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Blocked ….

Not a new term for all of us. After introduction of Social Media the “Blocked” term has become a popular jargon in internet world. You think blocking is a sign of maturity? I think it is the opposite.

Many reasons to block someone or get blocked :-

  • Some unknown person troubling you on social media then Block him/her.
  • You are getting irritated by someone (known or unknown) then you can Block that person.
  • You want to avoid anyone then use the facility of blocking that number.

It’s a trend to block people within the new generation. Does blocking a known person help you to stop thinking of that individual? Well, if your answer is Yes, then I fail to understand how can you remove that person from your mind or heart. Because even if you block him/her from your chats, your email, your Facebook and so on, he/she isn’t gone until you lock him/her out of your head. Unless it’s a case of some unknown stranger who is not ready to reveal his/her identity and troubling you then I buy the point of blocking that stranger.

My feeling is that we don’t value people when they are around and tend to take them for granted expecting them to be around / alive forever. We only realise the value of a person when we lose them permanently or to someone else and then we are left to live with emptiness and regret for the rest of our lives.

Blocking people is just a temporary phase in our lives. My advice is to talk it out and get things sorted before rather than taking such a step which we may regret later. As the saying goes “Time and tide wait for no man”, don’t take people or things for granted. Value the present and make the most out of it. God knows what tomorrow might bring. It takes a long time to build a relationship but not even a minute to break it. Learn the value of people before blocking them for whatever reason.

I am not the type of person who will block anyone, but for many others I am a person to be stationed in their “Blocked” list. Many a times I wonder for what reason I am getting the privilege to enjoy this temporary disconnection phase tiny-smileys-yesemoticons-164. Anyways I do enjoy it till it lasts tiny-smileys-yesemoticons-032.

Following someone….


Recently I happened to bump into one of my ex-colleague, who also happens to be a good friend of mine and we were just chit-chatting about our old days and the time we spent together in office. All of a sudden he asked me “So who are you following now?” At first instance it did not strike me and I thought I was caught following someone :). I was trying to find words to say something. My friend understood and pounced back saying “I mean on social media”.

So who do you follow? If this question was asked to me about 15 years back then obviously my answer would have been Sachin Tendulkar or Amitabh Bachchan (I love cricket as much as I like watching movies). Very strange question isn’t it?

And then came the revolution, the entry of “Social Media”

Now on present day I am on Facebook, Twitter, Blog, Instagram and zillion more social media sites. Although I get tired using Facebook and Whatsapp hardly leaving me with any energy to open Twitter or any other social media apps. The continuous feeds on my Facebook page and enormous messages I get on my Whatsapp are already too much to handle for me in a day. And truly social media is addictive and specially Whatsapp (I already have mentioned in my earlier blog).

So now if I am asked the same question “Who do you follow”, my answer will be many bloggers, twitter handles (news, celebrities, politicians) and I have many followers on my blog and my twitter too :).

What about you? Who do you follow now? And who were you following a decade back?

Smartphone – luxury or necessity?

Smartphone users stats

Yesterday I read the above interesting statistics in one of the leading newspaper. It shows how smartphones have changed our life. Those days are gone where only game option was “snake” in Nokia phone. Now lots of things can be done and managed with the tip of your 2 fingers or thumbs in few cases 🙂

If one goes through the above research, then it is very interesting to know few facts about “We” Indians. And I personally feel that the statistics which are given are very much true and day by day as the new generation steps in and starts using smartphone the percentage will increase and touch the sky.

I analysed myself after reading the above and concluded that I fit into many categories of the stats, like mentioned below :-

  • Yes I do check my phone over 100 times a day (although I have never counted it but am so much confidence because of the fact that I get minimum 700-800 messages on Whatsapp in a day).
  • If I am checking my phone over 100 times a day then yes I must be spending 3 hours, 18 minutes in all including playing games, chat, social media and mails.
  • I use many apps on my smartphone for example booking movie tickets, train tickets, etc. So very much possible that I am just not limited to social media and chat-apps.
  • I don’t use any chat-apps for business purpose.
  • I am not a person to watch videos on phone as I don’t enjoy watching on a smaller screen :). So I don’t fit into any category related to online video watching. I have seen and do see it daily in local trains that most of the people are watching movies on their smartphone with earphones plugged deep inside their ears.
  • Yes I am willing to pay more for better service as the type of internet connectivity speed we get on our phone is pathetic and specially while commuting.

I feel the survey is half completed without adding few more parameters like playing games, listening online music and non-stop chatting. So here below are my additional findings and results :-

  • I feel the percentage ratio of people playing games will not be less than people watching online videos which could be 23-25%
  • 12-15% people especially house wives prefer to listen music online.
  • Atleast 40% will be found chatting non-stop for hours and hours late night in bed. Online chatting has outpaced all types of face to face calling / meetings.

