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A much needed change !!!


So as the whole world knows that our PM Naredra Modi has announced the demonetization of 500 and 1000 Rs. denomination notes. This had to come sooner or later as this was one of the main agenda of our PM before the elections. He cannot have broken the trust of the people. Well I am not going ga ga about our PM but I appreciate the move.

As our Banks used to say that now no need to visit the branch and everything can be done through internet banking. Well, this is now proving wrong with the decision of the PM. We have been left with no choice but to visit the banks and deposit/exchange the old denominations with the new. No technology howsoever will help to get the old notes exchanged with the new ones.

Saying this, last Saturday I also visited State Bank of Travancore which is bang opposite my residence to exchange the old notes. I had to wait in queue for an hour to get it exchanged with the new 2000 Rs. notes and that too within the limit specified by the PM. I purposely visited the bank just to get a feeler as how the nation is shocked and rocked by one decision of the PM and surprisingly most of the common man has welcomed this move (as against the odds opposing it).

I am not sure and don’t wanna discuss also whether this decision of our PM will help stop corruption or stop black money been piled up but I am happy to see the change in my nation and people welcoming the move. As the last time when I was just 2 years old, our ex PM Morarji Desai had announced the demonetization of Rs.1000, Rs.5000 and Rs.10000 notes. It was way back in 1978 and I was too small to recollect anything. But today’s experience will give a lifetime memory and stories which we will be able to tell our children and grand children for sure.

Many economists have criticized the move and many have welcomed it too. Will this move of our PM work or will it not is left upon the time to decide.

As of now, everyone is running after the change whereas change is needed for everyone 🙂

A to Z…

Apple_Logo_2015_03A is for Apple. I mean not the fruit but one of the most trusted brand in recent times. One of my favourite and would-never-let-go brand.

B is for Bombay. Now it is called Mumbai, thanks to some politicians. But I still say Bombay and I simply love the word Bombay.


B is for Beef. You can show it on TV but the word will be bleeped out on radio and sub-titles as this is a banned item in Maharashtra. Well I don’t have it at all.

C is for Censor Board. The most talked body who decides to give viewership ratings to the bollywood movies. The body which allows all type of violence, vulgarity and holism in movies but does not allow the word “Bombay”.

D is for Daughter. Am proud to be father of cute, loving and adorable daughter. She is the world to me and I cannot imagine myself without her.

emojiE is for Emojis. The latest trend of expressing your thoughts in ways of emoticons in social media.

F is for Friends. Friends are also my lifeline. Each and every friend is near and dear to me. And I am a person who will not forget any of my friends so easily.

G is for Good morning. Well most of you must be receiving my Good morning messages everyday in the morning. This is my way to reach people every day.

H is Hemang. Ok that’s me and I am what I am.

indiaI is for India. My country and I proud to say am Indian. India is a country having multi-culture and diversity. Well if I start writing about my country then this post will never end 🙂 .

J is for Jealousy. Not my cup of tea, so let me not get into it.

K is for Kiss. A passionate way of expressing your feeling to the opposite person.

L is for Love. Love is a big word with a small definition. Love can be boundless, unrestricted and has no ends. Love can be between friends, family, brothers-sisters, husband-wife, children and so on.

music-1M is for Music; an integral part of me. I love to hear Music in my free time be it at home or office or while driving or while morning walk.


M is for Mumbaiya Hindi. A different type of Hindi language spoken within Mumbai city.

N is for Net Neutrality. No matter what your faith or political affiliation, its politically correct to support Net Neutrality. When it comes to standing up to greedy Internet Service Providers, then we are  one people after all.

O is for Outrage / Offence / Opinion. One is what everybody is free to have. One is what everyone has right to give. One is a reaction of the other two. You have two minutes to solve this 🙂

P is for Panauti. Almost all Indians believe in this superstitious word. Every one passes thru some stage of Panauti in life. Well even our Indian cricketer team too were not spared from this. Cyber bullies attributed India’s defeat in the last World cup to the inauspicious presence of wife and girlfriends.

Q is for Quota. Looking for a government job, admission to college, darshan to a temple, or just a seat on a bus or train ? Just go through the Q word before you try any of the above. If you have a disability, or are a sports person or a victim of a terror attack, a child of a freedom fighter, former military service person or a tribal domiciled then you fit in the Q and if none of the above then you are into General Category. Well its surprising to know how many people are still left into General Category.

R is for Rape. Rape is the fourth most common crime against women in India. As per the research 98% of the cases are committed by someone known to the victim. Lots of awareness is spread on social media in terms videos and messages to stop this gruesome crime.

S is for Selfie. Smartphones has helped to justify the definition of the Selfie-Design-Elementword Selfie. All these years anyone hardly knew what it meant and today the world is busy clicking Selfies.

