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First timer…..

Below 2 poems were recently written by me as part of the school activity of my daughter. I know the poems are too childish but this was my first attempt and since it was for my daughter’s school project so had to keep it sweet and simple. Both, my wife and daughter liked it and were pretty surprised too 🙂 .

Poem #1

Oh ! the beautiful nature

I simply love your stature,

Mountains so high

Up above the sky,

Birds happily flying

Flowers are boom boom blooming,

Winds blowing in full swing

Dust in the air is going ming ming,

Oh ! the beautiful nature

I am one of your creature.


Poem #2

I am a cat

To kill a rat,

My name is Silk

I like to have milk,

I am very pretty

So that you can adore me,

You like to stroke my fur

And I like to close my eye and purr,

I am soft and awe

Just like my talk meow meow.


High passing percentage – good or bad ?

Yesterday S.S.C (Secondary School Certificate) exam results were declared and the passing percentage ratio was quiet impressive. Heartiest congratulations to all the students who have cleared with flying colors.

The passing percentage of Maharashtra state this year is 88.32% better then last year and of Mumbai is 88.84% dipped a little compare to last year. The passing figures are increasing year by year which is a good sign. It clearly shows that today’s generation kids are more intelligent than us.

Each year the overall percentage is getting higher and higher. This means more number of students will start their college phase. One thing which is bothering me is where is this heading to? Today more and more number of students are getting above 90% and hence the demand in college cut-off percentage has increased. Earlier in 90’s the overall passing percentage of Maharashtra state board was always used to be in-between 50-60% whereas lately this has reach sky-high.

Maybe the Education board wants most of the students to pass out and don’t want to see anyone getting depressed or commit suicide for not clearing out. Actually this is a good gesture but if you look on the other than side more the passing percentage means more difficulties for the students to get admission in their choice of college. This year the cut-off percentage will definitely increase as compare to last year in all the colleges.

My worries are :-

  • Do we have enough number of colleges to accommodate all the passing students?
  • This year’s high cut off percentage in colleges will set bench mark for next year admission and hence current students who are pursuing SSC will have to strive more to get more marks.
  • Aiming for more marks means taking more stress for students.
  • Adding to their woes, is expectations from parents and others. I am sure most of the parents expect that their child should get a minimum of 90%.

Year by year the pressure is building up on students to get 90+ % marks and students are left with no choice with them except to take more pressure of studies.

I personally feel that this is leading nowhere and maybe the Education board has a need to revise their strategy.

What are your views on this?

My daughter’s entry into 4th grade


Today my daughter’s school academic results were declared. As usual she has fared well and got A+ in all the subjects in 2nd Terminals and overall A+ for the full academic year. I really feel proud of her.

Gone are those days where school results use to come by post. After our final exams we or our parents were never called to see the final exam result. It used to come by post at our home. And how eagerly I waited for the postman that every afternoon when I use to see the postman in the building I happened to ask him immediately whether my result was there with him. Normally end of April was the time when results were distributed via postman.

I don’t think now-a-days such practise is followed by any of the schools. Anyways time has changed from my school days to my daughter school days. She will be now in 4th grade from next academic year and time seems to be flying at the wink of the eye. From next academic year her school timings are changing so has her division changed too. She is upset with this change. Mainly the division change as most of her friends are scattered in other divisions. From morning I have tried my best to convince her that the change is good. This will help her make new friends in addition with the old ones. She is not yet fully convinced. I know she will soon accept the change too.

Even I and my wife were discussing about the change in timings of the school. How we will need to tackle this change was the main point. Till last year my daughter school time was 11.30 am to 5.30 pm and now from this year its morning time i.e. 7.15 am till 1.30 pm. Change is welcome but the timing is the issue. Mornings are always hectic for my wife as I leave for office with my Tiffin and she prepares full lunch for me. Change in my daughter’s school time means changes in my wife schedule. This means new strategic planning will be needed. Lots of changes will be required in order that both (I and my daughter) leave on time for their respective destinations. I know my wife is good in this matter and she will manage it well and that too very quickly. Thanks to my wife in advance for this.

I always preferred morning hours as school time and this change is most welcome change in my life.

My love towards Parker …

You getting it wrong here … I am not referring to any cricketer or celebrity or female, but it is “Parker Pen”. I always had and still have crush on Fountain Pen and specially Parker brand. From childhood I used to carry atleast one Parker pen with me daily to school. I never used to keep it in my compass box. I would secretly hide it in one of the small pockets of my school bag, due to the fear that I might drop it or break it or lose it if it’s in my compass box (don’t know why I use to think such when I was small tiny-smileys-yesemoticons-032). But this fear of mine has always taken toll on me and I have ended up losing / misplacing many such Parker pens till now.

Few of the incidents are very much in my memory and all due to my negligence for sure.

I remember last year when I was on official visit to my Bangalore office, at the airport security check, I had to keep all my belongings in the tray and pass through the security check. And how forgetful I can be that I picked up rest of the things from the tray and left my pen in it. I realise this when I boarded the flight and then I could do nothing much tiny-smileys-yesemoticons-003.

Another incident I am able to recollect, few years back, I lost one of my Parker pen while travelling in Mumbai locals. As usual, the amount of people wanting to board in the train during morning hours is unimaginable and I also was one of them. And after lots of efforts, I managed to get in the train but unfortunately I left my Parker pen outside. I felt that my pen has fallen but there was nothing I could do or pick it up. I was pushed by others and found myself already inside the train tiny-smileys-yesemoticons-152. From that day onwards I never kept any Parker pen in my shirt pocket.

