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Wake up….

As the saying goes “Life is too short so enjoy before it’s too late”. Time never stops and I feel that it is running at its full speed. This post of mine is bit different as compare to my other posts of mine. I have tried making a list of things which one can do before it’s too late.

Well these are just few of the things out of the many and there is no particular order to be followed.

  • Speak your heart out – Do not keep anything inside you be it feelings, anger or frustration.6112mdU416L Don’t fake smile – but instead say what you want to say.
  • Do something unique Something which you are afraid to do it like skydiving, paragliding, deep sea-diving, bungee jumping. This will truly make you alive.
  • Try new skills Learn Japanese, learn to play guitar, learn salsa. It could be anything as long as it is completely new for you.
  • Make new friends I know this is very easy and I am sure all of us have so many friends then again a new friend… why not ?? 🙂 Well, who is to say, this new friend may come with so much more to learn from – it may get you to being more spiritual or daring or help you develop a new hobby. Well that new friend can be one whom you have been ignoring. The new connection may spark new starter in your life.
  • Reconnect with your inner child – Do all the things you have done in your childhood. Like watching Tom and Jerry cartoon, playing marbles, riding bicycle, read comic books.
  • Reach out to old friends Talk to your best friend from school and do inform him/her how much you have missed him/her all these years. Bring alive the old memories.
  • Do something for others All these years you have been doing lots of things for yourself. Now this is the chance for you to do something, well at least one thing for someone. Small things like pay for the education of your domestic’s help child. Or sponsor a full year meal for a person in need. All these small little gestures will take you a long way.
  • Spend time with your kids – till the time they want to spend time with you. Once they growstock-vector up they will have their own priorities in life and their own children to look after.
  • Know yourself Take few days off and go for a holiday just by yourself.  Unwind, clear your head of the past, think about yourself and know your life & its meaning.
  • Take control of your health – Are you a person who is fond of butter, cheese and all oily food and you have never exercised till date. If yes then start exercising, walk more and more, do climb steps instead taking the lift, give up parathas for rotis, give up cheese and butter. Start indulging yourself in Yoga. If you wait any longer, it may well be too late.
  • Last and not least – take stock of your life. Take a good look at what you have accomplished and where you failed till now. Start your journey fresh and alive.

Life is too short and it’s getting shorter every minute. So just don’t waste a single second – do the things you always wanted to do and which you know is good for you. Learn to say no to things which you don’t want to do but because of pressure you are forced to do it.

Reminiscing good old days

This is a long pending post which actually I had forgotten to publish it…….

Those were the innocent days of wearing same colour school uniform, same black shoes, covering text books with brown paper, childhood crushes, school classes, tutions & exams and all those teachers & unforgettable picnics, traveling to school & back home with friends, sharing tiffin in recess break..

And right back to the present of office meetings, dashing off to catch the 8.17am local train, grabbing a seat, making sure to reach before the cut-off time to attend day long meetings and then all of sudden a thought pops up “hey why don’t we all school friends just meet up to catch up on those old school days & have a nice get together”

Well getting to the point, we had a rocking school reunion few weeks back (this was my 5th reunion and all of these 5 reunions I have been a helping hand to organise it). And to mention that I along with 2 other school friends had done all the planning and arrangement (this was my 5th reunion . It was our joint efforts from last more than 1 month which made the event successful.

We, specially my friend PK and myself did lots of planning and brainstorming for the reunion event. Numerous phone calls every day, coffee meetings on weekends, the do’s and don’ts wherein all can enjoy and yes ofcourse the laymen thinking of budgetary issue. All 5 fingers of ours are not same, similarly mindset of 50+ people whom we expected cannot be the same. Pleasing each of them was the most tedious task.

Every alternate day there was some twist and turn in our road to the reunion. Hurdles are always welcome and they set the challenge for us. Overcoming them was the most exciting part. Frankly, initially I had thought of dropping off the idea but PK stood strong and always pulled me in for the exciting ride. Thanks PK for it.

Pulling it off from me-out-from-planning-a-reunion to a successful one was a proud moment. Getting intouch with school friends through social media spread across the globe, passing on the communication without missing anyone and most importantly not letting off the momentum which we had managed to build it from day 1 of announcing the reunion date.

Finally the d day was here and we as a facilitator were bit nervous as in hoping that all the pieces which we had planned out should fall out in the right place. The endless chit-chats, loud giggles, still the habit of pulling each other legs, clicking plenty of pictures with each other, dancing, singing, swaying and ofcourse hugging each other and not wanting the night-to-end so soon.

Frankly everything did go well as per our planning and all those who had attended the reunion had ball of a time. Meeting childhood friends took us 24 years back in our school days trying to recollect moments of our life which were full of fun and joy.

