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Battle of the books !!!

books_vs_ebooksCouple of month back I was in double mind of whether to continue reading printed book or e-book. I had a big debate within myself on whether to buy new Kindle or stick to my current habit.

I was not able to decide on what shall I continue, so I tried both i.e. reading e-book and printed book (which I was already doing it). For reading e-books I downloaded “Kindle” app on my iPhone and even purchased 3 e-books from Amazon. I even did little cross checks with my other friends who are into reading practice.

My likings for printed book:-

  • The smell of books makes one feel happy. Also the cover of the book (front and back) gives a different feeling.
  • Printed paper books can be rented out by paying a very small amount as rent fee and you can return once you read it.
  • Books can be exchanged between friends (which I normally do).
  • One can keep it in book shelf and increase your collection (incase you have it).

Having said the above, since I have read 3 e-books, I will like to mention about it too.

My likings for e-book:-

  • e-books are easier to purchase. Buy it online and within seconds they get downloaded in your smart phone, tab or Kindle. Whereas printed paper books take 2-3 days of delivery.
  • eBooks are easier to store as compare to printed books which will require a good amount of storage space. e-book provides better portability too.
  • One can read e-books anytime day or night as it does not require any external source of light. One can cuddle up on the bed with blanket and even read it hiding inside the blanket too :).
  • Just one device and it can store many e-books thus making easier for accessibility any time in future.

After experimenting both, I currently am comfortable reading printed paper books. Why ? Because reading e-books on smart phone, tab or Kindle means leaving bad impact on eyes. I already sit and work in front of my laptop for almost 8-10 hours a day. Adding more hours means more stress to my eyes. Secondly I have found a shop in my vicinity which gives books on rent; pay some deposit, read the book and return it. No hassle of buying and storing.

I do agree that many of you will have different view-point on this. I have read few surveys on “choice between e-book and printed book” and the statistics reveals that demand for the latter is more than former still today. But going ahead I am sure e-books will out number printed books.

So friends, let me know what would you prefer-an e-book or a printed book? The choice is yours, do fill the survey…