Today, again one more heart breaking day, an unfortunate day to lose one more of my Parker collection. I was changing the ink cartridge and while doing so God knows from where I got so much strength in me that I broke the plastic part of the lid to be fitted. This time I did not misplace it but I myself broke it. I have the pen with me in 2 parts and no fevicol or feviquick can help to join it in one piece. Sob sob….. tiny-smileys-yesemoticons-115

I really am regretting as to why did I put pressure on the pen today and why could I not handle it gently with soft hands. Year after year my collection of Parker’s is reducing. It is high time I need to start adding more. And all these pens till now have been gifted to me from someone or the other. So losing them makes me feel bad and more emotional.

So now since all of you know about my secret love, I am expecting few more additions in my collection of Parker soon ….. tiny-smileys-yesemoticons-006

Joy of meeting school friends (Part 2)


As you all must have read my earlier post, just hours before the Big Reunion day of SJS 1992 batch, (incase you missed the earlier post then here it is Part 1. ) I am pretty charged up; the excitement, the hangover, all in all the ‘masti’; and wanted to pen down my feelings as soon as the party was over, but being an organizer I reached home late, music still playing in my mind :).

As i sit down to write I am unable to describe the joy I experienced and hence maybe would not be able to duplicate the same.

In our first meeting of  “Organizers of SJS reunion” we hit upon the theme for the party “Filmfare Award Nite”. So from here we started our planning for the party. We decided to call the party nite as “Grand Masti Nite” andINVITE 3 decided to hold an award ceremony which we said “Grand Nautanki Awards”. We created an online survey and sent it across to everyone to fill it. The questions were based on the daily conversations we used to have on whatsapp. Accordingly we organized the gifts for the winners.

So with everything in place; venue, DJ, food, awards and all of us, the D day finally arrived. The excitement of meeting everyone in me was so high that yesterday I did not feel like having my lunch nor my weekend afternoon siesta, I was just counting the hours left for the party.

The organizers reached earlier to check whether everything was in place and we planned out on how & where we would be presenting the awards. I appreciate all friends arrived on time, fighting all odds of traffic jam which is always the reason of reaching late and in about an half hour we had a full house.

We started with the Welcome speech followed by the awards. All this we had wanted done within 45 mins and yes we managed to do it within time. The closing note was very short and sweet and it was time to hit the dance floor. Lights went off and the DJ got the party started. Disco lights all around us we danced with our whole heartedly to the beats of the DJ. The new dance numbers along with the remix of late 80’s made our feet move & body swing and we were all dancing with each other. Even the spouses enjoyed a lot and all of them were a great support in making this night successful!

How can I forget, the booze on the rocks which helped us keep our energy level high and danced continuously till the DJ got tired. For almost 3 hours we had some awesome remixes played and we all danced like Sashi, Rishi, Mithun, Amitabh … to Salman and Shahrukh too.

All in all I had a great reunion with old friends(some forgotten due to my dying old brain cells and some with whom I had lost touch in the last couple decades). It was real fun meeting old buddies from School and that too after so many years. I am sure this reunion memory will always stay in my mind and I will cherish it forever.



Joy of meeting school friends (Part 1)

Yes you read it right. The kind of happiness we get in meeting school friends and that too after 21 long years cannot be described. 

It all started almost a month back when one of our school friend created a SJS 1992 group on whatsapp and he added as many as 20-25 people on the go. Although I was in touch with many from the group, I made few new friends. It all started here. Chatting up with all of them and everyone eager to know more about each other, we all had lots of questions for each other. It took us some time to settle down with. Then we hit upon idea of meeting each other and that meant planning a reunion. 


Although myself and another friend had organized reunions in 2010 and 2011 but we were not able to reach more of our school mates then (as there was no whatsapp).  We did meet a few old friends and had a fun evening. 

The date for this upcoming event was finally agreed upon and decided for 28th September. Along with this the admin of the group started getting more and more requests for adding new batch mates in this group (invited via friends only). Our group started increasing and all of sudden we realized that we had exhausted the quota of the whatsapp group capacity. More friends meant more fun and believe it or not we exchanged over five hundred messages a day. Such high was the activity of all school friends that many of the mobiles started hanging as they could not take the load of messages. Even whatsapp team must be wondering what are SJSites upto …..

And now we had the enormous task of organizing this event and finding volunteers. I and a friend had organized it the last couple times, luckily we found four volunteers from the group who were ready for this. We six collaborated with each other and after the first meeting we called ourselves as “Organizers of SJS reunion”. And then started meetings, pe meetings… How, where, what were the questions that we had to sort it. Thanks to one school friend we got a theme and then we started working on it. Although we knew it was not an easy task to organize such a large event, that too with full time jobs; but we all were very excited and have put in our best effort. The venue which belongs to one our friend, has been gracious to offer it to us for this grand event. And now today at this moment as I am writing this post we are less then 18 hours away from the D day. 

There is so much excitement among all of us that continuously my mobile is beeping with messages and if I don’t look at my cell for 5 mins, I have got 50 odd messages. After every hour the group status is changing to how many hours remaining …..

I would continue on this post after our meet to update with pictures. If you cannot come, you will be missed!

I cannot wait for the party to start!

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