T is for Terrorism. The most dreaded word everyone is afraid of and has spread across the globe like a virus. There is not a single country which is free from Terrorism.

U is USA. A dream destination.

V is for Vacation. Most awaited time of the year where you can be free from the stress of day-to-day work, relax and spend some quality time with your family.


W is for Whatsapp. A game changer in way of communication but an addiction app for chatting. Although useful to keep intouch with rest of the world but many times a headache (that’s my feelings).

X is X-rated. Recently government of India ordered to ban 857 pornographic websites. This ban is for preventing Child pornography which is illegal in India. But does banning of 857 websites will help curb this issue?

Y is for Yelling. In earlier days Yelling was for those who had weak arguments. But these days yelling is a way to make yourself heard over the news channel by the hosts (I am sure you guessed it correct).

Z is for Zero. Has no value but if written at the right place than most valuable.

Can we sing it daily….

indiannationalanthemcelebrating100yearsCan we sing “Jana Gana Mana ….” our National Anthem daily? As all knows it is composed and scored by Nobel laureate Rabindranath Tagore. Singing and/or listening to it gives adrenaline rush in oneself. Atleast I get the same feeling whenever I sing or hear it. Now-a-days I hardly get a chance to sing or hear it. It is only when I go to watch any movie in a cinema theater or during the start of any sports match where Indian team is a part of it.

I miss my school days where we use to sing our National Anthem daily before the start of the day (as a part of the rituals followed by prayers). It use to give positive vibes in me and I use to get fully charged up. The same continues till date. Yesterday was one of them when I got a chance to sing our National Anthem twice; first in the morning during flag hoisting ceremony in our society compound and second time in the evening when I went to watch movie.

Well I actually feel and it’s my personal feeling that all offices in our country should play or rather all the employees can sing our National Anthem daily before the start of our day at work; same like what we use to do during our school days. I feel that singing or atleast hearing the same will remind us of our duties and responsibilities towards our country. We will start getting a feeling for working towards the development of our country along with our self-development.

I hope our current PM implements singing of National Anthem in all government offices compulsory depicting a clear example for his love towards our country. Again this is my feeling that, daily making oneself reminding of his rights for country will help in reducing the corruption level too.

Our National Anthem is wonderfully composed. It covers each and every part of our country and it says we can be victorious if we all are united. Below is a beautiful video which explains the full meaning our National Anthem.

MOM – a historic achievement



I am feeling so proud and happy while writing this; The Mars Orbiter Mission (MOM) informally known as Mangalyaan has been successfully launched today into Orbit of Mars. It’s a historic moment for all of us making India the first country in the world to enter orbit of Mars in its maiden attempt.

ISRO (Indian Space Researchlaunch of Mangalyaan Organisation) has become the fourth space agency in the world to reach Mars along with Soviet Space program, NASA and European Space Agency. Mangalyaan was launched on 5th November 2013 (originally it was going to be launched on 28th October 2013 but got delayed due to some technical glitch).

Social Media is flooded with so many messages congratulating our scientist and all those involved in the successful launch. Even our PM, Mr. Narendra Modi personally congratulated all of them. It’s indeed a proud moment for all of us.

Comparitive costs

Comparitive costs

The Mangalyaan completed its journey in the lowest cost ever made by any country. The estimated figure of cost for this mission was Rs.4.54 million (approx US$74 million) which is less than the total cost for making any Hollywood movie. If one counts the cost per km then it comes slightly over Rs.11 per km or in other words cheaper than what auto rickshaws charge are in Mumbai. If you go more deeply in calculating then the overall cost of the project is equivalent to a contribution of Rs.4 (four) per head from every Indian. So one can imagine how with a miniature budget our scientist have made this mission possible.

Kudos to ISRO and all those directly or indirectly involved for making the MOM successful. India has so much potential resources that if used in a better way then we are just unstoppable.

Amul - Mangalyaan

Smartphone – luxury or necessity?

Smartphone users stats

Yesterday I read the above interesting statistics in one of the leading newspaper. It shows how smartphones have changed our life. Those days are gone where only game option was “snake” in Nokia phone. Now lots of things can be done and managed with the tip of your 2 fingers or thumbs in few cases 🙂

If one goes through the above research, then it is very interesting to know few facts about “We” Indians. And I personally feel that the statistics which are given are very much true and day by day as the new generation steps in and starts using smartphone the percentage will increase and touch the sky.

