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Morning “Gyan” ….

morning_gyanInspirational quotes helps to motivate oneself, helps to make our day good, helps to overcome the past things which might be bothering you.

With the social media playing a big role in our life, we find so many inspirational quotes floating around in Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest too. I am one of the person who starts my day with reading few inspirational quotes and sharing them with my other friends, family members and whomsoever I feel through Whatsapp. Although I am not sure how many out of them seriously read it and try to implement it in their day-to-day life. But well, I many times try to follow and have been successful too. No doubts some quotes are just meant to be read and can’t be implemented practically in our day-to-day life.

I am part of many groups in Whatsapp and morning hours are only for sharing “Gyan messages” (Gyan a Sanskrit word roughly translates to Knowledge). All the groups are flooded with so many of them that sometimes it happens that some messages are getting contradicted to other message in some other group.

Who doesn’t need a dose of positivity now and then? I feel everyone needs some boost up in day-to-day routine life. Somewhere we get lost into things and we get stuck up in it. Maybe such inspirational quotes do help us moving ahead.

So do you also read or get inspirational quotes daily? Do you follow them or just ignore it?