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Happiness & Joy of Giving!!!

There is an old saying “The more you give, the more you get”. We as human being, do we really have a big heart to give without any expectation? And how much one can give? There is no boundary for giving. It is an endless thing. Often times we feel like we can’t really give anything to anyone since we don’t have enough for ourselves and we repeat this story to ourselves for so long and eventually we make it part of our reality, but is that really true? Is there really nothing you have to offer to the world? I doubt that.

Last week, myself along with my wife, my daughter and 2 more friends visited an Orphanage in Malad (see below few pics clicked by my friend) and the good feeling of visiting it still is within me. This orphanage is only for girls. The sight of girls playing games, enjoying with their friends, chit chatting, running around here and there, touched our heart. Although this is not the first time I am visiting this place, I have been here 2 times earlier too. But this visit left a huge impact on me. The following night I could not sleep well and was just trying to think and think on the same. How can I be part of giving? How often should I help those in need? What have I done till now? Why I have not been so active in helping the needy?

Next day I happen to discuss this with my other 2 friends and the same thoughts were also going on in their minds too. I hit upon an idea wherein we decided that every month we will keep aside some fix amount and after every 3 months we will visit one such orphanage or any such place, which are in need of something or the other and donate with the money we have kept aside. In this way we will get a chance to help the needy maybe in a smaller way but with bigger joy in our hearts.

There are so many things we can all offer to those around us and believe it or not many of these things are free. If you have material things you would like to give away to those who have less than you do, give it and if you feel like you don’t have any material possession to offer, give them your time, your knowledge, your love and support and many of the things you have that cost you nothing but they value a lot.

Give, and it will be given to you….. for by your standard of measure it will be measured to you in return. —- Jesus Christ.

You get what you give …

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