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An evening at Erangal beach

One more Sunday evening and one more memory to keep it in my life. A wonderful evening spent with my bunch of School friends along with their family (spouse and kids). It was sort of mini reunion and we 10 families had a gala time.

Initially we had decided to goto Aksa beach in Malad (a famous destination and only option of a beach for suburban areas like Malad and Kandivali). But we ended landing up at Erangal beach which is little ahead of Aksa. So as decided, our meeting point was our School, a remarkable place which one always wants to see it more frequently. And thanks to me, as I was little late in reaching the spot (due to unavoidable circumstances), other friends got a chance to pay a visit to the school premises along with their kids. The reason being none of our kids are studying in the same school as ours.

From here our journey to the Aksa beach started. All got set in their own vehicles and were excited to reach the destination. Although its just almost 8 km drive, luckily since we were early in afternoon we did not get much traffic and reach Aksa beach within few minutes. Upon seeing the number of cars parked and the hassle to get a parking space, it made us change the destination to Erangal beach. Although the stretch of the beach is the same which extends to Madh island but Erangal is less crowded and not much people knows this spot. And we were really happy to take the right decision.

As we reached the beach spot, all including the kids started playing; volley ball, foot ball, flying dish were some of the games we played. And all our spouses got settled in their own way with their chit chat and never ending talks 🙂

IMG_4945                                            IMG_4982

Soon, Amit M made us play a very good entertainment game, wherein we have to keep a balloon between our legs and walk from one end to other. It was really a nice game and we all enjoyed it a lot. Next in line was standing Kho Kho and we had to burn our fats to play this game. In-between all these, we had awesome snacks arranged by Sanjay S. We did not realise how time flew by and soon it became dark, and it was time to leave the beach.

IMG_4986   IMG_4980 IMG_4947 IMG_4946 IMG_4984       IMG_4981

Our next destination was dinner in a restaurant and our seats were already being reserved before hand. All of us had awesome dinner followed by delicious Paan (courtesy Vips and Prashant P).

A good time spent with friends and their family with lots of fun and frolic and hoping to have many more such in future. One more un-forgetful evening came to an end which will live with me for long long time.

 IMG_4987                               IMG_4954

Special thanks to Pinky K, Sanjay S, Prashant P, Vips, Amit M, Deepak B, Kapil B, Ankur S, Manish B along with their family for being part of this evening.