So which all and how many categories do you fit into? I will be happy to see your comments on this.

How to get over when you are ignored


Have you by any chance till now got into a situation where in you are being ignored or you are sending messages (be it mails, texts, bbm, whatsapp) and there is no response from the opposite person. I am sure you must have checked your phone thousand times just to see if there is a reply of your messages. The opposite person can be anyone (maybe ex gf/bf tiny-smileys-yesemoticons-006 or spouse or boss or one of your best buddies). You keep on sending messages day after day and there is no response from him/her (henceforth I will be referring this person as X person). So how does one feel it? And especially when you are in good communication till last week and all of sudden there is total silence between both. It seems that the X person has disappeared from your life.

So what will you be doing now? OR rather what can you do?

Here are few of the things one could and should do:-

  • Go offline

Block the X person on facebook, linkedin, whatsapp or any sort of social media. The more you look at the profile of the X person the more you will be tempted to talk with him/her. It will be a painful treatment for you incase you see the X person online and not responding to you.

  • Show your patience

The best way to exhibit your patience is by engaging yourself in something you like the most, any activity or hobby or engage yourself deep into your work. Don’t give yourself any breathing space to think about the X person. At least till the time you hear from him/her.

  •  Leave the X person alone

You cannot force anyone to respond to your message. It’s upto him/her, whether that X person wants to reply or still ignore you the way its going on.

  • Spend your time with buddies

Try to spend as much time as possible with other friends. Talk about everything and anything but except this topic. This will help to relive some sort of stress from you. Go out, dance, eat, drink, have fun with friends.

  •  Adopt the policy of ttyl or just a smiley tiny-smileys-yesemoticons-032

If at all any time (maybe after one day, 3 days, a week, a month) of the day or night the X person calls you then be cool and say you will get back to him/her later as you are very much busy. Incase he/she send any text messages, then just respond by saying ttyl or simply send one smiley.

Ignorance_1Believe me, as I write this I do know it’s easier said then done. The type of feeling one goes through is very tough to mention. Add to this the X person will sometimes respond in monosyllables, adding more fumes inside you. So many thoughts erupt in our mind as to why and for what reason you are being ignored? Is it something you have said or done wrong for which you are getting punished? All such thoughts lead to sleepless nights and affect your daily routine life.

If the above points are followed (which I know is very difficult and the last one is theIgnorance toughest) not needed to be in the same order as said, then chances are you would never be ignored by that X person in future and if at all you still are then time to get some change in your life.

PS. The book “The One You Cannot Have” by Preeti Shenoy inspired me to write it.

WhatsAppitis !!!

You must be wondering what is WhatsAppitis? Recently I read an article and made me curious to find more about it. “WhatsAppitis” is a name of a disease derived from the name of the most popular messaging app “WhatsApp”. WhatsAppitis is recently been diagnosed and its first victim being a 34-year old pregnant woman in Granada, Spain.

whatsappitisI always have been telling and informing people about the disadvantage of high usage of Whatsapp. Even my earlier post had mentioned the addiction of WhatsApp. As there are 2 sides of a coin, same way WhatsApp has its own advantage and disadvantage. Advantage being it has helped people getting connected to each other; not only one to one but one to many. Like wise it has the negative effect of people parting away from each other too. Relations are broken, minds are getting diverted, and the list goes on.

Few days back I had read an article in newspaper and I suppose many of you would have read it too. Recent survey shows divorce cases have increased to 200%, reason being high usage of social media. Another study says that out of 5000 divorce cases filed last year 3000 cases are related to technology.

whatsappitis_2Ok … so back again on WhatsAppintis. “WhatsAppitis” is a credible disease, with bilateral wrist pain induced by excessive use of ‘WhatsApp’. The case, described by the doctor, said the patient was suffering sudden pain in both wrists after waking up in the morning. The patient had been working on Christmas Eve. The next day, she responded to the many WhatsApp social messages that had been sent to her. Her phone was in her hands for at least six hours, during which she “made continuous movements with both thumbs to send messages”, said the doctor.

Day by day there is rise in number of victims due to WhatsApp. Examples like break-up in love, break-up in marriages, mis-understandings, illicit affairs, partner being caught with lover using GPS, and extreme cases being chatting on WhatsApp during sex too.

Earlier, before WhatsApp, heavy cell phone users have found to suffer from “Ringxiety” — a phenomenon in which users imagine their phone ringing or feel it vibrate when it actually doesn’t. These users hear this phantom ring more often than those using the phone in moderation. I am sure most of us must have suffered this “Ringxiety”.

I, myself being a Nomophobic, can’t resist being away from WhatsApp. Although I had stopped using Whatsapp for 2 weeks sometime back, but now after reading the article on WhatsAppitis I will definitely reduce and restrict myself.