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Farewell Orkut – will miss you!!!

Dear Orkut,

3983_orkutIt is sad that today is your last day in Technology world and I have to say good-bye to you with a heavy heart. You were the first medium through which I was able to get in-touch with many friends. Not only I found new friends but also found many old friends whom I had lost in this densely populated World. You also have been a great help in maintaining relationships with all of them.

No doubts that since last 4 years I have not been using your service and have not signed-in since Facebook took over all your loyal users. I admit that I also shifted to Facebook as I had no choice left with me. But trust me I always liked you and your services. I still recollect me joining you way back in 2006 after one of my friend had sent me invitation to join (those days one could only join Orkut with invitations only and I was feeling a privilege user then).

The looks of your home page, the space to update on what I am up to, leaving scraps for others, uploading pictures, videos, sharing stuff, suggestions to add friends, changing of themes were simply the best tools during those days. Thanks for all the testimonials I received from my friends because of you. I will always love you for that particular feature of yours. No one could beat you during that time. And you were the trendy social networking website to be visited in India.

All this made you the #1 social networking website. You were the inventor of social networking. You taught the world how to keep in-touch with others and making others aware of the latest happening in one’s life.

But somehow I feel that you got carried away easily and you never paid attention to your security settings. This allowed anyone easy access to users data and hence there was lots of security breach in you. There was no privacy for users and hence people like me also got reluctant to share more with you. Even there was lot of hacking complaints from users and no proper care was taken by you for avoiding such instances.

By the time you realized it was too late for you to regain your position and already another competitor “Facebook” was in full swing. I too joined Facebook in 2008 and was happy to see lots of improvement in-terms of privacy. This prompted me and even others too to become more active on Facebook and with hopes that you will improve and you will be back with full strength.

It is so sad that till date there has not been any improvement in your services and hence you have left with no option but to quit the technology world. I wish you had been prompt enough to get yourself revamped and such situation would have not arrived.

I am sorry for my rude comments to you. Please don’t feel bad. I will always remember82251 you as my first social networking website, which connected me to many of my friends. I wish you good luck and hope you come back with rejuvenated Avatar with good features as compared to Facebook. I would be the happiest person to see you back. I promise I will be the first user to join my old friend and will stop using all other social media websites.

Till then take care, bye-bye, see you soon 🙂

-A loyal follower.