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Girl on train

I was consumed with thoughts of her, the model on the magazine laying in front of me reminded me of her smile. I remember everything about her, the way she moved her hands while explaining something, the way she tilted her head while laughing, and the endless conversations we had while traveling in the train. I slipped into this imaginary world, where only the both of us existed, I’d take her on coffee dates where we’d share one cup and then hold hands while watching the sunset. My train of thoughts abruptly stopped as I felt someone’s hand on my shoulder, my heart skipped a beat and with butterflies in my stomach I turned hoping to see her beautiful face with honey like eyes and dimples that complemented her smile. Unfortunately the face I saw after turning was my manager’s, he stood there with his hands on his hips – his favorite stance when he’s angry – I looked around and realized I was in a tech meeting and by the looks of it my clients and colleagues were waiting for me to snap out of my dreams for a while.


Two months back my manager decided to start work earlier; hence I have started taking the earlier train. Since my station is the starting point for the train, I get to choose my seat , which is generally the window seat, but a few weeks back I was late and I was pretty sure that my preferred seat would be taken.

As expected there was a handkerchief laying on my seat, in suburban trains there’s no pre-booking of seats hence people keep their handkerchief to indicate that the seat has been taken. I turned to find another seat and suddenly heard a voice saying “the seat is reserved for you” surprised and unsure if the pleasant voice was addressing me, I turned realizing that the woman had in fact saved the seat for me.

As I sat down she explained how she noticed that I occupied the same seat everyday and saved the seat realizing I was probably late for work. The truth be told is I sat opposite this beautiful lady everyday and I tried finding ways to start up a conversation but I never had the courage to do so.

Ever since that interaction I’ve been thinking about her, hence I drifted into space during the meeting. All I can think about is when will i get to see her ……..

A to Z…

Apple_Logo_2015_03A is for Apple. I mean not the fruit but one of the most trusted brand in recent times. One of my favourite and would-never-let-go brand.

B is for Bombay. Now it is called Mumbai, thanks to some politicians. But I still say Bombay and I simply love the word Bombay.


B is for Beef. You can show it on TV but the word will be bleeped out on radio and sub-titles as this is a banned item in Maharashtra. Well I don’t have it at all.

C is for Censor Board. The most talked body who decides to give viewership ratings to the bollywood movies. The body which allows all type of violence, vulgarity and holism in movies but does not allow the word “Bombay”.

D is for Daughter. Am proud to be father of cute, loving and adorable daughter. She is the world to me and I cannot imagine myself without her.

emojiE is for Emojis. The latest trend of expressing your thoughts in ways of emoticons in social media.

F is for Friends. Friends are also my lifeline. Each and every friend is near and dear to me. And I am a person who will not forget any of my friends so easily.

G is for Good morning. Well most of you must be receiving my Good morning messages everyday in the morning. This is my way to reach people every day.

H is Hemang. Ok that’s me and I am what I am.

indiaI is for India. My country and I proud to say am Indian. India is a country having multi-culture and diversity. Well if I start writing about my country then this post will never end 🙂 .

J is for Jealousy. Not my cup of tea, so let me not get into it.

K is for Kiss. A passionate way of expressing your feeling to the opposite person.

L is for Love. Love is a big word with a small definition. Love can be boundless, unrestricted and has no ends. Love can be between friends, family, brothers-sisters, husband-wife, children and so on.

music-1M is for Music; an integral part of me. I love to hear Music in my free time be it at home or office or while driving or while morning walk.


M is for Mumbaiya Hindi. A different type of Hindi language spoken within Mumbai city.

N is for Net Neutrality. No matter what your faith or political affiliation, its politically correct to support Net Neutrality. When it comes to standing up to greedy Internet Service Providers, then we are  one people after all.

