ring more often than those using the phone in moderation. I am sure most of us must have suffered this “Ringxiety”.

I, myself being a Nomophobic, can’t resist being away from WhatsApp. Although I had stopped using Whatsapp for 2 weeks sometime back, but now after reading the article on WhatsAppitis I will definitely reduce and restrict myself.

Can’t live without it even for a day!!!

no-whatsapp-300x300It’s now 2 weeks I have stopped using Whatsapp. Yes you are reading it right, I am not on Whatsapp for 2 weeks now and I have realised the pros and cons of using and not using Whatsapp.

The day I stopped using Whatsapp I had decided to not use it for sometime (time frame is not yet decided). At the time of writing this post I am still not on Whatsapp. Now you all must be wondering how am I feeling and how can I stay without chatting? As I am very well known as a chatter box within my friends and even many in family. Even my better half thinks the same about me. And frankly I always have taken this as a compliment from all of you.

The day I removed the app from my mobile I was in the high note that I will not chat, so that day I managed without it. Next dayNo whatsapp early morning when I got up first thing I took my mobile to check for any messages (addiction) and I was shocked to see not a single message in my notification centre. Then after couple of minutes I realized that I had removed Whatsapp the earlier day. The following full day I frequently checked my mobile for any new message.  Even when my colleagues mobiles were received new message notification (because of the same model mobile and same ring tone) I was thinking I got a new message and I would reach for my mobile, so just imagine how much addictive Whatsapp is!!!

When I was in Whatsapp:-

• I was in touch with all the people in my address book provided.                                                                             No whatsapp_1

• I was updated with the status of the others like latest DP or Profile Pic

• One very good feature of Whatsapp is ‘Groups’ where in I was glued with so many people at the go.

• I use to get all the latest happenings around the world since my friend circle is global.

• Jokes, ‘shayaris’, gossips, and I was been updated about everything happening around me.

• I am part of almost 15 groups, thus so many people to communicate instantly.

Now since I m not using Whatsapp :-

• My mobile does not beep every minute. (the number of messages in a day use to be anywhere between 1300-1500 and we have only 1440 minutes in a day).

• Mobile battery life lasts longer and I just have to charge only once versus 3 times when I was using Whatsapp.

• I am getting Peace of mind because no more fights or arguments with anyone.

• I am able to get sound sleep versus I use to get up in the middle of the night to check messages and couldn’t overcome the urge to reply quickly.

• I am missing all the latest updates, jokes and yes ofcourse missing all the people whom I regularly was chatting day in and out.

No whatsapp_3Many of my friends and relatives have asked me as to why am I out of Whatsapp and I had to dodge all of them with some excuse. Frankly I cannot restrict myself from chatting and can’t stay away from my friends and had started using other medium like SMS, FB chat, Viber, iMessage, Wechat to stay in touch with them. As days are passing by I am getting better and better in ways of giving up my habit of chatting. One of my close friend tells me many times “Hemang if you can manage to stay without one particular thing for only 21 days then you can have control on that thing anytime in your life”. This advice is proving it right and am very much thankful to my friend.

But all in all I am missing the fun and few of my ‘chat’ buddies who always use to give me company chatting anytime, day or night. Hope to see you all on Whatsapp, maybe sooner or later!!!

This post is dedicated to one of my special friend….

BBM without a berry

“This is my BBM pin no#” or “Here is my BBM pin” or “Please add my BBM pin ….” These are the only sentences I am hearing now aBBM Pin days from everyone. Since Blackberry has introduced BBM messaging across cross platform i.e. Android and iOs, people are going crazy. One can see BBM pin in their status updates on FB and Twitter and even on Whatsapp 🙂

Nearly after a month delay, Blackberry launched BBM messaging for Android and iOs users. All one needs to do is download the app from Google store or App store and register oneself using his/her email id. Initially for the first 2-3 days after the launch, Blackberry received heavy traffic for downloading as well as new user registration. The delay to receive your BBM pin was 2-3 days. Blackberry said that there were 10 million BBM downloads in 24 hours since the launch.