There was a lot to learn when we put together the feedback we received from our friends. And I’m sure the next time we plan a school get together it will only be more fun.

Some of the feedback we received are as follows :-

feedback2feedback1 feedback feedback3IMG_5794

Kids style of being fashionable

“I will not wear this … I want to wear that only…. This is not fitting me…. It hurts me when I wear it …..” I am sure you all must have heard these lines; especially mom’s who are reading this post of mine.

Now-a-days the younger generation kids, I mean the Generation Z kids (meaning theybenefits-of-kids-choosing-clothes are born after year 2000) have developed the habit of becoming very choosy about what to wear and what not to wear. These young kids are very adamant about what they want to wear. These kids even want to shop for their own clothes incase their parents happen to buy for them something without their consent then it’s a big task for the parents to convince them to wear it. Such stubbornness from the younger generation is not only for clothes but for many more things, like shoes, accessories, school bags, infact for all that these kids use or wear.

I clearly remember my young childhood days, almost 3 decades back, where in I use to wear and use all those things which my parents gave me. I never protested for anything and I am sure you all were on the same page as me.

My niece is just 5 years old and has all the “nakharas” in terms of dressing up. She is too picky n choosy and will only wear clothes as per her choice and not what we have decided for her. Even while buying clothes we ensure that she is present and approves it or else many a times it has happened that the clothes are just lying in her cupboard and not worn once also. My niece actually knows what type of clothes to wear and on which occasion.

She will have all the reasons in the world incase she does not want to wear a particular thing. And I must say that her convincing power is so good that her mom has no choice but to agree with her. She is choosy not only for clothes, but for her water bottle, shoes, hair accessories, bags and even perfumes too.

The same goes with my 9 years daughter too. Even she is not far behind in the choosy race. Her wardrobe is full of her selected clothes. My daughter is fond of t-shirts and jeans compare to typical frocks and churidars. Not only designs or colours but the style also does matter to her. So, whenever we go shopping for my daughter we ensure that she accompanies us. Even when I do online shopping, I first show the pictures to my daughter for her approval and then I place the order 🙂

This clearly shows the power of generation Z kids and we as parents cannot impose things on them easily. Time has definitely changed from those days where we readily used to accept everything from our parents to now seeking approval from our kids. Once I had overheard a kid asking her mom that all her friend’s mom wear western clothes and why is it that you never wear it. Such is the high expectations from small kids who feel they should not be left behind.

We as parents have to realise that our kids are pretty fast learners and they have good grasping powers. I feel it is we who would need to adjust with them rather than expecting them to get adjusted with us.

A ride down memory lane….

Today being Children’s day, I would like to share the below video.

I am sure after watching this video one would definitely run down the memory lane and bring out the child in you. As I had mentioned in my last year post Thinking back of the old days…the memory of all those things we did in our childhood is the biggest treasure we can keep with us and cherish it forever.

Click below link to watch the video:

Wishing you all a very Happy Children’s Day!!!

Thinking back of the old days…

This post I am writing in multitasking with watching my favorite cricketer Sachin Tendulkar playing his last test match.

Childhood are the best days in anyone’s life. Especially the school days where we have spend most of the time doing all the Dhinga Masti :). And I bet that those who have missed doing all the Grand Masti in childhood will surely be repenting now.

It is now more then 2 decades passed since I cleared my Xth standard and so are the school days. The amount of time we spend in studies was equivalent to the time we played in a day. Playing was all out-door games with building friends. Best part was there was not much of Television during my growing up, no mobiles and tablets too … so we had all the time to play all sort of out-door games. And all out-door games were seasonal for example in Rainy season we use to play football, gilli danda, carrom; in Winter season badminton, stop party, chupa chupi (hide n seek), Chain tag (Saakli); in Summers goti (marbles), cards and yes Cricket was round the year. There was no season for playing Cricket. How can I forget the different color pepsi colas we use to have during summer vacations, I still get tempted to have one.

Marbles         gilli danda          pepsi cola

I really feel pity for the current generation kids who really don’t get to play any such games which we have played in our childhood :(. Television, computer, tablets are the toys for the current generation. The games we had played outdoor, they now play on computer or on tablets.

No worries, no tension, no responsibility; just studies and playing; that’s what I use to do in my childhood, infact we all must have done the same. Pressure was there on us for studies but not the type like what we have currently after growing up.

I really Thank God for this wonderful life and if given a chance, I would definitely like to rewind myself to my childhood days, & one more time would like to enjoy all that I cannot do today and also the current generation is not doing it.

Wishing you all a very Happy Children’s Day!!!