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Reminiscing good old days

This is a long pending post which actually I had forgotten to publish it…….

Those were the innocent days of wearing same colour school uniform, same black shoes, covering text books with brown paper, childhood crushes, school classes, tutions & exams and all those teachers & unforgettable picnics, traveling to school & back home with friends, sharing tiffin in recess break..

And right back to the present of office meetings, dashing off to catch the 8.17am local train, grabbing a seat, making sure to reach before the cut-off time to attend day long meetings and then all of sudden a thought pops up “hey why don’t we all school friends just meet up to catch up on those old school days & have a nice get together”

Well getting to the point, we had a rocking school reunion few weeks back (this was my 5th reunion and all of these 5 reunions I have been a helping hand to organise it). And to mention that I along with 2 other school friends had done all the planning and arrangement (this was my 5th reunion . It was our joint efforts from last more than 1 month which made the event successful.

We, specially my friend PK and myself did lots of planning and brainstorming for the reunion event. Numerous phone calls every day, coffee meetings on weekends, the do’s and don’ts wherein all can enjoy and yes ofcourse the laymen thinking of budgetary issue. All 5 fingers of ours are not same, similarly mindset of 50+ people whom we expected cannot be the same. Pleasing each of them was the most tedious task.

Every alternate day there was some twist and turn in our road to the reunion. Hurdles are always welcome and they set the challenge for us. Overcoming them was the most exciting part. Frankly, initially I had thought of dropping off the idea but PK stood strong and always pulled me in for the exciting ride. Thanks PK for it.

Pulling it off from me-out-from-planning-a-reunion to a successful one was a proud moment. Getting intouch with school friends through social media spread across the globe, passing on the communication without missing anyone and most importantly not letting off the momentum which we had managed to build it from day 1 of announcing the reunion date.

Finally the d day was here and we as a facilitator were bit nervous as in hoping that all the pieces which we had planned out should fall out in the right place. The endless chit-chats, loud giggles, still the habit of pulling each other legs, clicking plenty of pictures with each other, dancing, singing, swaying and ofcourse hugging each other and not wanting the night-to-end so soon.

Frankly everything did go well as per our planning and all those who had attended the reunion had ball of a time. Meeting childhood friends took us 24 years back in our school days trying to recollect moments of our life which were full of fun and joy.

There was a lot to learn when we put together the feedback we received from our friends. And I’m sure the next time we plan a school get together it will only be more fun.

Some of the feedback we received are as follows :-

feedback2feedback1 feedback feedback3IMG_5794

Favourite school teacher….

It has been long 22 years since I completed my school and there are still lots of sweet memories which always are fresh in my mind.

I still remember those school days of mine where in I (maybe not only myself but all the boys of the school) used to like one of our teacher a lot. As far as I recollect she use to teach us History subject. History was a subject which no one liked it. The old ancient discoveries and then The Great Shivaji and Akbar regime stories were the syllabus during our school days. So many dates to remember, like the birth year of Mahatma Gandhi, the first battle of Panipat and then the second battle, the date when Shivaji killed Afzal Khan and so on …. as if we had to set up a calendar app in our mind and feed in those dates so that we can recollect back during exam time.

In spite of not having any liking for this subject myself (and I suppose rest of the boys gang too) we always use to eagerly wait for this period. She was one of the beauties in our school. No doubts that we had many good-looking teachers, as our school was a convent school and the area where it’s located has majority of Christians staying around it.

Somehow I always had more liking for only one teacher. I always use to wait for the day when we had history period and on that day my eagerness to see her use to increase more since history period was most of the time after the long break. Her sweet smile still flashes in front of my eyes. I still am able to recollect her sweet voice whenever I think of the school days. She had some sort of charisma in her. Her dress up style always left an impact on me. Her cat walk, her way to teach & explain things was amazing. And on top of this, her make up and high heel shoes which use to make noise added additional attraction in her. She was simply “Gorgeous”.

I remember once incident where in my immediate neighbour sharing the same bench with me suddenly complained to madam about headache. And to all of our surprise madam walked down till our bench and gently moved her hand over my friend’s head and unbelievable happened …. within seconds his headache had vanished. I always envied this friend of mine as I knew that he was just acting for headache so that madam can come and give him sympathy. And from that day I always thought of doing such mischief but unluckily ended up doing nothing.

I hope all my class mates reading this post and especially the guys would recollect those old school days. I purposely have not written the name of the teacher for personal reason.

The book “Like it Happened Yesterday” by Ravinder Singh inspired me to write this post.

An evening at Erangal beach

One more Sunday evening and one more memory to keep it in my life. A wonderful evening spent with my bunch of School friends along with their family (spouse and kids). It was sort of mini reunion and we 10 families had a gala time.

Initially we had decided to goto Aksa beach in Malad (a famous destination and only option of a beach for suburban areas like Malad and Kandivali). But we ended landing up at Erangal beach which is little ahead of Aksa. So as decided, our meeting point was our School, a remarkable place which one always wants to see it more frequently. And thanks to me, as I was little late in reaching the spot (due to unavoidable circumstances), other friends got a chance to pay a visit to the school premises along with their kids. The reason being none of our kids are studying in the same school as ours.

From here our journey to the Aksa beach started. All got set in their own vehicles and were excited to reach the destination. Although its just almost 8 km drive, luckily since we were early in afternoon we did not get much traffic and reach Aksa beach within few minutes. Upon seeing the number of cars parked and the hassle to get a parking space, it made us change the destination to Erangal beach. Although the stretch of the beach is the same which extends to Madh island but Erangal is less crowded and not much people knows this spot. And we were really happy to take the right decision.

