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Justice or injustice?


Finally after 5 long years Special CBI court gave verdict of Life imprisonment to Rajesh Talwar and Nupur Talwar for the much awaited Noida double murder case of Aarushi and Hemraj. The two were killed on 15-16 May 2008. Aarushi’s body was discovered murdered at her house on May 16 2008 and Hemraj’s body was found decomposed next day on the terrace. This case has travelled lots of ups and downs, twist and turns and was the hot topic of media.

Rajesh and Nupur Talwar (both are Dentist by profession) parents of Arushi age 14 then, killed their only daughter and Hemraj aged 45 then their domestic help. This double murder had rocked the whole world. Special CBI court has sentenced Rajesh and Nupur for life imprisonment.

How can one kill their own only daughter? Kids are always special to all their parents. Specially for mothers, as she is the one who has taken so much pain carrying the small one in her stomach for 9 months. Such gruesome act is not at all acceptable to the society and accused should be rightly punished for the same. Even after the verdict there is no guilt seen on Rajesh’s and Nupur’s face and are even not ashamed to have committed such gruesome crime.

Daughter is said to be gift of love. Daughters are most precious to their parents. Giving “Kanyadan” is one of the biggest donation parents can give and after marriage at the time of “Bidai” (bidding farewell to her daughter) parents cry the most. And here the Talwars showed no mercy towards their own daughter and killed her without any motive (even if there was a reason to punish their daughter or the help, yet is death the right punishment parents can give their child?).

Thinking of committing such cruelty is beyond human imagination. Such people could not be normal human beings.

Justice or injustice … does anyone out there care? The point is that one young girl life was taken away even before she could experience it fully.