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BEST Commuting woes!!!

best_strike_3Flash strike by the drivers and the conductors of BEST (Brihanmumbai Electric Supply and Transport) has paralysed our aamchi Mumbai. Yesterday morning all of sudden employees of BEST decided to go on strike due to some management issue. This step of not reporting to work left many Mumbaikars in trouble. This was a surprise gift to all of us on the first day of the new financial year tiny-smileys-yesemoticons-096.

Today also the strike continues inspite of the order from HC to return back to work to all the employees of the BEST. For me there is not much difference of the strike. My home is walk able distance from railway station and I am habituated to walk to my office. Since last 2 weeks I had started traveling in bus to my office due to the rise in temperature. Today also I tried my best to get hold of a cab but all my efforts were in vain. So instead of waiting in the heat for a cab I decided to walk. And last 2 days walking under this heat stroke has taken toll on me.

Think about others who stay far away from railway stations or travel by bus to office, it has been a nightmare for them. Why can’t our government have an alternate system in such cases? First of all a heavy penalty must be imposed to all those who are part of this flash strike. They don’t have the rights to harass common man tiny-smileys-yesemoticons-081. Why can’t our government be ready with a disaster system in such cases? This is not the first time flash strike has taken place in Mumbai. Many more such strikes had happened before also, be it for buses or local trains which are counted as the lifeline of Mumbai and if anyone of these stops then it creates a chaos in the city. What steps has our government taken to curb such menace in our aamchi Mumbai? It is high time that Bombay Municipal Corporation takes some stringent action to avoid such instances in future and stop playing with common man’s woes tiny-smileys-yesemoticons-123.

Do share your views and experience on this.


Iconic double-decker ride..

Double-decker bus_1Last week I happened to goto Marol in Andheri East for some work and while returning back I got a chance to travel in one of our Pride of Mumbai transport “Double-Decker” bus. I really could not recollect the last time I traveled in double-decker bus in Mumbai. Although the ride was not that good as the bus was fully crowded and the distance was too short but I cherish the wonderful little time spent in the bus which I had after a long long time. I always liked traveling in double-decker bus from my childhood.

My school was walking distance from my home and hence I hardly got any chance to travel in bus to school. But I still recollect that during my SSC (Board exams), my centre was far away from home and I had the option to travel by bus. And those days (way back 2 decades ago) there were many double-decker busses running on the roads of Mumbai. And luckily my exam centre was the last stop (Bus route no. 273). I use to get a seat on the upper deck and enjoy the nature and the breeze of Aamchi Mumbai. So for all the exams I got chance to travel by double-decker bus daily thru and fro from home.

Mumbai’s double-decker buses have crossed a milestone of running for 75 years in last June 2013. The double-decker, once the pride of the city, was first launched in Mumbai in 1937. Since then “Victoria Terminus” has become “Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus” and “Bombay has become “Mumbai”. But the double-decker remains a symbol of the city. BEST which runs and maintains the buses have almost stopped running double-decker buses for various reasons; high cost per kilometre, slow speed, too much noisy, high maintenance (since it has 2 conductors) as compared to single decker bus. According to BEST official, the single-decker bus has 52 sitting capacity and 13 standing, while the double-decker bus has 78 sitting and 19 standing capacity.

Until late 90s there were many double-decker buses in service. I remember we all friends use to go to Juhu beach at Vile Parle inDouble-decker bus_2 double-decker bus (route no. 203) and what a joy ride we all use to have. Climbing the spiral steps and getting on the upper deck and running to get the front seat was unique in bus. One feels you are on top of the world while traveling on the upper deck of the double-decker bus. Since older citizens found it difficult to climb the stairs of the moving vehicle, the upper deck was typically filled with children, students and young couples enjoying the cool breeze and ‘aerial’ view. I am still missing those good old days and of course the ride in double-decker bus. Whenever any of my relatives coming from other town, used to ride in the double-deckers and I too had a sense of pride that my city had something unique to offer. But today, I myself do not get to ride in these buses, where have they gone?

Can’t BEST come up with better option and start running more double-decker buses? Our next generation also can get a chance to enjoy the Pride ride.

My daughter has never understood my enthusiasm for these buses. But I’d like to enjoy my last few rides on an upper deck before they are gone forever.

Double-decker bus_3

One of the old model double-decker bus