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My findings from cycling….

I just realized that I have completed 30+ sessions of cycling which means 30+ days of cycling completed since I started from 5th June 2014. I use an app called Runtastic which help me keep track of my cycling route, number of cycling sessions, distance traversed till now. the time taken etc. So according to the app’s statistics I cycled 141 kms in 33 sessions which is on an average 4.2 kms per session.

Here are some things which I have learn and one has to be cautious while cycling.

  • Driver’s sucks – I start my cycling as early as 7 am. I know during this time there is less traffic but at that time no one pay heeds to the traffic signals or any sort of traffic rules. The cars and the buses and even autos just zoom past you just inches away.
  • Cycle to the left side – We have learn from childhood that cycling should be done on the left side of the road, but does one realize the pathetic conditions of the road, specially the left sides of the roads where lots of mud, stones and all shit of garbage is just lying and no responsible department cleans it.
  • Come rains and one can see pot holes filled with stagnant water on the left side of the road and a cyclist has no option but to pass thru it. And one small stone even makes your bottom go up in the air and thud you come down back on the seat. Just imagine the jerks one feels on the back side of the hips and thus making us measure the deepness of the pot holes 🙂
  • Keep your self hydrated – have enough water before you start cycling. Water helps to keep body temperature in control.

Bottom line is don’t expect any vehicle to show respect for you. They all are ruthless. I personally many times while crossing major junctions, literally have walked and not cycled due to the rashness of the drivers.

Hoping that the bigger vehicle owners learn to respect the cyclist and treat them in a better way 🙂

Cycling break – but I am not complaining

The past 2 weeks I have not been able to go cycling daily in the morning. This is due to the rains which have arrived in Mumbai, although late but much needed and most welcome for all of us.

After an acute dry spell in month of June with no rains at all and not to forget the scorching heat, Mumbai finally got blessed with rains since last week. Although it did not rain that heavy till now (as compare to July 26 some 8-9 years ago) but how much ever it rained till now is a blessing. Blessing in sense of getting some relief from heat wherein the temperature came down to almost 30 degrees from 38 degrees.

As usual, the first rains in Mumbai means disruption of rail and road traffic which is the trade mark from all these years and there has been no improvement on this till now. Water logging, traffic jams, delay in trains, un-maned open potholes is the common scenes one experiences in Mumbai.

If you are thinking that I am complaining about rains in Mumbai, then please you got it wrong. Rains are much needed not only in Mumbai but rest of India too. And my prayer to rain God that please pour down with open heart mainly at the catchment areas so that the lakes get full, where Mumbaikars get their full year water supply, as presently we already have started facing water cut of 15-20%.

Cycling after 20 years…

happy_cyclistRecently, a new hobby or rather a new liking has caught me and I am urged to go for it. From last week, I started cycling. Yes am cycling after almost 20 long years. My brother recently bought a cycle for himself and I being big brother took advantage of it and making the use of it tiny-smileys-yesemoticons-006.

I remember, I had a BSA SLR green color cycle in my school days when I was in IX std. Although I hardly use to travel to school on bicycle as I already had walking friends (as we all use to have fun thru and fro walking) and also the distance between home and school was just 10-12 minutes.

Ok so back to cycling trek…. from last week onwards, once I drop my daughter for her school bus I have some spare time with me to leave for office. And so I decided to go cycling. Initially, I was little reluctant as to whether my body will support me as now I am 20 more years older than my last ride on BSA SLR where I use to even goto Marve beach and Aksa beach on cycle (which is approx 7-8 kms one way). But I decided to go against all the odds and thought that there is no harm in trying for couple of days. I pulled up my socks and put on my shoes and left for the ride early morning (7 am is the time I start).

First day no doubt was little tiring and I just had a very short distance ride and was back home. Even the same continued for day 2 and 3. I will slowly start increasing the ride distance after every few days. To track myself I even have downloaded an app on my iPhone which measures the distance covered, the time for the total ride along with how many calories did I let go from my body. The app is a great help to me.

My early days when I was young, I use to take my cycle where ever I go and I do remember we all friends use to go on long rides early mornings during vacation time.

This is just the starting of my 2nd stint of new joy ride and I am thoroughly enjoying the mornings along with fresh air. Hoping I will continue this habit of mine for a longer period and also hoping to keep myself fit and healthy. Fingers crossed tiny-smileys-yesemoticons-108 .