I analysed myself after reading the above and concluded that I fit into many categories of the stats, like mentioned below :-

  • Yes I do check my phone over 100 times a day (although I have never counted it but am so much confidence because of the fact that I get minimum 700-800 messages on Whatsapp in a day).
  • If I am checking my phone over 100 times a day then yes I must be spending 3 hours, 18 minutes in all including playing games, chat, social media and mails.
  • I use many apps on my smartphone for example booking movie tickets, train tickets, etc. So very much possible that I am just not limited to social media and chat-apps.
  • I don’t use any chat-apps for business purpose.
  • I am not a person to watch videos on phone as I don’t enjoy watching on a smaller screen :). So I don’t fit into any category related to online video watching. I have seen and do see it daily in local trains that most of the people are watching movies on their smartphone with earphones plugged deep inside their ears.
  • Yes I am willing to pay more for better service as the type of internet connectivity speed we get on our phone is pathetic and specially while commuting.

I feel the survey is half completed without adding few more parameters like playing games, listening online music and non-stop chatting. So here below are my additional findings and results :-

  • I feel the percentage ratio of people playing games will not be less than people watching online videos which could be 23-25%
  • 12-15% people especially house wives prefer to listen music online.
  • Atleast 40% will be found chatting non-stop for hours and hours late night in bed. Online chatting has outpaced all types of face to face calling / meetings.

So which all and how many categories do you fit into? I will be happy to see your comments on this.

Your birth right…don’t miss it !!!

2After 2 days Mumbai have its V day…. So all of Mumbaikars… gear up and don’t make any other plans except to go and cast your Vote. The much hyped General Lok Sabha Elections which is schedule on 24th April for Mumbai constitute is just round the corner.

Personally, I believe the only way we can reclaim our government is by taking part in1 politics. Our strength is our numbers and if our number is informed and involved, we can reclaim our government. You all must have noticed that this year the number of voting turnout percentage has on an average increased by 10% for all the other states in India. So Mumbaikars lets not be left behind from the rest and let us show all of them that we too can overtake the other states. The same goes for all my friends and readers residing in other parts of India too.

3So please don’t miss your chance to vote this time. Each vote counts and your vote will make the difference. You are equally important to India. You are one of the responsible citizen who has got this right for exercising your vote. Don’t let it go waste by not voting. The Constitution of India has granted you the power to vote and thus, please make good use of this power that is bestowed upon you.

Pledge from me and I suppose all of you must do:-

I, an Indian citizen, take oath that I will exercise my valuable right given by the Constitution of India, of casting my vote, under every possible circumstance and whenever I get the opportunity. Election of our representative by voting is not only our right but also our duty towards the country.

I will make all possible efforts to use my vote to elect a public representative who would meet nation’s expectations and,

I also take oath that I would also encourage other people to vote with awareness.

“I can make the Difference”

 4 7

Slogans – courtesy to my colleague

Sentiments all around …

One more 26th Jan, our 65th Republic day; came and went by. So what did I do and how did I celebrate it?

This year republic day being on a Sunday, many must be thinking that we lost one holiday. Last Saturday my daughter had been specially called in school for celebrating the republic day (Saturdays being weekly off for her) and once she was back from school I was bombarded with lots of questions from her. Like who was the first Prime Minister of India, who was the first President of India, where is India Gate (since I stay in Mumbai) and the most important question was what is “Parade”? Although I was able to answer most of the questions but could not describe the beauty and feeling of watching our Republic Day Parade on TV. So on Saturday itself I decided that Sunday morning i.e. on our Republic Day I am surely be watching the parade from the start with my daughter. And yes we both made a point to get up early and be ready for the big day. The start of the parade was awesome and myself and my daughter were glued to the television set. As the parade progressed on I was explaining my daughter the significance and importance of our army and the different types of regiment. All this I was also listening on TV and then sharing it with my daughter.

Unfortunately I was not able to view the full Parade as I had some urgent social visit to attend but my daughter watched it fully and my dad took over the part of further explanation to my daughter. She was watching it for the first time and she liked the full Parade.

Right now, at the time of writing this post I am at Poisur Gymkhana attending an evening cultural event “Janmahotsav 2014 – Golden Era of India” specially organised on occasion of Republic Day. Many different competitions were held since yesterday and even my daughter had participated in drawing competition under 10 years. Today lot of young children displayed their talent either in way of individual or group performance and all below 18 years. National Anthem, Patriotic songs, dances, singing were all part of the event. We all enjoyed the full event and the audience was also big in numbers (approx 300 plus).

Overall day spent with lots of patriotism in my heart and a perfect way to celebrate Republic Day. And I really appreciate the efforts put in by Poisur Gymkhana to organise such a wonderful cultural event and also giving a big platform to the young talented generation who are the future of India.

Here are a couple of pics I have clicked of the event (although not very clear).

 Sentiments_3   Sentiments_2

PS – I could not post this yesterday so am publishing it today.

 Jai Hind !!! Vande Mataram !!!