O is for Outrage / Offence / Opinion. One is what everybody is free to have. One is what everyone has right to give. One is a reaction of the other two. You have two minutes to solve this 🙂

P is for Panauti. Almost all Indians believe in this superstitious word. Every one passes thru some stage of Panauti in life. Well even our Indian cricketer team too were not spared from this. Cyber bullies attributed India’s defeat in the last World cup to the inauspicious presence of wife and girlfriends.

Q is for Quota. Looking for a government job, admission to college, darshan to a temple, or just a seat on a bus or train ? Just go through the Q word before you try any of the above. If you have a disability, or are a sports person or a victim of a terror attack, a child of a freedom fighter, former military service person or a tribal domiciled then you fit in the Q and if none of the above then you are into General Category. Well its surprising to know how many people are still left into General Category.

R is for Rape. Rape is the fourth most common crime against women in India. As per the research 98% of the cases are committed by someone known to the victim. Lots of awareness is spread on social media in terms videos and messages to stop this gruesome crime.

S is for Selfie. Smartphones has helped to justify the definition of the Selfie-Design-Elementword Selfie. All these years anyone hardly knew what it meant and today the world is busy clicking Selfies.

T is for Terrorism. The most dreaded word everyone is afraid of and has spread across the globe like a virus. There is not a single country which is free from Terrorism.

U is USA. A dream destination.

V is for Vacation. Most awaited time of the year where you can be free from the stress of day-to-day work, relax and spend some quality time with your family.


W is for Whatsapp. A game changer in way of communication but an addiction app for chatting. Although useful to keep intouch with rest of the world but many times a headache (that’s my feelings).

X is X-rated. Recently government of India ordered to ban 857 pornographic websites. This ban is for preventing Child pornography which is illegal in India. But does banning of 857 websites will help curb this issue?

Y is for Yelling. In earlier days Yelling was for those who had weak arguments. But these days yelling is a way to make yourself heard over the news channel by the hosts (I am sure you guessed it correct).

Z is for Zero. Has no value but if written at the right place than most valuable.

Sleeping partner…

Today morning after extended weekend (holiday for Ganesh Visarjan) I was too reluctant to get up from by bed. But since I had my office and had to reach on time I forced my self to complete my morning chores quickly so that I could leave for office on time. But somehow I missed my regular train (which rarely happens) and I had to get into the one after my usual train.

No, it was not crowded, nor was it an old train and neither there were any fights for seats too :). Today I had a different type of experience. I had the company of a person sitting next to me; a very heft guy who must be six feet tall with a heavy built. I was sitting at the window seat and as per my daily routine I was enjoying the breeze and reading my book.

So this well-built-muscular-guy having a thick mustache began to snore no sooner the train left the starting point. I was like “What that hell is happening??” and was getting irritated by it. I was not able to concentrate on my reading too. It seems like the guy had not slept for days and he was completing his sleep now.

I somehow started ignoring the thick snoring noise and got engrossed in reading. In the next few minutes I started feeling something very heavy had fallen on my shoulder and the pressure was forcing me to lean on the other side. I was getting sandwiched between the heavy guy on my right side and the window on my left. Its like in a wrestling match, I had been cornered and my opponent (double the weight of mine) was all over me and there was not an inch of space left wherein I could move to save myself. tiny-smileys-yesemoticons-123

I with my full strength (all those who don’t know me, I am an average built slim person) forced myself to lean forward and that double-the-weight-guy literally fell sideways on me. He was taken by surprise and he did not realize what had happened. Other passengers who were all this while enjoying the show started giggling. I thought now atleast I will have some space and will enjoy my reading for the rest of the journey. But alas my wish just lasted few minutes and again the guy was all over me. This time I decided to stand up and vacate my seat and offer this guy to lie down instead of falling all over me. And as I was going to do it, his phone rang and he woke up. Luckily I did not have to do what I had thought of :). The next second he realized he had missed his station and hurriedly got down at the next stop.

I know that in Mumbai there are many who work in the night shift and travels back home in the morning, I do understand that sleep is something which is very difficult to hold back. I also have done night shifts in my previous organization and I also have traveled by train back home. But trust me the amount of pressure I was thrown upon by that hefty guy was simply unbearable. He was completely on my shoulder as if I was his pillow.

