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Cycling break – but I am not complaining

The past 2 weeks I have not been able to go cycling daily in the morning. This is due to the rains which have arrived in Mumbai, although late but much needed and most welcome for all of us.

After an acute dry spell in month of June with no rains at all and not to forget the scorching heat, Mumbai finally got blessed with rains since last week. Although it did not rain that heavy till now (as compare to July 26 some 8-9 years ago) but how much ever it rained till now is a blessing. Blessing in sense of getting some relief from heat wherein the temperature came down to almost 30 degrees from 38 degrees.

As usual, the first rains in Mumbai means disruption of rail and road traffic which is the trade mark from all these years and there has been no improvement on this till now. Water logging, traffic jams, delay in trains, un-maned open potholes is the common scenes one experiences in Mumbai.

If you are thinking that I am complaining about rains in Mumbai, then please you got it wrong. Rains are much needed not only in Mumbai but rest of India too. And my prayer to rain God that please pour down with open heart mainly at the catchment areas so that the lakes get full, where Mumbaikars get their full year water supply, as presently we already have started facing water cut of 15-20%.