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Sentiments all around …

One more 26th Jan, our 65th Republic day; came and went by. So what did I do and how did I celebrate it?

This year republic day being on a Sunday, many must be thinking that we lost one holiday. Last Saturday my daughter had been specially called in school for celebrating the republic day (Saturdays being weekly off for her) and once she was back from school I was bombarded with lots of questions from her. Like who was the first Prime Minister of India, who was the first President of India, where is India Gate (since I stay in Mumbai) and the most important question was what is “Parade”? Although I was able to answer most of the questions but could not describe the beauty and feeling of watching our Republic Day Parade on TV. So on Saturday itself I decided that Sunday morning i.e. on our Republic Day I am surely be watching the parade from the start with my daughter. And yes we both made a point to get up early and be ready for the big day. The start of the parade was awesome and myself and my daughter were glued to the television set. As the parade progressed on I was explaining my daughter the significance and importance of our army and the different types of regiment. All this I was also listening on TV and then sharing it with my daughter.

Unfortunately I was not able to view the full Parade as I had some urgent social visit to attend but my daughter watched it fully and my dad took over the part of further explanation to my daughter. She was watching it for the first time and she liked the full Parade.

Right now, at the time of writing this post I am at Poisur Gymkhana attending an evening cultural event “Janmahotsav 2014 – Golden Era of India” specially organised on occasion of Republic Day. Many different competitions were held since yesterday and even my daughter had participated in drawing competition under 10 years. Today lot of young children displayed their talent either in way of individual or group performance and all below 18 years. National Anthem, Patriotic songs, dances, singing were all part of the event. We all enjoyed the full event and the audience was also big in numbers (approx 300 plus).

Overall day spent with lots of patriotism in my heart and a perfect way to celebrate Republic Day. And I really appreciate the efforts put in by Poisur Gymkhana to organise such a wonderful cultural event and also giving a big platform to the young talented generation who are the future of India.

Here are a couple of pics I have clicked of the event (although not very clear).

 Sentiments_3   Sentiments_2

PS – I could not post this yesterday so am publishing it today.

 Jai Hind !!! Vande Mataram !!!