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Bullets for Children….

Yesterday’s massacre at Peshawar in Pakistan has left another deep scar in the name of humanity. This shows the limit of terrorism has reached upto. They even are not sparing young school going kids in their battle for so-called freedom. Freedom is what they want? Or they just want to prove that their community is superior than the rest of the world. If superiority can be proved by having gun in hand, loading suicide bombs across the body and killing innocent young kids that too in a school then it’s a shameful act. Actually not shameful but inhumane act. They actually are heartless creatures in form of human beings.

Since morning social media is flooded with lots and lots of messages condemning the act. It becomes really painful to read such messages over and over again. Atleast I am an emotional person and cannot read so many such messages of yesterday’s cowardly act again and again. I somehow have managed myself to stay away from social media specially whatsapp for today just to avoid reading across messages of such utter barbarism act. Newspaper like DNA (Daily News and Analysis) carries the headline as “For God’s sake, not kids”, another leading news paper in India The Economic Times has quoted this act as “Butchers & B**tards”.

Yesterday, I over heard 2 people talking about this in train on my way back home;
Person 1 – what was the fault of the young kids that became the victims of this act?
Person 2 – their fault was that they were born in Pakistan.
Although I was deeply engrossed in my reading but hearing such answer I cannot resist myself of giving an angry glance to this person. WTF is he trying to say? Don’t he know that Children are innocent form of GOD whether they are born in India or Pakistan or any part of the world.

What are the terrorist community trying to gain and at what cost? By killing few hundreds of children and spreading violence in few countries, are they feeling satisfied to display their power?

Statistic shows that terrorism is increasing year by year and is affecting more and more countries. See below graph.

Bullets for children_1

The top 5 most affected countries where terrorism is highest with no. 1 is Iraq followed by Afghanistan, Pakistan, Nigeria and Syria, with India positioned at no. 6

Bullets for children

 You can read the full report by clicking “Global Terrorism Index 2014”

At the time of writing this post, flash news pops up on my cell and sad to read “2 more explosions outside girls college in Peshawar”. God when will this stop? One more brutal terror attack!! One more inhuman act by our fellow humans!!

My prayers are with all the parents who have lost their beloved child.

May their soul R.I.P.