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… and it’s a century

100 post

Well, well, well, you all will be shocked to read it. I still don’t believe it, that my previous post helped me complete a century. I had never imagined that I will manage to cross 100 but am glad that I did it in style.

 The complete statistics are as follows:-

  • Although I took 18 months to reach it which is an average of 5.5 posts per month. This means more than 1 post a week. Still wondering am I slow or am batting within average?
  • Total views as on date are 10,301 which mean technically 103.1 views per post.
  • I did cross the century mark in best ever views in a day which is 146 not out :).
  • My previous post Joy of meeting school friends Part1 has 1512 views till now followed by Can’t live without it even for a day on second number with 1034 views and the third position is my post Whatsapp – an addiction with 899 views. Am happy that my spectators are liking my posts.
  • I am going very slowly in this, total 356 comments on all my post averaging 3.56 comments per post. I need to improve on this for sure. And without your support I cannot build a big partnership.
  • My post Whatsapp – an addiction has got the highest comments and SS (an avid blogger and my inspiration) has contributed with total of 41 comments.
  • There are 57 fans of mine following me and am eying for a century here before I complete my innings :).

It’s time for celebration with a jump and a fist pump in the air … thanking God and saying it to myself “Yes I did it and I need to hang around for another one too”. Hemang Century

Also a super-duper-megha-jumbo-whopping thank you all my readers for being a partner for my journey till now and spending precious time reading, liking and commenting on my posts. And trust me all these gives me a massive smile on my face and I feel like I have won man-of-the-match trophy.

I am sure I will receive excellent support from all my audience which will help me reach another big milestone very soon. And its time to revamp the look and feel of my site too.

You all must be aware that the biggest tournament ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 is currently in progress in Australia & New Zealand and wishing team India and rest all the teams a very good luck. Hope the best and deserving team wins the World Cup.