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My 1st half century…

Thank you

Hello all …. This is my first half century, yes the 50th Post of my blog since I started to write few months back. Actually I was posting something else and then I realised that it is my first half century and I need to celebrate it. So I have postponed my new post for next time and am posting this one right now.

My way of celebration means opening a Champagne bottle or having beer, but here I would like to celebrate my joy with my readers. So Thank You from deep within my heart to all my followers, regular readers, fans and visitors all around the world for reading, commenting and liking all my previous posts.

I have specially categorised my followers and readers into 2 sub category. I know all of you are reading my post but very few of them comment or express their views on this page. So I have accounted them as Active readers. And rest of them as Dormant readers. So all the dormant readers please wake up and do write about your thoughts on my post.

Once again I appreciate and am grateful to each one of you for your support without which I would not be able to make my first half century. Thank you for believing in me, my idea and my writing.

Cheers to all !!!      Happy Reading !!!!

Total Stats of my readers

Total Stats of my readers