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Top 10 (personal) moments/achievements in 2013

top10 momentsHere I am at the end of 2013 and at the threshold of 2014 with lots of positiveness in me. Just going through the past few months of 2013 I am able to recollect many things. There has been lots of ups and downs, good and bad things that has happened in 2013. I  am sure everyone had their own memorable moments but I just thought to pen down some of mine which I could recollect at this moment.

These are the top 10 happy moments which I will cherish for long time :-

  1. I successfully completed a dozen years of my happily married life. Special Thanks to my wife for giving me all the support I needed.
  2. My daughter grew one more year older and even her height increased and she is getting more and more smarter and mature.
  3. My most memorable Amarnath Yatra which I always wanted to go and was looking out for some company from last 2-3 years and finally in June I had the opportunity to complete my dream.
  4. Shifting from old model of iPhone to new iPhone again (don’t think I can give away Apple now).
  5. I again got back into my reading habit (which I had misplaced for many years), but this time not with comics but lots of other stuff. The first break through given by my best friend PC.
  6. Again one of the most memorable and never forgetful event; reunion SJS 2013. This reunion which we had after a gap of 2 years was a blast. I made many new friends (actually not new but old school friends whom I knew but had lost touch with them from last 20 years). Incase you have missed reading it then here it is Part 1 and Part 2.
  7. Not to forget ever green Panchagani tour with school friends and all the fun we had during the trip with recollecting school days.
  8. Surprise birthday lunch invitation from my best of the best friend PC and that too on the birthday day itself. A memorable day.
  9. Also just concluded one more unforgettable tour of Ranthambore & Jaipur with my college buddies. This is third vacation this year.
  10. And of course how can I forget this part of penning down things. I started blogging and special thanks to SS who inspired me to start reading and writing this blog. Just to mention that blogs written by SS are simply awesome and I just love reading them and I still get motivated to write more and more after reading your (SS) blogs.

Since there are so many wonderful memories to remember I think I will keep this post to only the good memories, and leave the bad ones to another time. It’s always better to learn and move ahead then to cry for the bad moments in life.

I hope you all must had a wonderful 2013.

Wishing in advance Happy New Year and bright 2014

Let’s Regain 2 most important lost quality hard work and honesty.
Let’s adopt  0 tolerance policy for corruption.
Let’s have    1 vision to make India shining and smiling.
Let’s work   4 Country, Society, Business and Family.

Do have blast on the new year eve but please don’t drink and drive.