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Investment is the best policy

As per me there are 2 types of investments that one has to make in life – one, which your financial advisor guides you to invest in to secure your old age and the second, which no one mentions or rather you hardly hear about it.

I am not a financial advisor so forget the first type of investment, I firmly believe in the second type of investment which is Invest in YOURSELF. I came across this phrase as I was searching something for work, “if you want to invest in something with minimum risk and a guaranteed big return, invest in yourself

We spend majority of our time working in an organization; but we do not spend enough time Thinking and Planning for ourselves, for our personal growth, for what we need to INVEST in our self. Investing in our self is one of the best returns on investments one can have. It helps one to think and focus on what really matters to us, which would improve the quality of our life. And the best thing is it doesn’t require much money.

Here are a few investments I do which helps me and hopefully can be helpful to you:-

  • Invest in Reading: According to a research, reading just 6 minutes or 10 pages a day can help one reduce stress levels by 68%. Reading is an awesome way to gain knowledge because books give you the power to explore new things and belief in oneself.
  • Invest in Writing: If you are writing or replying to emails, messages (be it on any social media platform), then you have a writer within you. Try maintaining a journal or try writing something daily. If not daily, then atleast periodically. Writing helps to enhance communication skills and helps to become a better thinker. You can read my blog on “Why do I Write
  • Invest in Genuine connections: Genuine people will always be helpful in your life. These are the bunch of people who will always stand by you at any time irrespective of anything. It’s very important to identify and maintain genuine relationships, you will surely get wonderful returns against this investment.
  • Invest in Kindness: Kindness does not mean saying yes to everyone. Kindness means understanding others, helping others and being concerned for others genuinely without any ulterior motives. I have been helped by many people from whom I have never expected anything in my life and in return I am trying my best to be of help to others whenever and in whatever way I can. Again, kindness must be without any expectation of reward or returns. My way of Joy of giving and Helping hand to a child.
  • Invest in Positivity: Our thoughts make us to do things. Each thought of ours shapes us and makes us act accordingly. No matter how bad a situation you are in always feel grateful that you are not in the worst of situations. Gratitude helps our thoughts to change, look at things in a better way and it ultimately helps to change our actions. We cannot have control over what happens to us but we can control our reactions and what we choose to focus on.
  • Invest in making a To-Do list or a Wish list: If you do not have a to-do or a wish list then make one now itself. Just write the things you want to do in your life no matter how small or big these things are. It will help to motivate you in the right direction and something to look forward to.
  • Invest in Fitness: Health is the only real wealth you have. If you invest in your health, you are free of all diseases. Almost all of them can be avoided with a little change in your lifestyle. If you invest only 30 minutes of your time daily performing any type of exercise you will get amazing rewards of it in the future. My way of staying fit.

Well these are a few of my investment tips from the new guruji on the block 😉. I hope they are of as much use to you as it is and has made a lot of difference in my life personally.

Pages in time

readingJust few days back one of my friend asked me “if I really read books, that I keep updating my status on Facebook”. So here is the answer to it.

Reading is an old companion of mine which had somehow lost its way few years back is now back with me. I recollect very well during my school & college days whenever I had free time , apart from playing with my friends I use to read books. Well at that time I use to read comic books like Archies, Tintin, Tinkle, Phantom, etc.

As time went by I somehow lost the habit. Maybe I was too busy with other things or rather there were other things which were more interesting than reading.

After all these years it so happened that one of my friends PC send me a pdf of Chetan Bhagat’s book through mail. Initially without much interest I started reading it. As I scrolled through page by page everyday (I only use to read during my travel in train to office) That interest of reading started latched on all over again. PC Thanks for waking up the out-of-action reading habit within me. By the time I finished the book I was looking forward to more reading. I started exploring options of reading books and then my cousin SS told me of couple of places where I can get books to read on rental basis incase I don’t want to buy. Meanwhile I already had purchase few books online to read on Kindle app.

So here on again I found my old pal in way of reading books. Reading helps me get peace of mind. Reading helps me run down memory lane of my young days. Reading helps me to gain strength and become more stronger (ofcourse not physical strength). Now I always carry a book with me and always looking for an opportunity to read it.

I am not a person who can finish a book at one go but if the topic/story is interesting then I do wanna finish the book at rapid pace. I like to read more of non-fiction books. I do prefer to read paper books as compare to ebooks; the reason as to why i prefer paper books is over here…

It’s not only myself but my wife and my daughter (only during holidays) have got into the habit of reading. I and my wife between us, many times do give ratings of the common books which we read.

There is a nice handy website www.goodreads.com through which i keep track of my friend’s book list and also I can check which book has better rating and how many books an author has published till now.

You can also go through my book shelf by clicking here..

Top 10 (personal) moments/achievements in 2013

top10 momentsHere I am at the end of 2013 and at the threshold of 2014 with lots of positiveness in me. Just going through the past few months of 2013 I am able to recollect many things. There has been lots of ups and downs, good and bad things that has happened in 2013. I  am sure everyone had their own memorable moments but I just thought to pen down some of mine which I could recollect at this moment.

These are the top 10 happy moments which I will cherish for long time :-

  1. I successfully completed a dozen years of my happily married life. Special Thanks to my wife for giving me all the support I needed.
  2. My daughter grew one more year older and even her height increased and she is getting more and more smarter and mature.
  3. My most memorable Amarnath Yatra which I always wanted to go and was looking out for some company from last 2-3 years and finally in June I had the opportunity to complete my dream.
  4. Shifting from old model of iPhone to new iPhone again (don’t think I can give away Apple now).
  5. I again got back into my reading habit (which I had misplaced for many years), but this time not with comics but lots of other stuff. The first break through given by my best friend PC.
  6. Again one of the most memorable and never forgetful event; reunion SJS 2013. This reunion which we had after a gap of 2 years was a blast. I made many new friends (actually not new but old school friends whom I knew but had lost touch with them from last 20 years). Incase you have missed reading it then here it is Part 1 and Part 2.
  7. Not to forget ever green Panchagani tour with school friends and all the fun we had during the trip with recollecting school days.
  8. Surprise birthday lunch invitation from my best of the best friend PC and that too on the birthday day itself. A memorable day.
  9. Also just concluded one more unforgettable tour of Ranthambore & Jaipur with my college buddies. This is third vacation this year.
  10. And of course how can I forget this part of penning down things. I started blogging and special thanks to SS who inspired me to start reading and writing this blog. Just to mention that blogs written by SS are simply awesome and I just love reading them and I still get motivated to write more and more after reading your (SS) blogs.

Since there are so many wonderful memories to remember I think I will keep this post to only the good memories, and leave the bad ones to another time. It’s always better to learn and move ahead then to cry for the bad moments in life.

I hope you all must had a wonderful 2013.

Wishing in advance Happy New Year and bright 2014

Let’s Regain 2 most important lost quality hard work and honesty.
Let’s adopt  0 tolerance policy for corruption.
Let’s have    1 vision to make India shining and smiling.
Let’s work   4 Country, Society, Business and Family.

Do have blast on the new year eve but please don’t drink and drive.