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Annual day event

Yesterday I along with my wife attended our daughter’s annual day function at Prabodhankar Thackeray Natya Mandir auditorium, and we both enjoyed the full show tiny-smileys-yesemoticons-024. Till now I never have missed any of my daughter’s annual day function. All her previous annual day’s have been on a working day and I always took a day off from my office, ensure to attend the event and see all the children perform. One really feels nice to see all the children dressed up in various colourful costumes and all sort of make-ups done on their body.

This year I must appreciate that the organising committee of the school had made adequate arrangement at the auditorium, starting with the allocation of the seats (seat numbers were given on first cum first server basis), pick-up and dispersal of all the kids, theme of the event and not to forget the Chief Guests of the show.

I really like the theme of the show which was based on the famous serial on SAB tv “Taarak Mehta ka Ooltah Chasma”. To be frank, this is one of my favourite serial and not only mine but my full family likes to watch it. We don’t miss any of the episode of this serial no matter even there is Indo-Pak cricket match going on. This serial has good humorous comedy and there is always a moral at the end. The show and title are based on the column “Duniya na Undha Chasma” written by columnist and journalist Taarak Mehta for the Gujarati weekly magazine Chitralekha.

Ok back to the Annual day, the theme selected was very nice and children enacted the characters very well. Inbetween there were dance shows performed by all the school children based on all the festivals celebrated in India. The reason being “Taarak Mehta ka Ooltah Chasma” serial has shown mix culture families staying in the same building and all families celebrate all the festivals together. My daughter had participated in 2 dance shows, one was the class dance and second was special group of students dancing on roller skates. One good thing about the school is that they ensure or sort of make it compulsion for all the students to participate in the annual day and no one is left out (unless anyone has genuine reason for not participating).

This reminds me of my school days and as far as I recollect, I hardly had participated in annual functions in my childhood (as it was not a compulsion to participate and I always like to enjoy watching instead of performing 🙂 ). Now I feel … like kaash …. I had participated more in such annual day events in my school days, the stage fright in me would have not stayed with me till now.

Annual_day_12 Annual_day_7 Annual_day_10 Annual_day_9

Seeing all the children displaying their dancing skill with various props made me feel nostalgic and energetic too. This is one reason I never miss the annual day function and in future also would never like to miss it. I have clicked few pics of different dances. Please excuse me for the low quality pics as these have been clicked from my phone and we are not allowed to carry any handycam or digicam inside the auditorium during the show.

Overall, good efforts worth deserving a standing ovation for all the school staff and also for all children to actively learn and perform with enthusiasm tiny-smileys-yesemoticons-058.

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