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Happiness in meeting

Missing someone and not able to see them is the worst feeling ever. What to do if we badly miss someone? Someone whom we can rely on, someone who is the key to the lock, someone whom we have complete faith and trust. Well seeing this someone can only help to have a mental relief within oneself.

I do understand that everyone is busy in their own life (personal plus professional) but managing and removing time for others is very much important. In today’s tech world one even can have a video call and see each other no matter which part of the world you or the opposite person is located. But merely hearing or by seeing through the eye of the phone does not soothe you or help to get the feeling of being with the person physically.

As each day passes by our responsibilities keeps on adding. And we tend to get engrossed more and more in our work. More hard work means working towards earning more money. But in all this we forget that we have missed lots of things which we could have easily done so. That missing can be giving happiness to someone.

I many times get the feeling of missing some people in my life. The next moment, I am on call with that person deciding on the place to meet. No voice call or video call helps me when my need to meet that person is at the peak. Lately, from last couple of times I have been turned down of meeting on the same day and promised that we will meet soon and I fail to understand when will that soon be.

Although I respect each and everyone’s decision and I do understand that it is not necessary that when I am free or I feel like meeting someone then that someone should be free to meet. Anyways, with heavy heart I have to accept it and not left with any choice.

Today, all are working hard to cope with the day-to-day needs. But again never forget that incase you feel like meeting someone don’t hesitate and just go ahead and let that person know about it. And the same applies to self too, if someone calls you asking to meet don’t say no (unless you are forced to say no for genuine reason). It could mean a lot to the opposite person.

Have you also anytime felt the same?

My helping hand to feed a child

Just last week my daughter had a project to be done in her school and the topic was of NGO. They were told to pick up any one NGO and make a chart of the same. The main contents were what does the NGO do? Their mission, where is it located, how are they supporting?

I sat with her and googled the names of the NGOs. We did go through 3-4 different NGO websites, my daughter liked the website of Akshaya Patra the most. Basically she liked the photo gallery of the same. Although we both had no idea that Akshaya Patra sponsors Mid-Day Meals (MDM) with the support of the government to students in government schools, but we somehow figured it out from the photo gallery. She was keen in selecting this NGO for her project.

We selected a few pictures which she could stick on her chart paper. I got them printed and also tagged the pictures with a one liner. Next, I helped her gather content and more info about this NGO which we easily found on their website. Once this was all done, I explained in detail about the MDM scheme to my daughter as she was also interested to know details about them. And ofcourse she also had to say few words while displaying her chart in her school. The work by this NGO left an impression on me. I have pledged to feed atleast one child for a year through this NGO and I have decided to do the same on my daughter’s birthday.

My friends and I have already started a small initiative of visiting an Orphanage once every quarter and we distribute things which can be used by the small girls in their day to day life along with snacks. You can read about them my earlier post; Happiness and Joy of Giving (Part 1 and Part 2).

It’s a pleasure to be part of this initiative in association with BlogAdda and Akshaya Patra and am happy to know that this post of mine will feed a child for an entire year, sponsored by BlogAdda.

I am going to #BlogToFeedAChild with Akshaya Patra and BlogAdda.

You can read more about this initiative here, and blog about the theme to help feed a child for one full academic year.

With love and gratitude….

Diwali (the festival of Lights celebrated across India) came and went like a blink of an eye. This Diwali was usual, had a long weekend leave (4 days) from office, giving me all the time to spend with family and friends. This Diwali there were lots of messages floating around in the social media to have noise as well as pollution free Diwali, but I could not contribute in any of the above. We (my daughter and my niece) did burst crackers which are the tradition but keeping in mind to keep the noise level in control hence only enjoyed fire crackers which did not make noise.

