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Love bound

You open your eyes and you see two glittering gems like eyes, the rays of the gems all over your face, a sweet smile and two beautiful lips waiting to get kissed.

BBBBEEEEEPPPPPP ………. BBBBBEEEPPPPP …….. you are startled by this sound which is not  stopping at all.  You force your eyes to open up to realize that it was your morning alarm and time to wake up. Damn it … your beautiful dream where you were just on the verge of kissing someone broke.

If you are getting such dreams then you are in love. When in love, you get paranoid for the one you love. 24*7 you think of your love, even while you eat, sleep or drink … love is on your mind.

When you are in love …… you feel nervous when you start going out with that person.

When you see your love ….. you pretend to be someone else just to make yourself comfortable.

When you meet your love, you start melting like a wax in a fire.

When you are talking with your love ….. you never realize that it is already the morning milkman ringing the door bell of your home and you were on the phone with your love the whole night.

When you are in love ….. you are ready to do anything and everything, as the saying goes “Love is Blind” and you feel you are the only person proving that the saying is correct.

All of a sudden all the Bollywood love songs are at the tip of your tongue and you can sing any song anytime ….. when you are in love.

When you are in love ….. you have the fear of losing your love, fear that your love might find someone else better than you.

When you are in love ….. you feel your love is deeper than the water in the ocean, more sweeter than sugar and softer than a teddy bear.

When you are in love ….. you feel whatever you are studying is about that person only.

 When you are in love ….. you start finding the qualities of your love person in your adjacent office colleague and all of a sudden you become friendly with that colleague.

You know you are in love ….. when all you do is think about that person day in and day out. You feel that your love is the best person you have met up untill now… according to you everything that person does is right, like that person can never go wrong.

So next time do ensure to keep the alarm off so that you can complete your dream… and you can fall in love with your dream person.

Unknown charming girl

I see her smile daily, I adore her daily, I say hi (within me) daily. Yes this one unknown girl whom I accidentally bump into her almost everyday. She is well dressed up, with exact make-up, matching dhupata as per her churidar, equally matching hair clips and hair band and not to forget her matched up chapals.

I see this unknown girl who must be in her mid twenties, daily on my way to office. I am sure she is also on her way to her office too. The type of handbag she carries shouts out loud that she is an office-going-girl.

I don’t know but it’s just a coincidence that mine and her office timings are almost at the same time J. Almost everyday I see her in the morning and most of the days in the evening too. Even my eyes are on the look out for her on the roads and I feel nice once my eye reaches her.

She is the one girl who stands out of all the ‘office goers’ crowd in the morning and evening too. Mainly her way of dressing, her perfect looking facial makeup, her hair style and her taste of matching things is one of its kinds which stands out from rest of the crowd. Most important, she always looks fresh and equally decked up in the evening too as she was in the morning. Her face is always smiling and eyes always glittering.

But alas the time frame which I have eye to eye contact is just few seconds. As we both cross our paths both times of the day. We both head in opposite direction for our offices and it is just few seconds in which we cross each other’s path and I get the privilege to admire her beauty.

Everyday I hope that today I will make one step progress and will try to exchange smile between us, but as soon as my eyes traces her I get too much involved in checking her clothes and accessories that I forget to give her a smile. And within wink of an eye she passes by.

I am sure she is not aware that she has one secret admirer of hers who always like to see her and feel happy on seeing her J and hoping some day we both will greet “hi” to each other and also will get know more about her. I think I have started liking her.

And the day actually came when I gathered courage and had decided firmly that today anyhow, no matter what, I will exchange smile and say hi to her. I can see her approaching towards me; I can feel my heart pounding heavily like I am just back from a Marathon. As I was about to say hi to her, trrrrrriiiiinnnnnnggggg…… my alarm rang at its highest volume, waking me up and making me realize that it was just a dream. I saw my wife standing beside me like a policewoman asking me to what was I murmuring in my sleep. I somehow got escaped from her question and was feeling sigh of relief.

Does early morning dream come true? If yes then should I start looking out for that unknown-charming-yet-to-find-dream-girl in the crowd everyday.