I seriously hope and cross my fingers that in-future I do not come face to face with the same guy or even experience such a sleeping partner in my train travel.

Ganesh Vandana !!!

Shree Vakratunda Mahakaya Suryakoti Samaprabha
Nirvighnam Kuru Me Deva Sarva-Kaaryeshu Sarvada॥

This is a Sanskrit sloka of Lord Ganesha. It means “O Lord Ganesha of the curved trunk and massive body, the one whose splendor is equal to millions of Suns, please bless me to that I do not face any obstacles in my endeavors.”

Ganesh is the Hindu elephant-headed God. HE is the remover of all obstacles. HE is sign of good fortune. Ganesh is probably the most lovable and mischievous deity among all the Gods. Bappa is worshipped on many religious and secular occasions; especially at the beginning of ventures such as buying a vehicle or starting a new business. There can hardly be a [Hindu] home [in India] which does not house an idol of Ganapati.

The most awaited and one of my favorite festival is just round the corner. All Mumbaikars are gearing up to welcome Lord Ganesha. Even we at home take Ganesh idol for one and half day and yes the preparations is in full swing.

This is our 9th year since we started taking Ganesh idol at home. It was just our liking and love for Ganeshji that made us bring the idol at home 8 years back. Since then we never could resist or stop our self bringing it every year. It gives us both happiness and sadness for bringing the idol at home; happiness cause we get a chance to worship and also the mental satisfaction of having our must loved one at our home.

 Lots of preparations are needed before hand in-order everything goes on well :-

  • Selecting the idol, a difficult task as when we go for the same, we feel like we want to take all the idols home as all of them are adorable. 🙂
  • Then is the task for decoration. Every year we do different themes and decorate our house accordingly. It consumes most of your time on thinking what shall be done this year. We all start thinking on many things and then finally pickup 1-2 ideas of every one, combine it and the stage is set for Lord Ganesha.
  • Next is the invitation to be sent to all for taking blessings. Thanks to social media and Whatsapp which has made the task so easy. Earlier days we had to literally make a list of people we need to call and divide the same in-between all of us. But now just send a Whatsapp message and it’s done.
  • Then comes the task of preparation of yummy sweets, mostly “Ladoos and Modaks” as Ganeshji likes it the most. This task is very well taken care by my Mom, wife and sis-in-law.
  • Last but not the least is taking care of all the guests coming at home for Bappa’s darshan. This is the only day in the entire year where I get a chance to meet most of my near and dear ones. Our full extended family gathers at our place for evening Aarti followed by dinner.

This one and half day passes like a blink of an eye. All this comes to a sad end before you realize it and its time for “Visarjan” (task to immerse Lord Ganesha) and saying goodbye with tears in our eyes. The sadness of seeing HIM going away creates an empty space in our life. The attachment we develop with Ganeshji in just 2 days is very difficult to handle while separation. This is even seen in our children too. And every year they ask us that why can’t we keep the Ganesh idol permanently at home and why do we have to immerse it in water. The best what we explain to them is that HE misses her mom and hence want to meet her but soon HE will be back at our home. And in back of my mind I know that next year again we will be welcoming HIM with much greater joy.

 Wishing you all a very Happy Ganesh festival and Ganapati Bappa Morya !!!

Cycling break – but I am not complaining

The past 2 weeks I have not been able to go cycling daily in the morning. This is due to the rains which have arrived in Mumbai, although late but much needed and most welcome for all of us.

After an acute dry spell in month of June with no rains at all and not to forget the scorching heat, Mumbai finally got blessed with rains since last week. Although it did not rain that heavy till now (as compare to July 26 some 8-9 years ago) but how much ever it rained till now is a blessing. Blessing in sense of getting some relief from heat wherein the temperature came down to almost 30 degrees from 38 degrees.

