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Ways to reach The Almighty!!!

I wanted to write this post many days back but my work and then my school reunion pushed it back further.

India is a diversified countrHow_to_Reach_Gody with people following many different religions, but after all The Almighty, Creator of the Universe is one. There are two categories of people, one are the believers who have faith in God and the others the non-believers. It is like “You believe it or You don’t believe it”; never be in a ’50-50′ category. I am a person who has strong belief in God, and while writing this post I am leaving those people aside who do not have faith in God.

There are so many ways to connect with God and it differs from people to people and religion to religion. Pooja, Prayers, offering Prasad, Mannat, fasting, donations, sacrificing a living being and the list is endless. People have their own ways to express their faith.

I also have my own way to say Thank You to God for what He has given to me. My way to reach God is by way of fasting, sacrificing what I love (not living beings but my like for food) and yes very rarely ‘Mannat’ too. Many of my friends have asked me what do I get doing such things? God has given us to eat then why do I fast? Why do I sacrifice few things which I like the most? Am I bribing God? Well, my answer to them is that I get mental satisfaction in doing so. If one has mental satisfaction then that person can achieve what he or she wants. There is nothing like bribing or offering to God. Infact I am no one to offer things which are created and made by Him. Today, the type of life we live, it is very difficult for us to visit temple for prayers everyday. So to compensate on this I make a point that once I leave my home in the morning, I am continuously saying my daily routine prayers.

Then there are other ways like walking barefoot while going for darshan, sacrificing living beings (which I do nOmot approve at all and am totally against it), some do self talking (with positive notes), and there are some who donate in temples, ashrams, etc.

There is a solution to all problems and solution is within you. You need to find out the right path to any issues in your life. God is always with everyone whether you believe in him or not. He does not differentiate between people. For Him all are same and He equally loves everyone. He will not give more or less to people depending on how much they worship him. We have to work hard in our life overcoming all the hurdles which come along.

It is for peace of mind that we try to find different ways to reach Him. Don’t stop yourself, just go and do what you feel is the best to Thank Him.

God is the ultimate truth of life. Have belief in him and just say to your self “All is Well”.

(I am sure many of you will not agree with me, but I would like to see your comments on this as well.)