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Old technique but innovative idea

I am sure reading this will bring some smile on your face and in-fact I also had a broad smile too. No it is not a joke or any whatsapp message that made me smile. Actually it is a letter I received today morning. Yes an “Inland Letter Card” which I received by post, made me smile. It has been ages I have seen the Inland letter card and I almost had forgotten the look and colour of it.Inlland letter card

Inland letter card (अंतर्देशीय पत्र कार्ड) was introduced by Indian Post Office way back on 20th September 1969 (am feeling happy about the date as on 20th September I also came into this world). No doubts that Inland letter’s design and colour has gone through lots of changes all through these years.

What made me smile is that in today’s time where technology is at its peak, I am still receiving Inland letter card. As soon as I got it in my hand I was very much anxious to know the sender and what would be the news inside it. To send mailers to clients and that too in an Inland letter in today’s age seems to be an obsolete idea. Right from utility bills, bank statements, education results, company reports, etc are all received via e-mail. Upon opening the same, to my surprise, it’s a mailer from none other than the biggest global technology company IBM.

What on Earth IBM must have thought of sending such a mailer? Technology has advance so much that a simple click of a button can send thousands of such e-mailers in a second. And I do receive many such e-mailers in a day. Come on IBM please grow up and stop sending such Inland letter card to your clients. It is waste of paper, money and time. These were the thoughts which popped up at the first go even without reading the content of it.

After reading the full content of the letter which actually turned out IBM promoting their new mailing solution and trying to showcase of using an old way of mailing solution can hamper the work and switch over to their latest way of communication mode. This actually justified why had they sent a mailer as an Inland letter card and not an e-mailer. Well, it is a nice innovative way of promoting new business.

It’s a normal human mentality to jump to a conclusion very soon. We take things into granted and decide the course of action. Such action many times leads to wrong paths.

Listening is a good habit. Many people think that listening is a very easy skill or is a part of our personality but neither is right. In-fact poor listening habit is very common within all of us. Today, I also did the same and started concluding many things. So, try to be a good listener and enrich your capacity to understand yourself as well as others.

My life in a Digital Era

technology_1Technology bug has bitten all of us. There is no age bar, no sex bar. Every one has fallen prey for the bug.

Every day in the morning once I get up, first thing I do is check my smart phone for any new updates. This is even before I wear my spectacles (as before introduction of smart phones in my life, it was my spectacle which was the first thing I use to search for once I get up from bed). But now time has changed. Smartphones has taken priority.

So what is it on my phone that I cannot wait to check it later? Many things, first is whatsapp, then my emails (official and personal), then any news alert, then ofcourse any notifications of my blogs and last not the least FB updates … uufff done 🙂

Technology has played a very important role in our life. Earlier also we all use to complete our tasks on time without much help from any technology. But today, present time, technology has helped to accomplish many of the same task just on a click of it. Any help on any topic can be found on Google and it helps us to gain more knowledge on the same. Wikipedia and Youtube are two of the most visited sites for gaining indepth knowledge of any sort. Nowadays all smart phones have apps which help to get connected to anyone irrespective of he or she been in any part of the world.

Technology also has helped in improving education system. Tabs and iPads have helpedtechnology_2 kids learn much faster in way of visuals. Online shopping has become very much convenient and has helped us to save time. Online booking of tickets (movies, bus, rail, flights) has made our life easier and we don’t need to stand in long queues for it. Even most of the payments of our utility bills like telephone, electricity, credit card, LIC premiums are paid online helping to save our time. Net-banking has changed our views towards banking process. Instant fund transfer and faster processing of clearings is the new mantra of banking.

I am hooked to technology day and night. Online shopping is my new taste now. Other than this, booking online tickets, paying utility bills was always a part of my daily routine. Apps on my smart phones like whatsapp, skype has helped me be intouch with all my near and dear ones. A video call is just a click away. Not to forget WordPress app which I am using for my blog helps me get all my alerts and notifications on my mobile. E-book and e-paper has helped me to read while I am traveling. Instant news alert keeps me updated with the latest happening in my country. And thanks to email apps which has made my life much simpler and I can response and forward mails almost anytime and anywhere. I even pen down my thoughts on WordPad in my phone or laptop instead of traditional pen and paper.

technology_4In-short I have become heavily dependent on today’s tech-world. But am thankful that I have seen earlier days wherein technology was still a young child.

I would be really happy to know from you all whether technology bug has bitten you and whether it has made life simpler or worst.

Smart phones and dumb people

I got this forwarded video from one of my friend on Whatsapp and very nicely it shows the disadvantages of extensive use of technology. It loudly says that day by day how dumb we are becoming by using more and more of smart gadgets. And it’s a fact that today’s generation is totally deep drowned into gadgets.

It’s my personal request to all the parents reading my post that please encourage your child/children to play as much outdoor games as possible and make them understand the disadvantages of heavily dependency of technology. Make them learn music, dance, painting, reading or any type of such creativity which will help them in future.