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A world without sound

Can you guess the situation if we turn into deaf n dumb (mute)? You can’t hear. You can’t talk. Only thing you can do is you can see everything. Imagine how will you react, how others will react to you? I very well recollect a Bollywood movie “Barfi” wherein the lead actor was playing the character of a deaf n mute person.

Well, I am not going to write more on this movie but just wanted to show how life changes or rather a deaf n mute person adapts to this world from birth. We have two such person (1 in Mumbai office and another in Gurgaon office) working part-time with us. The one in Mumbai office is an old man around 65 years age but fit to work. I call him “Uncle”. I know he can’t hear what I say but I always refer to him as “Uncle” whenever I am discussing about him with anyone in office.

He comes in our office as part-time consultant and he is very good in his work. His job is “cutting-pasting” things. Not the “cut-paste” of Microsoft :). Just for background, my organisation is an advertising agency and we are the creative agency for many leading companies in India. We do designing of many products and even help brand building. So basically the job of “Uncle” is to make dummy items of many products like packing boxes, wrappers, leaflets, sticking of colour prints on foam-boards and many more such things. Just to tell you that doing all above listed things also is an art. A normal person will not be able to give perfection to it. And Uncle does it very well.

I personally adore him and everyday I make a point to go to his workplace and do little conversations, definitely not by mouth but with hands. After interacting with him all these years I also have started understanding little of sign language. I always have seen him in happy mood, no matter what is happening around him. He is always been a part of our office parties, office puja (prayer ritual) and all official events. Although he can’t hear but he dances to the tune of music, claps and laughs when everyone does thus ensuring he is not left out of the crowd.

A world without sound

Handmade mobile stand to communicate with others

Many times I have seen him communicating on phone too, yes he connects people using video calling facility (thankfully government has provided them at very subsidise rates) and he keeps his phone in front on his desk and starts talking with his hands with the opposite person.

Government has provided good facilities to such category of people. They have special schools and learning centers for deaf and mute people. Even they have reserve category in government sector jobs. It is my view that if all private companies also start hiring atleast one such person in their organisation then I am sure it will help these people in their day-to-day life.

Unknown charming girl

I see her smile daily, I adore her daily, I say hi (within me) daily. Yes this one unknown girl whom I accidentally bump into her almost everyday. She is well dressed up, with exact make-up, matching dhupata as per her churidar, equally matching hair clips and hair band and not to forget her matched up chapals.

I see this unknown girl who must be in her mid twenties, daily on my way to office. I am sure she is also on her way to her office too. The type of handbag she carries shouts out loud that she is an office-going-girl.

I don’t know but it’s just a coincidence that mine and her office timings are almost at the same time J. Almost everyday I see her in the morning and most of the days in the evening too. Even my eyes are on the look out for her on the roads and I feel nice once my eye reaches her.

She is the one girl who stands out of all the ‘office goers’ crowd in the morning and evening too. Mainly her way of dressing, her perfect looking facial makeup, her hair style and her taste of matching things is one of its kinds which stands out from rest of the crowd. Most important, she always looks fresh and equally decked up in the evening too as she was in the morning. Her face is always smiling and eyes always glittering.

But alas the time frame which I have eye to eye contact is just few seconds. As we both cross our paths both times of the day. We both head in opposite direction for our offices and it is just few seconds in which we cross each other’s path and I get the privilege to admire her beauty.

Everyday I hope that today I will make one step progress and will try to exchange smile between us, but as soon as my eyes traces her I get too much involved in checking her clothes and accessories that I forget to give her a smile. And within wink of an eye she passes by.

I am sure she is not aware that she has one secret admirer of hers who always like to see her and feel happy on seeing her J and hoping some day we both will greet “hi” to each other and also will get know more about her. I think I have started liking her.

And the day actually came when I gathered courage and had decided firmly that today anyhow, no matter what, I will exchange smile and say hi to her. I can see her approaching towards me; I can feel my heart pounding heavily like I am just back from a Marathon. As I was about to say hi to her, trrrrrriiiiinnnnnnggggg…… my alarm rang at its highest volume, waking me up and making me realize that it was just a dream. I saw my wife standing beside me like a policewoman asking me to what was I murmuring in my sleep. I somehow got escaped from her question and was feeling sigh of relief.

Does early morning dream come true? If yes then should I start looking out for that unknown-charming-yet-to-find-dream-girl in the crowd everyday.