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Wake up….

As the saying goes “Life is too short so enjoy before it’s too late”. Time never stops and I feel that it is running at its full speed. This post of mine is bit different as compare to my other posts of mine. I have tried making a list of things which one can do before it’s too late.

Well these are just few of the things out of the many and there is no particular order to be followed.

  • Speak your heart out – Do not keep anything inside you be it feelings, anger or frustration.6112mdU416L Don’t fake smile – but instead say what you want to say.
  • Do something unique Something which you are afraid to do it like skydiving, paragliding, deep sea-diving, bungee jumping. This will truly make you alive.
  • Try new skills Learn Japanese, learn to play guitar, learn salsa. It could be anything as long as it is completely new for you.
  • Make new friends I know this is very easy and I am sure all of us have so many friends then again a new friend… why not ?? 🙂 Well, who is to say, this new friend may come with so much more to learn from – it may get you to being more spiritual or daring or help you develop a new hobby. Well that new friend can be one whom you have been ignoring. The new connection may spark new starter in your life.
  • Reconnect with your inner child – Do all the things you have done in your childhood. Like watching Tom and Jerry cartoon, playing marbles, riding bicycle, read comic books.
  • Reach out to old friends Talk to your best friend from school and do inform him/her how much you have missed him/her all these years. Bring alive the old memories.
  • Do something for others All these years you have been doing lots of things for yourself. Now this is the chance for you to do something, well at least one thing for someone. Small things like pay for the education of your domestic’s help child. Or sponsor a full year meal for a person in need. All these small little gestures will take you a long way.
  • Spend time with your kids – till the time they want to spend time with you. Once they growstock-vector up they will have their own priorities in life and their own children to look after.
  • Know yourself Take few days off and go for a holiday just by yourself.  Unwind, clear your head of the past, think about yourself and know your life & its meaning.
  • Take control of your health – Are you a person who is fond of butter, cheese and all oily food and you have never exercised till date. If yes then start exercising, walk more and more, do climb steps instead taking the lift, give up parathas for rotis, give up cheese and butter. Start indulging yourself in Yoga. If you wait any longer, it may well be too late.
  • Last and not least – take stock of your life. Take a good look at what you have accomplished and where you failed till now. Start your journey fresh and alive.

Life is too short and it’s getting shorter every minute. So just don’t waste a single second – do the things you always wanted to do and which you know is good for you. Learn to say no to things which you don’t want to do but because of pressure you are forced to do it.

Routine – please wait ……

gettingintoaroutineYour boss calls you for an early morning meeting in the office the next day and early means well before office hours.  Well as soon as I get this instruction, I start to make a mental note that I need to wake up early and get my thoughts together of what’s to be done such that I’m not late for this early morning meeting at the office.

First off, I need to inform my wife that I will be leaving early the next day, so that’s a head start to figuring out my lunch. Next on the list is the meeting agenda  and ensure that the work which I had been assigned to me is completed and handed over to him before the start of the meeting.

Well, a small change in a day’s schedule and a lot of things needs to be taken care off. This happens when one follows a proper routine life.

Routine means a sequence of actions regularly followed. Routine is said to be good. Routine helps oneself to be disciplined in life.

A routine life means getting up everyday at a fixed time, leaving for office at that fixed time, catching that same train everyday, grabbing a fixed seat on the train, walking down the same road to your office and in between praying, reading, taking power nap and of course catching up on the usual social networking sites with friends until I reach office. That’s my daily morning schedule for weekdays.

Once I report to office my schedule goes for toss. There is no fixed time for lunch (but most of the days I try to have it at a fix time). There is no fixed time to leave from office. No fixed time to catch evening train back home. This means no fixed time to reach home and have your dinner too.

Weekends are even more random. No fixed time to get up in the morning. Weekends means finishing personal as well as household chores, spending time with family and friends, taking up my daughter’s studies and ofcourse partying out in the evening which sometime extends to wee hours of the morning. 🙂

In this “rat race” life where everyone is running to meet their daily ends, following a “routine” is very dicey. I often think that if I was really trying to follow a routine schedule for the full day then my life would have been very monotonous; same things to do everyday.

But yes I plan my things to do and either I mentally note it down or I note on my phone todo list. This atleast helps me to be disciplined and be in “routine” with my life! 🙂

What routine do you go by or do you have a routine at all? What system works for you?

Let me know in the comments below.