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A better tomorrow

“You always have time for the things you put first”

24 hours = 1,440 minutes = 86,400 seconds is what we all have with us in a day. No matter which part of the world you live in, we have the same amount of time with us every single day. It’s totally upto us as how we utilize this time. In my earlier posts too, I have mentioned time is running at a faster pace than we are. Time does not wait for anyone. You can read those posts here … link 1 & link 2

“I am busy with office work, I work for long hours at the office, I leave early from home, I have home responsibilities, I am balancing my life between professional and personal front, etc. etc.” Sounds similar correct? These were some of the excuses I also used to give myself 3 years ago. You can read my old post here on how i use to be a lazy bone type of person. And I am sure these and many more excuses you all must be giving yourself and others when someone asks you “Which workout have you done today for yourself?”

86,400 seconds are more than enough in a single day to fill your day with all the activities you want to do. Recently I was reading one article and found a few interesting facts :-

  • Indian viewers, on an average watch TV for 3 hours 44 minutes every day = 26 hours/week = 4.3 days/month = 1 month 22 days/year.
  • Indians spend roughly 180 minutes/day on smartphones = 21 hours/week = 3.5 days/month = 1 month 12 days/year.
  • As per a study done by Nokia, we check our phones every 6.5 minutes … that is almost 150 times a day and not only do we just check phones but we send an average of about a 100 messages per day.
  • Another 5 years of our life is spent on surfing the internet.
  • Another survey says that Indians spend 85% of their life indoors, i.e. either inside their homes or offices or schools or colleges.

And so, the list of such crazy facts are endless. The point here is, if we are spending so much time on the TV, mobile, social media surfing endless feeds/updates then how come we do not have time to exercise. Why can’t we just shut off all of the above for 30 minutes a day and do some workout for ourselves, better our future selves so that at a later age we can be thankful for taking care of our body.

This does not mean that one must stop all that you are doing on a daily basis, but we just have to allocate little time from our daily busy schedule and utilize this time towards improving our health and well-being. Just push yourself from the comfort zone you are currently in. Initially it will be difficult but once you are in a set rhythm then you will like the taste of it and will surely be thankful for the wise decision you have taken. We all have those 86,400 seconds with us every single day. Utilize these seconds for our body, for the wellness of ourselves, for our better tomorrow.

Runner’s stories

This post is little different from my other posts till now. Well, I have started to like jogging and from last few months I have been regularly practicing and taking part in Marathons of 10 kms. Thanks to one of my ex-colleague as thru him I made new friends and a new group of runners whom I adore and am happy to have them as part of my life. My aim to jogging is to stay fit and healthy. I am posting few thoughts of theirs.

MRManish Rambhia (MR) – I call him “Gurudev” (Teacher) as he is the person who helps with all different types of stretching exercises in our practice sessions and constantly thinking of innovative ways to enjoy exercising. He is the person who pulls me to long distances with his constant motivational words.  The day he is takes a break for the practice session that day no one turns up 🙂 .


Me : Which time do you prefer to jog and any reason for it ?
MR: I prefer early morning time (mostly before Sunrise) to jog as the atmosphere during that time is awesome with fresh healthy (less polluted) air.

Me: Which route do you prefer and why ?
MR: I prefer going to back road from Infinity end to Hyper city end (this is in Malad West, Mumbai). This route is idle track for runners. Less number of vehicles around and many other co runners to boost up energy.

Me: What made you get into jogging
MR: I love participating in many sports which include athletics. I was keen to improve my running capability. I participated in SCMM – Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon in 2010 without a single day practice.  After completion of the race it was too painful for me, which made me start jogging on regular basis thereby improvising my running capabilities.

Me: Tips for the readers
MR: Atleast try one day to wake up early in the morning and go for walk. You will find that day different from all other days being full of energy. I always say “If you think fitness is costlier, than try illness”.

KSKamakshi Soni (KS) – A long distance runner (time plus kilometers) and a part of Pinkathon group. She is my inspiration personality. I always admire her runs and her love for jogging. Nothing can hold her back from jogging on her schedule days and the goals she sets for herself are always above the sky. I always feel privilege to run along with her.  Recently she has been writing articles too and one of them is as below publishing with her permission :-


KS: Just sitting had a thought on this today…. how Pinkathon and running has changed my life:-

  1. Shopping — women is fascinated about wearing trendy dresses, kurtis, tops but when I go to malls; I look around for sportswear now.
  2. Fashion accessories — girls always beautified themselves with wearing long earrings, bangles, Bindis but I look around for running accessories which makes my run comfortable.
  3. Footwear — all those heels and occasional wear are way behind and I look around for sport shoes for my feet.
  4. Chats and gossips — all my talks (gossips) have now turned into kilometers, distances, events and pace timings.
  5. Calendar schedules — earlier I use to make plans for upcoming festivals… I now look around for Marathon events with their dates to mark it in my calendar.
  6. Friends — almost 70% of my FB feeds are from running community–my friends list have changed and now have more running groups on Whatsapp.
  7. Sharing tagging — instead of uploading selfie pics like a model … I now share and upload my running activity pics to all.
  8. Make up and looks — looking at the mirror earlier was to make myself look beautiful but now I look upon myself to be more fit and instead of buying lipsticks and pan cakes; I now buy Enerzals and bananas.
  9. Apps — downloading stupid apps of pic collage or editor or games … I now download Runkeeper
  10. Milind Soman:- My motivational celebrity whom I always use to see him as a Model /Actor has now changed to “RUNNER’S GOD ULTRAMAN IRONMAN”


ZS1Zubin Shah (ZS) – People have partner in crime but i have partner in run during our practice sessions as well as in Marathon races. Zubin is always a sports loving person and we both are school friends. He is a champ in badminton and also plays football on weekends. Junk food is not a part of Zubin’s diet and he is more inclined for healthy intakes.



