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Cycling after 20 years…

happy_cyclistRecently, a new hobby or rather a new liking has caught me and I am urged to go for it. From last week, I started cycling. Yes am cycling after almost 20 long years. My brother recently bought a cycle for himself and I being big brother took advantage of it and making the use of it tiny-smileys-yesemoticons-006.

I remember, I had a BSA SLR green color cycle in my school days when I was in IX std. Although I hardly use to travel to school on bicycle as I already had walking friends (as we all use to have fun thru and fro walking) and also the distance between home and school was just 10-12 minutes.

Ok so back to cycling trek…. from last week onwards, once I drop my daughter for her school bus I have some spare time with me to leave for office. And so I decided to go cycling. Initially, I was little reluctant as to whether my body will support me as now I am 20 more years older than my last ride on BSA SLR where I use to even goto Marve beach and Aksa beach on cycle (which is approx 7-8 kms one way). But I decided to go against all the odds and thought that there is no harm in trying for couple of days. I pulled up my socks and put on my shoes and left for the ride early morning (7 am is the time I start).

First day no doubt was little tiring and I just had a very short distance ride and was back home. Even the same continued for day 2 and 3. I will slowly start increasing the ride distance after every few days. To track myself I even have downloaded an app on my iPhone which measures the distance covered, the time for the total ride along with how many calories did I let go from my body. The app is a great help to me.

My early days when I was young, I use to take my cycle where ever I go and I do remember we all friends use to go on long rides early mornings during vacation time.

This is just the starting of my 2nd stint of new joy ride and I am thoroughly enjoying the mornings along with fresh air. Hoping I will continue this habit of mine for a longer period and also hoping to keep myself fit and healthy. Fingers crossed tiny-smileys-yesemoticons-108 .