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Just as you hear this word, a lot of people will cringe and give excuses as to why they are unable to find time to exercise :-|.

The kind of life style we live and the type of junk food we eat, our body needs some sort of workout. Everyday I think that from tomorrow I will start exercising daily, be it walking, skipping, push-ups, cycling, swimming, etc …  I will start some form of exercise for sure and tomorrow never comes.

I am a “Walker” and I make a point that I walk for few kilometers everyday; walking from home to railway station and to office and back. As most days, mornings are always busy, I try my best to leave home bit early so that I could walk to station and catch my regular train. But this all happens only once or twice a week and I end up reaching station by bus or auto-rickshaw. After getting down at Lower Parel railway station, the closest one to my office, mixture of heat and laziness takes over and I end up in a taxi or bus  and get to the office. So I just end up walking half the distance of what I had initially planned ;-).

Next option which can be conveniently done at home are skipping or a jump rope or simple push-ups in the morning. Again to do any such exercise, I need to spare some time before getting ready and this means I need to get up earlier. With every intention I set my alarm every day to wake up a bit early but again I am successful only a couple times a week. Everyday the alarm rings and I hit snooze (thanks to the amazing developers who design such marvellous options) and hence by the time my eyes opens, it is already late and soon it is time to leave for office.

Since both the above two did not work out, this made me think of one more alternative and this time I was tough on my decision to go for swimming on weekends (Saturday and Sunday being holidays for me). Not to mention again that I hardly go or rather drag myself for swimming. Few of the many reasons being, Friday and Saturday late night parties with friends or family or if I am at home, I like to watch movies. So do I need to say that I don’t go swimming… 😀

End result is that I am a bag of lazy bones and I don’t do more than the daily routine work. All above are just my excuses of not exercising regularly, is my post on Exercising or Excusizing? What do you think?