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Dormant contacts – do we need them?

“We both are friends but we will not be talking with each other” one of my colleague showed this message to me as he had got from “someone” whom I also don’t know. Now what the hell this means? I was asked by my colleague to answer this. So I read it one more time slowly interpreting it word by word. We are friends – true; but will not be talking with each other – huh? Contradicting statement, don’t you feel so? I told my colleague to reply “Ok”. So my colleague (more smarter than me) replied with 2 Oks; 1 ok for being friend and another ok for not talking :).

Later, I thought into this and I asked myself, how many contacts do I have who are friends of mine but not talking with me. So I checked my friends list on FB and my contacts in mobile. I first started browsing thru the list in mobile, all the contacts starting alphabetically from A and by the time I reached half way i.e. till alphabet H, I got tired counting the number of people who are in my contact list and are either friends, colleagues, ex-colleagues or family members whom I am not in regular in touch or rather not at all in touch with them for a long long time. I also gave a glance on the list of friends on FB and there too I found so many people whom I am not in touch with at all :(.

Social media, helps keeping in touch with many of them, but it rather seems that once you add the contact of the new person, then they are just lying inside your contact list for long long time. Actually most of us forget many of them after few days. We all have fix set of friends whom we prefer to stay in touch with each other.

So again back to my first sentence of this post. I said to myself, Hemang what if tomorrow one of my near and dear friend sends me such message. What shall I reply? I noticed that there is still lot of empty space in my mobile and in my FB account wherein people can stay in the list. I simply will not delete anyone. I already have so many dormant contacts, one more will be added to the dormant list. I am hoping some day these set of people will definitely come alive (I mean not from the grave yard but in sense of keeping in touch) and will start talking with me again. Hence as of now, I am keeping all the people-who-are-silent-in-my-life safely in my mobile as well as FB list :D.

What if someone says one such statement to you? What will be your response? How many such people do you have in your list?