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First timer…..

Below 2 poems were recently written by me as part of the school activity of my daughter. I know the poems are too childish but this was my first attempt and since it was for my daughter’s school project so had to keep it sweet and simple. Both, my wife and daughter liked it and were pretty surprised too 🙂 .

Poem #1

Oh ! the beautiful nature

I simply love your stature,

Mountains so high

Up above the sky,

Birds happily flying

Flowers are boom boom blooming,

Winds blowing in full swing

Dust in the air is going ming ming,

Oh ! the beautiful nature

I am one of your creature.


Poem #2

I am a cat

To kill a rat,

My name is Silk

I like to have milk,

I am very pretty

So that you can adore me,

You like to stroke my fur

And I like to close my eye and purr,

I am soft and awe

Just like my talk meow meow.