As we reached the beach spot, all including the kids started playing; volley ball, foot ball, flying dish were some of the games we played. And all our spouses got settled in their own way with their chit chat and never ending talks 🙂

IMG_4945                                            IMG_4982

Soon, Amit M made us play a very good entertainment game, wherein we have to keep a balloon between our legs and walk from one end to other. It was really a nice game and we all enjoyed it a lot. Next in line was standing Kho Kho and we had to burn our fats to play this game. In-between all these, we had awesome snacks arranged by Sanjay S. We did not realise how time flew by and soon it became dark, and it was time to leave the beach.

IMG_4986   IMG_4980 IMG_4947 IMG_4946 IMG_4984       IMG_4981

Our next destination was dinner in a restaurant and our seats were already being reserved before hand. All of us had awesome dinner followed by delicious Paan (courtesy Vips and Prashant P).

A good time spent with friends and their family with lots of fun and frolic and hoping to have many more such in future. One more un-forgetful evening came to an end which will live with me for long long time.

 IMG_4987                               IMG_4954

Special thanks to Pinky K, Sanjay S, Prashant P, Vips, Amit M, Deepak B, Kapil B, Ankur S, Manish B along with their family for being part of this evening.

Joy of meeting school friends (Part 2)


As you all must have read my earlier post, just hours before the Big Reunion day of SJS 1992 batch, (incase you missed the earlier post then here it is Part 1. ) I am pretty charged up; the excitement, the hangover, all in all the ‘masti’; and wanted to pen down my feelings as soon as the party was over, but being an organizer I reached home late, music still playing in my mind :).

As i sit down to write I am unable to describe the joy I experienced and hence maybe would not be able to duplicate the same.

In our first meeting of  “Organizers of SJS reunion” we hit upon the theme for the party “Filmfare Award Nite”. So from here we started our planning for the party. We decided to call the party nite as “Grand Masti Nite” andINVITE 3 decided to hold an award ceremony which we said “Grand Nautanki Awards”. We created an online survey and sent it across to everyone to fill it. The questions were based on the daily conversations we used to have on whatsapp. Accordingly we organized the gifts for the winners.

So with everything in place; venue, DJ, food, awards and all of us, the D day finally arrived. The excitement of meeting everyone in me was so high that yesterday I did not feel like having my lunch nor my weekend afternoon siesta, I was just counting the hours left for the party.

The organizers reached earlier to check whether everything was in place and we planned out on how & where we would be presenting the awards. I appreciate all friends arrived on time, fighting all odds of traffic jam which is always the reason of reaching late and in about an half hour we had a full house.

We started with the Welcome speech followed by the awards. All this we had wanted done within 45 mins and yes we managed to do it within time. The closing note was very short and sweet and it was time to hit the dance floor. Lights went off and the DJ got the party started. Disco lights all around us we danced with our whole heartedly to the beats of the DJ. The new dance numbers along with the remix of late 80’s made our feet move & body swing and we were all dancing with each other. Even the spouses enjoyed a lot and all of them were a great support in making this night successful!

How can I forget, the booze on the rocks which helped us keep our energy level high and danced continuously till the DJ got tired. For almost 3 hours we had some awesome remixes played and we all danced like Sashi, Rishi, Mithun, Amitabh … to Salman and Shahrukh too.

All in all I had a great reunion with old friends(some forgotten due to my dying old brain cells and some with whom I had lost touch in the last couple decades). It was real fun meeting old buddies from School and that too after so many years. I am sure this reunion memory will always stay in my mind and I will cherish it forever.



Joy of meeting school friends (Part 1)

Yes you read it right. The kind of happiness we get in meeting school friends and that too after 21 long years cannot be described. 

It all started almost a month back when one of our school friend created a SJS 1992 group on whatsapp and he added as many as 20-25 people on the go. Although I was in touch with many from the group, I made few new friends. It all started here. Chatting up with all of them and everyone eager to know more about each other, we all had lots of questions for each other. It took us some time to settle down with. Then we hit upon idea of meeting each other and that meant planning a reunion. 


Although myself and another friend had organized reunions in 2010 and 2011 but we were not able to reach more of our school mates then (as there was no whatsapp).  We did meet a few old friends and had a fun evening. 

The date for this upcoming event was finally agreed upon and decided for 28th September. Along with this the admin of the group started getting more and more requests for adding new batch mates in this group (invited via friends only). Our group started increasing and all of sudden we realized that we had exhausted the quota of the whatsapp group capacity. More friends meant more fun and believe it or not we exchanged over five hundred messages a day. Such high was the activity of all school friends that many of the mobiles started hanging as they could not take the load of messages. Even whatsapp team must be wondering what are SJSites upto …..

And now we had the enormous task of organizing this event and finding volunteers. I and a friend had organized it the last couple times, luckily we found four volunteers from the group who were ready for this. We six collaborated with each other and after the first meeting we called ourselves as “Organizers of SJS reunion”. And then started meetings, pe meetings… How, where, what were the questions that we had to sort it. Thanks to one school friend we got a theme and then we started working on it. Although we knew it was not an easy task to organize such a large event, that too with full time jobs; but we all were very excited and have put in our best effort. The venue which belongs to one our friend, has been gracious to offer it to us for this grand event. And now today at this moment as I am writing this post we are less then 18 hours away from the D day. 

There is so much excitement among all of us that continuously my mobile is beeping with messages and if I don’t look at my cell for 5 mins, I have got 50 odd messages. After every hour the group status is changing to how many hours remaining …..

I would continue on this post after our meet to update with pictures. If you cannot come, you will be missed!

I cannot wait for the party to start!

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