Meeting family members; as well as friends; consuming lots of sweets and all type of homely made “farsan” (a collective term used for a type of snacks in Maharashtrian cuisine and Gujarati cuisine, from the Indian state of Maharashtra and Gujarat) was the highlight of this Diwali. Also I managed to catch lots of sleep in those 4 days which I am normally denied off 🙂

Joy of givingBut one mailer, a physical letter in our home mail box made my Diwali special. This mailer from Society of the Helpers of Mary “Prem Sadan” brought lots of happiness in me. It’s a Happy Diwali greeting letter (although little late; but I always think better late than never). About Prem Sadan, it’s an orphanage only for girls managed and run by few a Nuns. Lately, I along with a few of my other friends had visited them twice; if you recollect my earlier post of Happiness and Joy of Giving (Part 1 and Part 2). It is really a nice gesture from them to send a seasons greeting letter which shows that we are still remembered by them.

I know it’s a small thing but such little gestures give me happiness and make me feel lighter. After reading the letter, the firmness of helping others (a drive along with my other friends which we started few months back will never be stopped and always try our best to run in full swing). Thanks to KP, PK and JN/NN for your contribution and hoping for long cooperation from you all.

I am attaching the scan copy of the letter.

Prem Sadan

Expectation vs Reality

expectations_1We human beings are always on the look out for love from our partners. And this leads us to get attracted to the other partner and hence we start coming closer and closer to that person. As the distance between the people decreases, love increases. A new relationship is developed by us. We have a tendency to start any new relationship very easily and at the same pace we break it too. We even go to the extent of breaking GOD made relations like Mother-Child, Father-Child, etc.

In any relation, there is love and also expectation. As time and bonding increases expectations also increases. And if expectations are not fulfilled then problems start arising. This leads to frustration and sadness. Slowly by slowly our frustration starts building up. Unhappiness & disappointment also becomes a part of us. All this makes our subconscious mind to act in a negative way. If expectations are not met then anger & hatred comes out from oneself. Even our subconscious mind starts giving negative signals to our conscious mind and this comes out in a way of bad words and wrong actions.

Why do expectations start in any relationship? We humans are more emotional and get attached very easily. Un-fulfillment of expectations damage relations and also ruins ones life.

Expectations rise from anything. Reasons can be many; maybe we are dating someone special, we are planning for a holiday with family, a night out with friends, we are waiting for the final year result, we have our birthday coming up and so on.

Expectation is a virus which spreads very easily within oneself and there is no cure for it.expectations11 The only antidote is don’t expect (which is hard to follow). Instead of expecting, start fulfilling your dreams. See the positive side of it. It will give you joy and happiness. As said before our expectations will never end, but there is a way to work around n find a solution to fulfill the same by expecting less from others and try giving more to ourselves . This will make us satisfied and it will spread happiness in others too.

Never get too attached to anyone unless they also feel the same, because one-sided expectations can mentally destroy us.

Expectation is the root of all heartache – William Shakespeare

Happiness & Joy of Giving (part 2)

The mission of helping someone in need continues. Last Sunday we (myself and other 2 friends) again visited the same orphanage in Malad (our second visit and mine many till now). Last time we visited was in month of March 2014. This time we distributed vada pav, books, pens and project papers to all the girls over there.

The feeling of seeing small girls age from 3 years onwards living in an orphanage could not be described here. All of them looking so cute and innocent. A visit to this place always leaves an impact on me. And it takes me sometime to recover from this heart wrenching experience.

There are in all 70 girls staying in that orphanage. They all goto school and they do all types of activities which our child does it in school. Except that they have no parents whom they can call mom or dad. Their parents are the Nuns (who take care of the orphanage) which they call them tai or sister.

The kids have their playing area and they all play together. No fighting or arguing with anyone. They just love each other. I would like to mention here that when we were distributing snacks there was no grabbing or asking or pushing. All the girls lined up in queue with their respective plates and they have their fix place to sit and eat. They eat, wash their plates and keep it at their fix place. Such discipline they have in them. Truly worth taking back such learning from them. We were greeted with thank you by most of the girls and even asked to visit again.

By God’s grace we have so much in our life and then also most of the times we crib for want for more. And here the girls have nothing, some might not be knowing her full name too but then all of them are so happy, joyful and thankful.

Our objective to be some help continues and we have planned for our next trip in the month of October (maybe another such place).