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Nokia – Beginning or End!!!

Connecting People

Do you really know when was the first cellular call was made in India? For those who are not aware then it was 15 years ago on July 31st 1995 on a Nokia phone on a Nokia Network. Nokia – “Connecting People” is also celebrating 15 years of presence in India and so is the Indian Telecom. And the tariff was as high as Rs.16.00 per minute.

Ok coming back to my headline …. Nokia was once a beginner and the only player in India Market way back in late 1990s. It had a very strong hold and was deeply penetrated in India. The first handset of Nokia was as big as a cordless phone with small display and antenna. Possessing a mobile at that time was a luxury which every one could not afford (only Tata, Birla and Amabani could) … so imagine the cost of the handset and thereafter the usage cost too per month. I myself started using mobile in 2004 wherein the outgoing charges per call was Rs.3.00 per minute and incoming was Rs.1.50 per minute.Nokia-6110-01

 Then came Nokia revolution, launching of handset with Nokia Tune ringtone which was played on classical guitar and it is probably one of the most frequently played pieces of music in the world.  And came the “Snake” game, which bite almost the whole world. An instant classic and addictive game which everyone played in their free time (I mean only those who had Nokia handset, which probably 8 out of 10 people had). By this time Nokia had started getting competition in Indian market from other phone manufacturers like Sony and Motorola. But Nokia was very quick in bringing out new handset model with new features almost one every month and was able to be number #1 for almost a decade in India. I still remember, I was also one of those crazy person for liking of new Nokia handset and I suppose I have used almost all the models of Nokia handsets till I shifted to Smartphone (initially BB and now iPhone).

 Now we are in the Smartphone era, where touch and big screen is what everyone wants. And not to forget the OS (Operating System) which are pre-loaded in the handset is the key to sell your handset. This is where Nokia had a big hit in the market and lost its top position. Until late Nokia had his own OS called Symbian and now it has tied up with Microsoft for Windows 8. So again Nokia has come up with whole lots of Lumia series. These handsets have great build quality, aggressive pricing, great camera features, etc. However the most important USP (Unique Selling Proposition) that they carry around is the OS which is Windows 8 running butter smooth even with nominal specs on these handsets.

 However other top mobile manufactures like Samsung, Sony, HTC, Micromax, Motorola, etc are using Android as their OS which Google is providing almost free of charge. This helps Android devices lower their costing and help to sell their products much faster.

Rather I believe Nokia should have an exclusive understanding with Microsoft for making only Windows devices and reduce on the OS cost for themselves thereby passing on the pricing benefit to end customers and start playing with much bigger volumes.

Please do comment about what you feel whether Nokia who was once a beginner would end their journey here or would they again gain top position in India market? And given a choice how many would select a Nokia handset now?

Disclaimer  : This is a personal weblog. The opinions expressed here represent my own. All data and information provided on this site is for informational purposes only. This post is not aimed for offense at anyone!

WhatsApp – An Addiction!!!

WhatsApp …. Heard this word … of-course you all do :). When I first heard about WhatsApp I got confused with “What’s up” or rather “Wass up”. When I was in US in 2005 I use to hear these words almost from everyone. It rather means “How you doing?” and it’s a way of greeting.

But now a days WhatsApp means something different. Everyone starting from age group of 10 years till 60+ years, all are saying I am on WhatsApp … r u also on WhatsApp …. I don’t think the company CEO must have ever thought that this application will penetrate so deep inside everyone. This is one of the highest downloaded application till now on any platform (iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, Nokia, Symbian and Windows Phone). WhatsApp icon will be found in almost all the mobile users. In fact people subscribe to internet so that they can use WhatsApp in their phone.

WhatsApp was developed so that users between BlackBerry and iPhone or Android users can cross chat with each other. And now this app has killed all other older ways of chat or communication like SMS, yahoo chat or gtalk, or BBM. There is whatsappno age bar to use  WhatsApp. Even oldies are seen using WhatsApp, which probably they have learnt from their children or grand children. It has rather now days become a timepass app. Lots of jokes, pics are shared by creating groups. People are just seen chatting endlessly on WhatsApp. One can hear phones beeping continuously in office and many offices have now days banned using WhatsApp during office hours. By forwarding jokes and pics it gives pleasure and fun to many but at times it also creates misunderstanding between some too. People express their love to their loved ones on WhasApp and at times break up also with them on WhatsApp only. It allows you to keep intouch with all your friends, colleagues and even family members too. It has the facility to create groups and people names it like “School Friends”, “College Friends”, “Family”, “Train Friends”, “Building Friends” and the list is endless …

WhatsApp has become addiction to most of them instead of being just a communication window. One checks his/her mobile incase it does not beep after every few mins and gets worried why no messages on WhatsApp? As I mentioned earlier sometimes its fun to keep intouch with all but at times it is irritating when one is busy in some work and your mobile keeps on beeping with new messages and also eating up your phone battery :oops:.

The above views are totally my thoughts and there is no resemblance of anyone. I am a chat-ohlic and you will find me Online most of the time in WhatsApp from the time I get up till I goto bed. 8-)

How about you all??? Please do drop in your views …..