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Smartphone – luxury or necessity?

Smartphone users stats

Yesterday I read the above interesting statistics in one of the leading newspaper. It shows how smartphones have changed our life. Those days are gone where only game option was “snake” in Nokia phone. Now lots of things can be done and managed with the tip of your 2 fingers or thumbs in few cases 🙂

If one goes through the above research, then it is very interesting to know few facts about “We” Indians. And I personally feel that the statistics which are given are very much true and day by day as the new generation steps in and starts using smartphone the percentage will increase and touch the sky.

I analysed myself after reading the above and concluded that I fit into many categories of the stats, like mentioned below :-

  • Yes I do check my phone over 100 times a day (although I have never counted it but am so much confidence because of the fact that I get minimum 700-800 messages on Whatsapp in a day).
  • If I am checking my phone over 100 times a day then yes I must be spending 3 hours, 18 minutes in all including playing games, chat, social media and mails.
  • I use many apps on my smartphone for example booking movie tickets, train tickets, etc. So very much possible that I am just not limited to social media and chat-apps.
  • I don’t use any chat-apps for business purpose.
  • I am not a person to watch videos on phone as I don’t enjoy watching on a smaller screen :). So I don’t fit into any category related to online video watching. I have seen and do see it daily in local trains that most of the people are watching movies on their smartphone with earphones plugged deep inside their ears.
  • Yes I am willing to pay more for better service as the type of internet connectivity speed we get on our phone is pathetic and specially while commuting.

I feel the survey is half completed without adding few more parameters like playing games, listening online music and non-stop chatting. So here below are my additional findings and results :-

  • I feel the percentage ratio of people playing games will not be less than people watching online videos which could be 23-25%
  • 12-15% people especially house wives prefer to listen music online.
  • Atleast 40% will be found chatting non-stop for hours and hours late night in bed. Online chatting has outpaced all types of face to face calling / meetings.

So which all and how many categories do you fit into? I will be happy to see your comments on this.

Smart phones and dumb people

I got this forwarded video from one of my friend on Whatsapp and very nicely it shows the disadvantages of extensive use of technology. It loudly says that day by day how dumb we are becoming by using more and more of smart gadgets. And it’s a fact that today’s generation is totally deep drowned into gadgets.

It’s my personal request to all the parents reading my post that please encourage your child/children to play as much outdoor games as possible and make them understand the disadvantages of heavily dependency of technology. Make them learn music, dance, painting, reading or any type of such creativity which will help them in future.

Phubbing – a bad habit !!!

Phubbing, short form of Phone Snubbing – The act of ignoring someone by looking at your phone instead of paying attention.

Imagine yourself having conversation with a friend and he starts checking his phone during the middle of the conversation. Not only he checks the phone but also starts replying to texts and emails.Phubbing

Since the invention of smartphones, people have shown increasingly poor social behavioural skills. People texting, tweeting, emailing and facebooking, all from their phones while in the presence of others.

Bad effects of Phubbing :-

  • Due to Phubbing face to face relationship is getting over.
  • Personal Communication is getting eradicated and phone is used as the medium to say something.
  • Partners are seen sitting in silence doing something on their phones rather than talking with each other.

Symptoms of one being a Phubber :-

  • Making frequent status updates on facebook
  • Always texting continuously via SMS or whatsapp
  • Always laughing looking at the phone screen
  • Constantly tweeting
  • Updating location on Foursquare
  • And not the least sexting too.

Don’t you think day by day number of Phubbers are increasing in our society. One can find a Phubber in trains, restaurants, pubs, cinema halls, parks, airports, in the streets, social functions, meetings, lectures, parties and the list is endless.

You will never find them within the crowd. They always prefer to be sitting alone. A Phubber is never attentive to what other is saying or rather is only paying attention in his/her phone. Phubber is so much use to his /her phone that it has become a necessity in life. Phubber will never know or realise when they can and cannot use their phone.

Just a cautious note to Phubbers to never use your phone :-

  • During a job interview
  • On a date
  • At a wedding
  • While having conversation with anyone

Phubbing is spreading like a contagious disease across the world. Global campaigns have started to stop this phone snubbing and its fast gathering support across the globe.

Phubbing_1I too am supporting this cause and saying no to Phubbing. Hope you all too support it.

Nokia – Beginning or End!!!

Connecting People

Do you really know when was the first cellular call was made in India? For those who are not aware then it was 15 years ago on July 31st 1995 on a Nokia phone on a Nokia Network. Nokia – “Connecting People” is also celebrating 15 years of presence in India and so is the Indian Telecom. And the tariff was as high as Rs.16.00 per minute.

Ok coming back to my headline …. Nokia was once a beginner and the only player in India Market way back in late 1990s. It had a very strong hold and was deeply penetrated in India. The first handset of Nokia was as big as a cordless phone with small display and antenna. Possessing a mobile at that time was a luxury which every one could not afford (only Tata, Birla and Amabani could) … so imagine the cost of the handset and thereafter the usage cost too per month. I myself started using mobile in 2004 wherein the outgoing charges per call was Rs.3.00 per minute and incoming was Rs.1.50 per minute.Nokia-6110-01

 Then came Nokia revolution, launching of handset with Nokia Tune ringtone which was played on classical guitar and it is probably one of the most frequently played pieces of music in the world.  And came the “Snake” game, which bite almost the whole world. An instant classic and addictive game which everyone played in their free time (I mean only those who had Nokia handset, which probably 8 out of 10 people had). By this time Nokia had started getting competition in Indian market from other phone manufacturers like Sony and Motorola. But Nokia was very quick in bringing out new handset model with new features almost one every month and was able to be number #1 for almost a decade in India. I still remember, I was also one of those crazy person for liking of new Nokia handset and I suppose I have used almost all the models of Nokia handsets till I shifted to Smartphone (initially BB and now iPhone).

 Now we are in the Smartphone era, where touch and big screen is what everyone wants. And not to forget the OS (Operating System) which are pre-loaded in the handset is the key to sell your handset. This is where Nokia had a big hit in the market and lost its top position. Until late Nokia had his own OS called Symbian and now it has tied up with Microsoft for Windows 8. So again Nokia has come up with whole lots of Lumia series. These handsets have great build quality, aggressive pricing, great camera features, etc. However the most important USP (Unique Selling Proposition) that they carry around is the OS which is Windows 8 running butter smooth even with nominal specs on these handsets.

 However other top mobile manufactures like Samsung, Sony, HTC, Micromax, Motorola, etc are using Android as their OS which Google is providing almost free of charge. This helps Android devices lower their costing and help to sell their products much faster.

Rather I believe Nokia should have an exclusive understanding with Microsoft for making only Windows devices and reduce on the OS cost for themselves thereby passing on the pricing benefit to end customers and start playing with much bigger volumes.

Please do comment about what you feel whether Nokia who was once a beginner would end their journey here or would they again gain top position in India market? And given a choice how many would select a Nokia handset now?

Disclaimer  : This is a personal weblog. The opinions expressed here represent my own. All data and information provided on this site is for informational purposes only. This post is not aimed for offense at anyone!