Does this mean that Blackberry will survive the market which Android and Apple took away from it. Main reason Blackberry could not survive was partly lack of its delay in launching new models with touch screen, also no upgradation of its OS. As soon as Blackberry realized this, they launched Z10 but it was too late and by this time Android and Apple had overtook the market share of Blackberry.

I have used blackberry handset for more then 2 years before shifting to iPhone and I really liked the BBM feature it had. Yes BBM was one of the main feature that helped Blackberry to capture Indian market. BBM chat was limited to only Blackberry handset users. Then upon the introduction of Whatsapp on Android and iOs, there was a new player in town. By then I had also moved from Blackberry. Maybe it was a wise decision at that time. Whatsapp is much better, easy and convenient to use and chat with people. The biggest drawback of BBM was one needed BBM pin to add a new contact. The same is still required after the new launch. Whereas in Whatsapp one does not need to request anyone for PIN number, etc; if they are using Whatsapp, and are in your contact list, you can see them automatically, how convenient! 😀

I did not register on BBM. And why should I do? I don’t see any reason or feature which compels me to the BBM app. And then again asking everyone’s pin is additional headache. I am happy to use Whatsapp. I am able to interact with all those I need to through Whatsapp. Unfortunately BBM has not come up with any attractive features that are unique to BBM, which is the main reason I’m not yet convinced with cross platform BBM eek 😯

bbm-service-for-android-and-iPhoneBlackberry claims to have added 20 million new users on BBM. Those are big numbers and yes the cross platform BBM launch was a success to Blackberry, but will these numbers really help them to capture the market again? Or are those numbers just a flash in the pan?

The future of BBM isn’t clear at this point, but based on my opinion and what I have read till now, I’m doubtful that the service can continue its forward momentum. It just doesn’t offer enough advantages over the other established cross-platform apps.

Disclaimer  : This is a personal weblog. The opinions expressed here represent my own. All data and information provided on this site is for informational purposes only. This post is not aimed for offence at anyone!

WhatsApp – An Addiction!!!

WhatsApp …. Heard this word … of-course you all do :). When I first heard about WhatsApp I got confused with “What’s up” or rather “Wass up”. When I was in US in 2005 I use to hear these words almost from everyone. It rather means “How you doing?” and it’s a way of greeting.

But now a days WhatsApp means something different. Everyone starting from age group of 10 years till 60+ years, all are saying I am on WhatsApp … r u also on WhatsApp …. I don’t think the company CEO must have ever thought that this application will penetrate so deep inside everyone. This is one of the highest downloaded application till now on any platform (iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, Nokia, Symbian and Windows Phone). WhatsApp icon will be found in almost all the mobile users. In fact people subscribe to internet so that they can use WhatsApp in their phone.

WhatsApp was developed so that users between BlackBerry and iPhone or Android users can cross chat with each other. And now this app has killed all other older ways of chat or communication like SMS, yahoo chat or gtalk, or BBM. There is whatsappno age bar to use  WhatsApp. Even oldies are seen using WhatsApp, which probably they have learnt from their children or grand children. It has rather now days become a timepass app. Lots of jokes, pics are shared by creating groups. People are just seen chatting endlessly on WhatsApp. One can hear phones beeping continuously in office and many offices have now days banned using WhatsApp during office hours. By forwarding jokes and pics it gives pleasure and fun to many but at times it also creates misunderstanding between some too. People express their love to their loved ones on WhasApp and at times break up also with them on WhatsApp only. It allows you to keep intouch with all your friends, colleagues and even family members too. It has the facility to create groups and people names it like “School Friends”, “College Friends”, “Family”, “Train Friends”, “Building Friends” and the list is endless …

WhatsApp has become addiction to most of them instead of being just a communication window. One checks his/her mobile incase it does not beep after every few mins and gets worried why no messages on WhatsApp? As I mentioned earlier sometimes its fun to keep intouch with all but at times it is irritating when one is busy in some work and your mobile keeps on beeping with new messages and also eating up your phone battery :oops:.

The above views are totally my thoughts and there is no resemblance of anyone. I am a chat-ohlic and you will find me Online most of the time in WhatsApp from the time I get up till I goto bed. 8-)

How about you all??? Please do drop in your views …..