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Love bound

You open your eyes and you see two glittering gems like eyes, the rays of the gems all over your face, a sweet smile and two beautiful lips waiting to get kissed.

BBBBEEEEEPPPPPP ………. BBBBBEEEPPPPP …….. you are startled by this sound which is not  stopping at all.  You force your eyes to open up to realize that it was your morning alarm and time to wake up. Damn it … your beautiful dream where you were just on the verge of kissing someone broke.

If you are getting such dreams then you are in love. When in love, you get paranoid for the one you love. 24*7 you think of your love, even while you eat, sleep or drink … love is on your mind.

When you are in love …… you feel nervous when you start going out with that person.

When you see your love ….. you pretend to be someone else just to make yourself comfortable.

When you meet your love, you start melting like a wax in a fire.

When you are talking with your love ….. you never realize that it is already the morning milkman ringing the door bell of your home and you were on the phone with your love the whole night.

When you are in love ….. you are ready to do anything and everything, as the saying goes “Love is Blind” and you feel you are the only person proving that the saying is correct.

All of a sudden all the Bollywood love songs are at the tip of your tongue and you can sing any song anytime ….. when you are in love.

When you are in love ….. you have the fear of losing your love, fear that your love might find someone else better than you.

When you are in love ….. you feel your love is deeper than the water in the ocean, more sweeter than sugar and softer than a teddy bear.

When you are in love ….. you feel whatever you are studying is about that person only.

 When you are in love ….. you start finding the qualities of your love person in your adjacent office colleague and all of a sudden you become friendly with that colleague.

You know you are in love ….. when all you do is think about that person day in and day out. You feel that your love is the best person you have met up untill now… according to you everything that person does is right, like that person can never go wrong.

So next time do ensure to keep the alarm off so that you can complete your dream… and you can fall in love with your dream person.

Do you believe in LOVE?

i_believe_in_loveWhat is Love? Many poets and philosophers have defined it in their own ways, whereas Science has still to prove it. Love is caring, attachment, attractiveness, trust, commitment, acceptance, bonding, emotions and the list is endless. Infact I may not be the right person to define Love as I had an arranged-marriage. Although I did not fall in love before marriage but YES I am in love now (and do I really need to mention with whom 🙂 ).

You cannot make anybody love you, the way you want them to. All you can do is be your best. You can try to make them notice your efforts. You can be sweet, kind, thoughtful , charming and sexy. You can give them gifts, write them mails, text them, call them and let them know in more ways than one, how much you enjoy their company. That’s it!! Beyond that you can’t do anything much. (No, stalking isn’t an option).

Relationships can happen only if two people have the same taste of life or at least a similar taste. Bonding happens when you make each other laugh, when you understand the other person without long-winded explanations and when you know that just the sound of their voice can soothe you and it is the same for them. Relationships mean there is an ease of comfort in each other’s company and you feel something amiss if you haven’t connected for a while. Love is not about how much time you’ve spent together but about how much you love each other every day!

Just because you feel that you are in love with someone, it does not mean that they have to feel the same way too. Sometimes there are connections that fizzle out even when the spark seems to be there. Sometimes you fall in love with the most unexpected person when you least expect it. Sometimes despite your best efforts nothing happens—and they just don’t reciprocate.

Despite all that you do, if they don’t respond, you just have to let it go. As painful as it may be but one has to move on. And trust me, it happens for the best. You have got to believe that someone better is waiting and this was just the way it was meant to be.

The wait to see your loved one…

Yesterday night I went to pick up one of my best buddy from new T2 airport in Mumbai. He was coming from US after a gap of almost 2 years. It was my first visit to the T2 terminal the new one which is much talked about by all Mumbaikars. Indeed entering the vicinity of the airport made me feel like I am in some other world. It is nicely made and well maintained. Feel proud of this so-called world-class-make-over of Mumbai International airport terminal. I am not writing this post to promote the new airport terminal nor am I paid for appreciating it, so I end this over here.

