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Language of schooling … does it matter??

First day, first lecture, professor enters the classroom and is warmly greeted by the students. “Who all are from vernacular, please raise your hand” was his first question.

I clearly recollect this one of an incident in our college about 22 years back. Though I am not able to recollect the subject he use to teach us in college but I clearly remember the above question.

I have to accept the fact that on that day, the very moment I felt proud to have cleared my school from a convent medium and was happy that I was not among those who were forced to raise their hands.

Well, 2 decades back there were less of convent schools as compare to other language medium. But looking back today I feel disgusting on why such discrimination in medium of study did existed. I do not understand as to what made that professor ask such question? Did it really made any difference in his career of teaching to a vernacular visa vis a convent student. Did he want to show the vernacular students that they will be left out from the college curriculum incase they don’t speak English.

I was lucky to find bunch of new friends in my early college days out of which couple of my friends have done their schooling from Gujarati medium school. Till date also I feel happy to have all of them in my life and feel proud that all of them specially the friends from the Gujarati medium school are working and placed at very high-profile in good reputed company. Nothing stopped them from achieving such great heights.

The other day I had over heard someone discussing that one of the school in suburbs of Mumbai (actually I don’t want to name the school) still cross checks the qualification of parents before giving admission to young kids. I fail to understand why the need to check parents qualification instead of testing the skills of the young kids. Does the management or the principal think that kids of Doctors or Engineers will always follow their parent’s profession and kids from uneducated parents will end up doing nothing? This is not at all acceptable.

I feel we humans have created difference in caste and religion. And we did not stop it here, we even went a step further and started discriminating between our ways of studying and our up-bringing. We are the ones who are responsible for categorizing our fellow human beings.

Sorry I went off track :). I feel like meeting that professor once again and proudly show him all my college friend’s business cards and inform him loudly that these are the ones who had raised their hands to his question and are now way ahead in their professional life.

I am really proud of all my college friends; NP, PP, CM, BR, SR. Cheers to your hard work!!! tiny-smileys-yesemoticons-102