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Can we sing it daily….

indiannationalanthemcelebrating100yearsCan we sing “Jana Gana Mana ….” our National Anthem daily? As all knows it is composed and scored by Nobel laureate Rabindranath Tagore. Singing and/or listening to it gives adrenaline rush in oneself. Atleast I get the same feeling whenever I sing or hear it. Now-a-days I hardly get a chance to sing or hear it. It is only when I go to watch any movie in a cinema theater or during the start of any sports match where Indian team is a part of it.

I miss my school days where we use to sing our National Anthem daily before the start of the day (as a part of the rituals followed by prayers). It use to give positive vibes in me and I use to get fully charged up. The same continues till date. Yesterday was one of them when I got a chance to sing our National Anthem twice; first in the morning during flag hoisting ceremony in our society compound and second time in the evening when I went to watch movie.

Well I actually feel and it’s my personal feeling that all offices in our country should play or rather all the employees can sing our National Anthem daily before the start of our day at work; same like what we use to do during our school days. I feel that singing or atleast hearing the same will remind us of our duties and responsibilities towards our country. We will start getting a feeling for working towards the development of our country along with our self-development.

I hope our current PM implements singing of National Anthem in all government offices compulsory depicting a clear example for his love towards our country. Again this is my feeling that, daily making oneself reminding of his rights for country will help in reducing the corruption level too.

Our National Anthem is wonderfully composed. It covers each and every part of our country and it says we can be victorious if we all are united. Below is a beautiful video which explains the full meaning our National Anthem.