Back to track again. My friend’s father wanted to accompany me to pick up his son from airport. Uncle called me in the morning and said “I would like to join you to pick up my son”.
I said “No problem uncle. I will meet you in the evening.” and decided a point to meet. I have a big car and can easily manage 3 of us with luggage while returning back.
Just before leaving my home I called up uncle to say “I am leaving now. Meet you in 10 minutes at the decided place.”
Uncle immediately said “Beta (son), can you come inside the building and pick me as I am little unwell.”
“Yes no worries” was my prompt response. My friend’s building is situated little inside the main road.

Uncle got in the car and I noticed that he had his sweater put on and muffler round his neck. I again asked him “Uncle if you are unwell, you can rest at home. I can go alone and pickup my friend”.
To this he immediately replied “No, its ok, I will manage and I have promised my son that I will come personally to pick him” and I could see the glow in his eyes. I felt confidence in his voice too.

Parents always like to have their kids around them. They always feel high and confident by their presence around them. Yesterday I noticed the same in my friend’s dad. His son was coming after almost 2 years and his eagerness to see him made him forget all his worries and illness. Although technology has helped to see each other even when you are miles apart but seeing personally is way beyond description. I also was having the similar feeling. Seeing my best buddy after a long time makes me nostalgic. While at the waiting area, my mind went through the past days, me and my friend had spent together. And in-between, twice uncle said “here he comes, wait … no … he is not that one”. This is bound to happen when one is so desperately waiting for someone than that person can feel and see his/her face in all others. I also have personally felt it many times and I am sure you all also must have at some point of time.

I also went through the same feeling. Few years back I was away from my home in US for around 5 months and my returning back home ignited full energy in everyone. I clearly remember my daughter hugged me tight and was not ready to leave me at all. She was with me all through the way home till the time she went to sleep.

It does not matter how much we grow but we always remain kids for our parents. Their love and affection never reduces. Even my parents, especially my dad, till date wait for me incase myself and/or my brother are out for party and will be reaching late home. He will only have a peaceful sleep once I and/or my brother are back to home. The same goes with me too. Even though my daughter is small, but I get impatient if her school bus comes late by few minutes.

Such is the true and selfless love between parents and kids.

Pause and decide….

Pause and decideWe, human beings, all of us have anger stored within us. The depth of the anger in us varies from people to people. Some people are very short tempered while some are cool and have high temperament but at some point of time do get irritated.

So talking about anger, why do we get angry? tiny-smileys-yesemoticons-081  It is the frustration that comes out from us. Frustration can be of anything. So how does frustration builds up in us? Many factors; unsatisfied job, not doing well in business, breakup in relation, more importantly unfulfilled expectations from your loved ones and the list can go on & on. Slowly slowly all the above factors plus many more helps building frustration within us. How much can one take all these frustration within self. It has to come out someday. And it opts out in way of anger.

Do you think taking out anger helps oneself? tiny-smileys-yesemoticons-074 Well actually a big NO. The words and actions used in anger are very harsh and it really hurts you and the opposite person at later stage. This we all realise it later on and by that time it’s too late.

Sometimes even we are the victim of someone’s anger tiny-smileys-yesemoticons-123 . Many times we get hurt by words and action of someone close to us. And we often move away in anger, not realizing that being away and alone could mean paying bigger price. Often anger leads to families split, siblings fight, break-up in friendship, business partnership and even joint ventures break. We do not realise that going away often marks the beginning of new troubles and bigger challenges. Many a times keeping quiet tiny-smileys-yesemoticons-125 also helps but the calmness often hurts either of us.

I remember reading one theory of “Pause and decide”. These 3 words if taken very seriously really help us in our life. Someone says something to us and we immediately react with words and actions tiny-smileys-yesemoticons-004 which later on make us think as why did I say or react to it. If only we had remember the above 3 words of “Pause and decide” then maybe the scenario would have been different.

So next time you are angry or hurt, take a deep breath and stay calm. Next time something goes wrong and you want to react then hold it for a moment. Let the moment pass by, let your mind settle down and let your mind become more clearer. And trust me the decision that follows is usually lot better and productive then the one you would have taken earlier.

I know you must be thinking as to why such post on a Valentine’s day. So the point is to stop anger, hatred and instead start loving all in this world. Be it family, friends, office colleagues, business associates and anyone and everyone, spread the beauty of love.

 Wishing you all a very Happy Valentine’s Day !!! tiny-smileys-yesemoticons-020