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Moments before your holidays…

Work !!! Work !!! Work !!! We all cannot get this word out from our blood, specially Mumbaikars. We are workaholic people and are known for this fame all around the world.

From tomorrow I am going for my mid term vacation and am writing this at the last moment before start of my vacation. Why does it happen that when one has planned to go for holidays and all of sudden the last 2-3 working days before you go on leave is very hectic in terms of work. I am not sure whether such happens to all but I am pretty much sure that it happens to me always. My last 13 years of work experience, I have faced this every time I have planned to go for holidays.

Huge burden of work load which one has to complete before going on vacation. Who is to be blamed ? the Boss or our self ? who is responsible for this ? In my case my current boss and also all my ex-boss are very good person and they never said no or liked to held me up working late specially when I have planned my leave months before. So, now all fingers points to myself, but I am very disciplined and hard-working person. I don’t like to keep my work pending till last moment. Then why does such happen with me always. On another thought am I too cautious and want to ensure that nothing goes wrong in my absence and hence trying to finish the work proactively. Maybe!!!

Beside office work one has to pack things for the vacation and even family expects that I should not get calls or email or sms from office during holidays. Can we really stay away from this? Technology of “Mobile on the go” cannot let us stay peacefully in our life. And now we being so use to having mails on our mobile we also cannot live without it.

Saying this am hoping to have a work free holidays (although not possible as my mobile will beep after every few minutes shouting new email).