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A better tomorrow

“You always have time for the things you put first”

24 hours = 1,440 minutes = 86,400 seconds is what we all have with us in a day. No matter which part of the world you live in, we have the same amount of time with us every single day. It’s totally upto us as how we utilize this time. In my earlier posts too, I have mentioned time is running at a faster pace than we are. Time does not wait for anyone. You can read those posts here … link 1 & link 2

“I am busy with office work, I work for long hours at the office, I leave early from home, I have home responsibilities, I am balancing my life between professional and personal front, etc. etc.” Sounds similar correct? These were some of the excuses I also used to give myself 3 years ago. You can read my old post here on how i use to be a lazy bone type of person. And I am sure these and many more excuses you all must be giving yourself and others when someone asks you “Which workout have you done today for yourself?”

86,400 seconds are more than enough in a single day to fill your day with all the activities you want to do. Recently I was reading one article and found a few interesting facts :-

  • Indian viewers, on an average watch TV for 3 hours 44 minutes every day = 26 hours/week = 4.3 days/month = 1 month 22 days/year.
  • Indians spend roughly 180 minutes/day on smartphones = 21 hours/week = 3.5 days/month = 1 month 12 days/year.
  • As per a study done by Nokia, we check our phones every 6.5 minutes … that is almost 150 times a day and not only do we just check phones but we send an average of about a 100 messages per day.
  • Another 5 years of our life is spent on surfing the internet.
  • Another survey says that Indians spend 85% of their life indoors, i.e. either inside their homes or offices or schools or colleges.

And so, the list of such crazy facts are endless. The point here is, if we are spending so much time on the TV, mobile, social media surfing endless feeds/updates then how come we do not have time to exercise. Why can’t we just shut off all of the above for 30 minutes a day and do some workout for ourselves, better our future selves so that at a later age we can be thankful for taking care of our body.

This does not mean that one must stop all that you are doing on a daily basis, but we just have to allocate little time from our daily busy schedule and utilize this time towards improving our health and well-being. Just push yourself from the comfort zone you are currently in. Initially it will be difficult but once you are in a set rhythm then you will like the taste of it and will surely be thankful for the wise decision you have taken. We all have those 86,400 seconds with us every single day. Utilize these seconds for our body, for the wellness of ourselves, for our better tomorrow.

Time-where do I find it … 2


Time …. Please, please halt … But as the saying goes “Time and tide wait for no man”. This is so true.

So here I am back again after a short break.  Lots of things happening in and around me and frankly I could not spare time to blog anything. Nowadays my professional life is keeping me on my toes and I am trying to balance it out with my personal life too with work on my priority list. So you can figure out that I am just running from home to office and office to home and then in-between trying my best to spend time with family and friends.

Today I had to write something, as yesterday evening when I was helping my daughter to write an essay as a part of her school work she all of a sudden asked me why I have not written any post for a long time. Well, she is one of my loyal readers who makes it a point to read my blog every time I write something.  I just smiled and said I will write soon and hence this had to come today.

I miss my old blogging days where I used to write many things and had no need for motivation from anyone. Truely, during that time I was not that loaded with work and presently my work responsibilities have doubled up and I am drowned in work :).

Many a times I have thought to write something but then I feel that I already have a lot of things floating in my head and might not be able to do full justice to the blog I want to write. Today on the contrary when I started writing, words just start flowing out from my head. I feel nice expressing when I write.

As for where my work is concerned I had a few deadlines to meet and hence was too tied up so much so that a couple of times it has happened that my office landline rings and I am so engrossed in my work that I pick up my mobile and say “hello” later to realise that someone is trying to reach me on my office phone :).

One more instance that comes to mind, I was on a call with my wife and simultaneously officially chatting with my counterpart regarding some issue and I literally kept the phone down without saying anything to my wife wherein I actually had typed bye on chat. Now don’t think I am aging out or losing my senses.

Additionally, along with trying to catch up with time I’m also trying to catch up with my sleep. Waking up early mornings to catch flights returning home late and back to work early next day is eating up my sleep. The only time I can catch up on some sleep or rather power nap is during my traveling time be it train or flight. The moment I get to my seat my eyes shuts off.

But yes time is running faster than we can imagine. Days and months and years are just passing by within a blink of an eye. I vouch to spend more time over here and update my blog more frequently. I will try my best to make my presence felt more often.