Me: Which time do you prefer to jog and any reason for it ?
ZS: I would generally prefer the early morning hours for running/any physical exercise, as you can adhere to the same time every single day before one gets busy with hassle bustle of the workload.

Me: Which route do you prefer and why ?
ZS: I prefer running on the beach as it strains less on your knees, increase your stamina multi-folds and gives you the feeling of vastness/openness to your mind & thoughts.

Me: What made you get into jogging.
ZS: I use to love sports from the very beginning, right from my childhood days. But over a period of time and aging factor I started facing injuries related to sports activities. That is when I took up jogging.. it gives you the same energy boost, stamina, endurance, etc, but at the same time less taxing on your joints.

Me: Tips for the readers
ZS: Try out different physical activities which can help you recover from your injuries but at the same time keeps you physically fit & active and jogging is one of such activity.


Thanks to all the above people plus all my group members with whom I enjoy my practice sessions plus all the Marathons we had till now. Looking forward for more in future.

A Day without TV…

A day without TVTV a.k.a. ‘idiot box’ is the only entertainment source for majority of people. Along with entertainment it is also a source of information, so like everything else there is good with bad. There are so many channels to watch that if one keeps on changing every channel every minute, you can end up spending couple of hours very easily.

I don’t like watching ‘Saas Bahu’ serials, so my favorite channels are SAB, Sports and occasionally news channel.

So imagine my disappointment last Thursday night when I come home and find out that our TV is taking a break! eek   Tired and exhausted from work, after all the hustling and pushing around in the train, I look forward to my downtime.

I checked with my better half and she said that it’s down since afternoon and the local cable tv guy had informed that there is some issue at the main junction and hence it will be functional only the next day. My brain froze and I was thinking now what do I do? I felt like I had nothing to do and alone, although everyone was at home. . I don’t spend too much time in front of the ‘idiot box’ but now that I couldn’t have it, I wanted it more. The question of the hour was ‘Now what?’ 🙄 . I had to do something before I sleep and hence I decided to spend time with my daughter. I and my daughter went downstairs to play badminton and then for a round of ice cream.

My daughter was so much delighted that before sleeping she said that now on every day we will play badminton and then go for ice cream instead of watching TV (I am sure this decision of hers was because of the ice-cream). No doubt, I also enjoyed playing with her and I too felt that instead of wasting time watching that “Idiot box”; its better and worth spending these precious moments with family and especially with your kids. I also have decided to stop watching serials and instead do some better activities in life.

I really appreciate the idea of Hindustan Times of “No TV Day” campaign which they have started few years back.

Dear friends, do you feel the same way as I have felt the last couple days? Also, don’t you think this way, we can target two birds with one stone, by getting some kind of exercise into our daily lives, and cutting down TV time.


Just as you hear this word, a lot of people will cringe and give excuses as to why they are unable to find time to exercise :-|.

The kind of life style we live and the type of junk food we eat, our body needs some sort of workout. Everyday I think that from tomorrow I will start exercising daily, be it walking, skipping, push-ups, cycling, swimming, etc …  I will start some form of exercise for sure and tomorrow never comes.

I am a “Walker” and I make a point that I walk for few kilometers everyday; walking from home to railway station and to office and back. As most days, mornings are always busy, I try my best to leave home bit early so that I could walk to station and catch my regular train. But this all happens only once or twice a week and I end up reaching station by bus or auto-rickshaw. After getting down at Lower Parel railway station, the closest one to my office, mixture of heat and laziness takes over and I end up in a taxi or bus  and get to the office. So I just end up walking half the distance of what I had initially planned ;-).

Next option which can be conveniently done at home are skipping or a jump rope or simple push-ups in the morning. Again to do any such exercise, I need to spare some time before getting ready and this means I need to get up earlier. With every intention I set my alarm every day to wake up a bit early but again I am successful only a couple times a week. Everyday the alarm rings and I hit snooze (thanks to the amazing developers who design such marvellous options) and hence by the time my eyes opens, it is already late and soon it is time to leave for office.

Since both the above two did not work out, this made me think of one more alternative and this time I was tough on my decision to go for swimming on weekends (Saturday and Sunday being holidays for me). Not to mention again that I hardly go or rather drag myself for swimming. Few of the many reasons being, Friday and Saturday late night parties with friends or family or if I am at home, I like to watch movies. So do I need to say that I don’t go swimming… 😀

End result is that I am a bag of lazy bones and I don’t do more than the daily routine work. All above are just my excuses of not exercising regularly, is my post on Exercising or Excusizing? What do you think?