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Just for a seat ….

Have you ever been to India, and experienced a journey by local trains! I do! My commute consists of a ride through the choo-choo train every day. It is of course the worst at rush hours. But being Mumbai, and so over populated, it is generally crowded at other times of the day too.

Today while traveling in train, I was an unfortunate witness to an argument between an elderly man who must be in his late fifties (lets call him A) with a young boy who was definitely younger than me (lets call him B). For your reference I am in mid thirties.

It all started for a seat in the first class compartment. The young lad i.e. B tried to push the older gentleman A while grabbing a seat and then started the “tu tu mein mein” between both of them. A started with lecturing B about his education and his upbringing. And the young boy stared to abuse the elderly guy also bringing in religious values. B even said that “so what if you are old, this does not mean you need comfort at all places and we young generation need to teach you and change your way of thinking”. I am mentioning only a couple of things, the argument lasted more than ten minutes.

Is this our new generation who does not know how to respect an older person? In early days and during our time we never argued or disrespect anyone who was older than us and we still do the same. Today education has increased to its highest level but being an educated person does not teach you how to give respect to others. This quality of giving respect should come from within one self. I really wonder if the young guy cannot respect an elder guy then what will be his attitude towards his own Parents? The worst part which I did not like at all was that after the person A got down at his destined station the young guy again started saying that I wanted to teach that person how to sit and hence he did such thing purposely.

There were two seats for both of them respectively, it was just the comfort level. If B could have made place or if he could ignore A’s remarks then such argument could had been avoided. As usual couple of other fellow travelers (of course including me) had to intervene. I made some place for A as he was near me.

This is just one of the examples and sadly such things happens almostRespect everyday in trains. Not many accommodate for others. I am still thinking of the young guy as he cannot preach then how do we expect him to teach his children the value of respect for elders. Pushing an elder to get a better seat is never worth it for it just does not feel right.  Are we human beings or animals? Even penguins take care of one another and are accommodating to other penguins when facing extreme temperatures.

We, like penguins, share a bond humanity.