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Yesterday my daughter asked me to read a letter which she had written as part of her home work. The subject of the letter was to invite her best friend to come and stay over for the summer vacation. While reading the same it reminded me of my school days, way back 2 decades before where in the only form of communication during those days was letters, telegrams or very rarely connecting through telephone that too landline. Words like mobile and email were not yet born when I was in school atleast in India.

I cannot forget my childhood days when we used to see the postman almost everyday in our society and we as kids would run to him to ask if he had any letters in our name :). Well I did expect letters in my name as I had registered myself with a Penpal club and I also had one Penpal from SA. Those days Penpal clubs were in much demand and I too very enthusiastically had got myself enrolled for it. Depending upon age, likes, hobbies, country, religion, languages, etc, match-making of Penpals were made and contacts of each others were exchanged.


Writing long letters, sharing details about oneself, family, school, college, festivals, sending pictures, small gifts and many more topics was something which we (myself and my pen-friend) used to share with each other. The main reason of writing long letters was the time taken for delivering the letter at the destination. Local delivery of letters use to take days and in my case my pen-friend was from SA so you can imagine the waiting period for the next reply.

No smartphone, no selfie, no Whatsapp, no Facebook, that was the era which I have passed through and even after being denied of all these I have managed to maintain my relations with my pen-friend. I still am very much intouch with VP (my pen-pal) but now no more old fashioned letters but through social media. But I miss those old days, the wait for the letter, asking the postman for any letters, the handwriting, the aroma inside the letter, the colourful handmade designs specially made for me and few things which I leave for you to imagine :). VP – I am thankful for you being with me through all these years.

Recently I came across a blogger http://happsters.com/2015/02/05/happstermail/, she has started with the idea of match-making of Pen pals, same like the old traditional way i.e. by writing and exchanging letters. Incase anyone of you are interested then you can sign up with Happsters.