As usual, the first rains in Mumbai means disruption of rail and road traffic which is the trade mark from all these years and there has been no improvement on this till now. Water logging, traffic jams, delay in trains, un-maned open potholes is the common scenes one experiences in Mumbai.

If you are thinking that I am complaining about rains in Mumbai, then please you got it wrong. Rains are much needed not only in Mumbai but rest of India too. And my prayer to rain God that please pour down with open heart mainly at the catchment areas so that the lakes get full, where Mumbaikars get their full year water supply, as presently we already have started facing water cut of 15-20%.

Local train travelling woes..

Today morning, I was little late and caught one train later than my usual train for office and had a hottest with large volume of sweating travel till date to office. Yes the train which I traveled was an old train. Old in the sense the manufacturing of the coaches were old. I am sure those who are regular traveler of western railway will surely understand the difference between old racks and new racks train.

Now a days the Sun God has started showing it’s more brightness and as a result the heat wave is on the rise tiny-smileys-yesemoticons-081. And not to forget staying in Mumbai means getting complimentary sweating along with the heat. And to add to all these today the train I traveled in had the fans off. Yes; the full train fans were off (as I can see the second class compartment fans too). Luckily I got a window seat and was bit lucky to enjoy the warm breeze while the train is in motion. But the conditions of others who are standing on the gangway or passages were horrible. As it is the local trains in the morning hours are fully crowded and one can hardly get some inches of space to stand.

It as like a bundle deal railways had offered us today. Fans not working and the train were not cleaned at all. It seems this particular train was lying in train shed and had been removed out from it after ages. Seats were dirty, windows were fully covered with mud and yes the fans too had layers of mud on it. Being the first day of the week and facing such horrible traveling experience made me think I should go straight to the Deputy General in charge of Western Railway and make him travel in the same train from Churchgate to Borivali.

Damn how can one travel in such conditions. Fans not working, coaches not cleaned…. grrrrr tiny-smileys-yesemoticons-123 … not an expected way to start my day. And did I hear Western railway is starting with AC trains? God, it sounds so funny, the railway authorities can’t even manage to keep the regular trains clean and maintain them properly and they are dreaming of running AC coaches. I really wonder what will be the condition if the AC’s stops working in the AC trains and there are no windows which can let the outside air come in. Why can’t the railway authorities specially the Mumbai Suburban railway take care and pay proper attention to such things. We as a citizen at least expect to have neat and clean coaches with fans working and proper ventilation.

Hoping I will not be greeted with such bad traveling experience in future.

Your birth right…don’t miss it !!!

2After 2 days Mumbai have its V day…. So all of Mumbaikars… gear up and don’t make any other plans except to go and cast your Vote. The much hyped General Lok Sabha Elections which is schedule on 24th April for Mumbai constitute is just round the corner.

Personally, I believe the only way we can reclaim our government is by taking part in1 politics. Our strength is our numbers and if our number is informed and involved, we can reclaim our government. You all must have noticed that this year the number of voting turnout percentage has on an average increased by 10% for all the other states in India. So Mumbaikars lets not be left behind from the rest and let us show all of them that we too can overtake the other states. The same goes for all my friends and readers residing in other parts of India too.

3So please don’t miss your chance to vote this time. Each vote counts and your vote will make the difference. You are equally important to India. You are one of the responsible citizen who has got this right for exercising your vote. Don’t let it go waste by not voting. The Constitution of India has granted you the power to vote and thus, please make good use of this power that is bestowed upon you.

Pledge from me and I suppose all of you must do:-

I, an Indian citizen, take oath that I will exercise my valuable right given by the Constitution of India, of casting my vote, under every possible circumstance and whenever I get the opportunity. Election of our representative by voting is not only our right but also our duty towards the country.

I will make all possible efforts to use my vote to elect a public representative who would meet nation’s expectations and,

I also take oath that I would also encourage other people to vote with awareness.

“I can make the Difference”

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Slogans – courtesy to my colleague