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Cell phone which has become a necessity for everyone is a boon to all of us. Cell phone help us to keep in touch with our friends , family and acquaintances , getting oneself updated with whats-happening-around-the-world, taking the stress off with online banking , shopping and various other app facilities which we are only too happy to use.

Now think of this…. have you ever felt your phone vibrating or ringing, but when you actually you PVS_2remove it from your pocket or purse to answer it and you realize, that it just wasn’t ringing or buzzing in the first place? Many of us are guilty of this phenomena where we keep checking our phones thinking it has vibrated only to find no one has called. This sensory hallucination has a name – Phantom Vibration Syndrome (PVS) aka Phantom Ringing.  It’s a 21st century phenomenon experienced by millions of people everyday across the globe.


A recent research has shown that the city based doctors are witnessing 30-40 percent rise in PVS_1such patients. In current scenario the way the younger generation are addicted to cell phones it will not be surprising that the figures of patient having PVS will rise to 60-70 percent in short span of time.

 Many people constantly worry about possible calls or messages on their phone and hence get the feeling of their phone vibrating or ringing. This can lead to loss of concentration while work or while studying. Such syndrome also leads to increase in number of accidents as the person checks the phone while driving. Also not to forget that too much addiction of phones leads to social and occupational problems too.

People suffering from PVS feel the phone is ringing even when they are away from the phone. The frequency of checking the mobile phones increases intensely. With high intensity increases ones anxiety and also leads to distress. There are cases found in young generation where in they feel their phone’s ringing even in their dreams and hence the person wakes up in the middle of the night to check for any calls or messages.

Just a note of caution that incase if you are feeling that your phone vibrates or hearing the ringtone and infact nothing sort of it has happen, then you are one of the victim of PVS. Well, nothing to worry as there is therapy/treatment available for overcoming PVS. A small helpful tip – Do cell phone fasting; a way to keep yourself away from your phone and from the syndrome too.

My life in a Digital Era

technology_1Technology bug has bitten all of us. There is no age bar, no sex bar. Every one has fallen prey for the bug.

Every day in the morning once I get up, first thing I do is check my smart phone for any new updates. This is even before I wear my spectacles (as before introduction of smart phones in my life, it was my spectacle which was the first thing I use to search for once I get up from bed). But now time has changed. Smartphones has taken priority.

So what is it on my phone that I cannot wait to check it later? Many things, first is whatsapp, then my emails (official and personal), then any news alert, then ofcourse any notifications of my blogs and last not the least FB updates … uufff done 🙂

Technology has played a very important role in our life. Earlier also we all use to complete our tasks on time without much help from any technology. But today, present time, technology has helped to accomplish many of the same task just on a click of it. Any help on any topic can be found on Google and it helps us to gain more knowledge on the same. Wikipedia and Youtube are two of the most visited sites for gaining indepth knowledge of any sort. Nowadays all smart phones have apps which help to get connected to anyone irrespective of he or she been in any part of the world.

Technology also has helped in improving education system. Tabs and iPads have helpedtechnology_2 kids learn much faster in way of visuals. Online shopping has become very much convenient and has helped us to save time. Online booking of tickets (movies, bus, rail, flights) has made our life easier and we don’t need to stand in long queues for it. Even most of the payments of our utility bills like telephone, electricity, credit card, LIC premiums are paid online helping to save our time. Net-banking has changed our views towards banking process. Instant fund transfer and faster processing of clearings is the new mantra of banking.

I am hooked to technology day and night. Online shopping is my new taste now. Other than this, booking online tickets, paying utility bills was always a part of my daily routine. Apps on my smart phones like whatsapp, skype has helped me be intouch with all my near and dear ones. A video call is just a click away. Not to forget WordPress app which I am using for my blog helps me get all my alerts and notifications on my mobile. E-book and e-paper has helped me to read while I am traveling. Instant news alert keeps me updated with the latest happening in my country. And thanks to email apps which has made my life much simpler and I can response and forward mails almost anytime and anywhere. I even pen down my thoughts on WordPad in my phone or laptop instead of traditional pen and paper.

technology_4In-short I have become heavily dependent on today’s tech-world. But am thankful that I have seen earlier days wherein technology was still a young child.

I would be really happy to know from you all whether technology bug has bitten you and whether it has made life simpler or worst.