This is in continuation to my earlier post “Time-where do I find it”.

Time please…

Sunday night all of sudden my wrist watch stopped functioning. I tried to wake the watch up, but it preferred to be in sleep mode. I thought next morning I will get it checked from the service centre, which is very near to my office. So as usual Monday morning I put the watch on my wrist and left from home. On the way walking towards the train station, all of sudden a passer-by asked me “what’s the time” and as habituated I looked at the watch to check the current time but to realise that it’s not working. I immediately took my mobile out from my pocket, checked the time and told him the same. From his looks I could see he was also puzzled.

Meanwhile, I got my watch serviced and it was working fine. But to my surprise it stopped functioning again on Monday night. Tuesday morning I followed the same routine and put the watch on my wrist and left from home. To my surprise this time another passer-by, 2 young boys stopped and asked me “Uncle kitne baje” (Uncle, what’s the time?). This time I gave a long look at the boys trying to clear out that I am not that old to be called “Uncle”. I immediately checked in from my mobile and told them the current time.

2 consecutive days and 2 times (almost similar time of the day) 2 different people asked me for the time and that too when my watch was not functioning. All these months not a single person had asked me for the time when my watch was running. I had a hearty laugh within myself on the second day thinking why such thing happens with me.

Earlier many a times it has happened that while I am discussing work related things with my colleague standing in a smoking zone area (I am writing this in BOLD that I am a non-smoker) just outside office and someone or the other approaches me asking me for a match-box or a lighter. I really get pissed and think of shouting out loud that I am a non-smoker and I even don’t hold a cigarette in my hand and then also you ask me for a lighter.

Another incident I recollect from a few months back I was stopped by a traffic policeman for jumping a red light (which in my opinion I crossed during the green light). I was asked to show my license and PUC. Although I had a valid license but the PUC of the vehicle had expired just one day before and it slipped my mind to renew the same. During the period wherein the PUC was valid not a single time any police asked or checked it but as soon as it expired I was held up.

Well if I run down memory lane then there could be many more such incidents that must have taken place where-in I would had been asked for the thing which I don’t have or I have it but either the validity has got over or must have stopped functioning or I must have forgotten that particular thing at home or on that day I would have not been carrying it.

Does such incidents happen with you too or is it just only with me ?

Time – Where do I find it?


Today morning as I got up I realised that we have lots of time in this world but actually running short of time every day. Our hectic life, be it work, family, friends or anything else eats up our time in a day tiny-smileys-yesemoticons-143 .

Except for weekends and for some people only Sundays we get time for our kids. How much time do we spend with them in a week? Counting 16 hours in a day (leaving 7-8 hours of sleep which is a must for normal human beings), how many hours in a day we spend with our kids? Monday to Friday we all are busy with our daily routine schedules. The amount of work pressure plus travelling time leaves us with no energy at the end of the day. I leave my home at sharp 8.05 am to catch my daily routine train and also to reach office on time. We all have a fixed time to leave from home but there is no fixed return time from office. Normally I am back by 8.30 pm which is dinner time. So am out of home for approx 12 hours in a day. My daughter has her school from 11.30 am to 5.30 pm which means by the time I leave home in the morning she is still in bed or half awake. This leaves me with only 2-3 hours a day in the evening during the week which I can spend with her, in which case she has her home work to complete, her extra curricular classes (thrice a week) which gets over at 9 pm. So at the end of the day we both (myself and my daughter) are exhausted and hardly have any energy left to do any more activities.

It is only the weekends wherein I ensure myself to spend most of my time with her. Again on Saturday mornings also she has her extra curricular activities. After dropping her at class, I finish my pending weekend work. Afternoon is the time where I take her studies, revision, homework or worksheets for the exams (only maths and computer, rest of the subjects my wife manages). Sundays are lazy days and I spend my full day with my family. I play with my daughter as per her like; cycling, skating, cricket in the society compound, etc… Sunday evenings are always out with family followed by dinner 🙂 .

I realised that we all are (atleast I am) living such a mechanical life where in we are forced to move as per the clock hands and hence we have no time to experience smaller joys of life.

So Yes, I will have to bring a change in my lifestyle so that I can spend more and more time with my daughter. In a few years she will be old enough to spend most of her time with friends and we will be left at our own mercy. Any suggestions??