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Following someone….


Recently I happened to bump into one of my ex-colleague, who also happens to be a good friend of mine and we were just chit-chatting about our old days and the time we spent together in office. All of a sudden he asked me “So who are you following now?” At first instance it did not strike me and I thought I was caught following someone :). I was trying to find words to say something. My friend understood and pounced back saying “I mean on social media”.

So who do you follow? If this question was asked to me about 15 years back then obviously my answer would have been Sachin Tendulkar or Amitabh Bachchan (I love cricket as much as I like watching movies). Very strange question isn’t it?

And then came the revolution, the entry of “Social Media”

Now on present day I am on Facebook, Twitter, Blog, Instagram and zillion more social media sites. Although I get tired using Facebook and Whatsapp hardly leaving me with any energy to open Twitter or any other social media apps. The continuous feeds on my Facebook page and enormous messages I get on my Whatsapp are already too much to handle for me in a day. And truly social media is addictive and specially Whatsapp (I already have mentioned in my earlier blog).

So now if I am asked the same question “Who do you follow”, my answer will be many bloggers, twitter handles (news, celebrities, politicians) and I have many followers on my blog and my twitter too :).

What about you? Who do you follow now? And who were you following a decade back?

WhatsAppitis !!!

You must be wondering what is WhatsAppitis? Recently I read an article and made me curious to find more about it. “WhatsAppitis” is a name of a disease derived from the name of the most popular messaging app “WhatsApp”. WhatsAppitis is recently been diagnosed and its first victim being a 34-year old pregnant woman in Granada, Spain.

whatsappitisI always have been telling and informing people about the disadvantage of high usage of Whatsapp. Even my earlier post had mentioned the addiction of WhatsApp. As there are 2 sides of a coin, same way WhatsApp has its own advantage and disadvantage. Advantage being it has helped people getting connected to each other; not only one to one but one to many. Like wise it has the negative effect of people parting away from each other too. Relations are broken, minds are getting diverted, and the list goes on.

Few days back I had read an article in newspaper and I suppose many of you would have read it too. Recent survey shows divorce cases have increased to 200%, reason being high usage of social media. Another study says that out of 5000 divorce cases filed last year 3000 cases are related to technology.

whatsappitis_2Ok … so back again on WhatsAppintis. “WhatsAppitis” is a credible disease, with bilateral wrist pain induced by excessive use of ‘WhatsApp’. The case, described by the doctor, said the patient was suffering sudden pain in both wrists after waking up in the morning. The patient had been working on Christmas Eve. The next day, she responded to the many WhatsApp social messages that had been sent to her. Her phone was in her hands for at least six hours, during which she “made continuous movements with both thumbs to send messages”, said the doctor.

Day by day there is rise in number of victims due to WhatsApp. Examples like break-up in love, break-up in marriages, mis-understandings, illicit affairs, partner being caught with lover using GPS, and extreme cases being chatting on WhatsApp during sex too.

Earlier, before WhatsApp, heavy cell phone users have found to suffer from “Ringxiety” — a phenomenon in which users imagine their phone ringing or feel it vibrate when it actually doesn’t. These users hear this phantom ring more often than those using the phone in moderation. I am sure most of us must have suffered this “Ringxiety”.

I, myself being a Nomophobic, can’t resist being away from WhatsApp. Although I had stopped using Whatsapp for 2 weeks sometime back, but now after reading the article on WhatsAppitis I will definitely reduce and restrict myself.

Can’t live without it even for a day!!!

no-whatsapp-300x300It’s now 2 weeks I have stopped using Whatsapp. Yes you are reading it right, I am not on Whatsapp for 2 weeks now and I have realised the pros and cons of using and not using Whatsapp.

The day I stopped using Whatsapp I had decided to not use it for sometime (time frame is not yet decided). At the time of writing this post I am still not on Whatsapp. Now you all must be wondering how am I feeling and how can I stay without chatting? As I am very well known as a chatter box within my friends and even many in family. Even my better half thinks the same about me. And frankly I always have taken this as a compliment from all of you.

The day I removed the app from my mobile I was in the high note that I will not chat, so that day I managed without it. Next dayNo whatsapp early morning when I got up first thing I took my mobile to check for any messages (addiction) and I was shocked to see not a single message in my notification centre. Then after couple of minutes I realized that I had removed Whatsapp the earlier day. The following full day I frequently checked my mobile for any new message.  Even when my colleagues mobiles were received new message notification (because of the same model mobile and same ring tone) I was thinking I got a new message and I would reach for my mobile, so just imagine how much addictive Whatsapp is!!!

When I was in Whatsapp:-

• I was in touch with all the people in my address book provided.                                                                             No whatsapp_1

• I was updated with the status of the others like latest DP or Profile Pic

• One very good feature of Whatsapp is ‘Groups’ where in I was glued with so many people at the go.

• I use to get all the latest happenings around the world since my friend circle is global.

• Jokes, ‘shayaris’, gossips, and I was been updated about everything happening around me.

• I am part of almost 15 groups, thus so many people to communicate instantly.

Now since I m not using Whatsapp :-

• My mobile does not beep every minute. (the number of messages in a day use to be anywhere between 1300-1500 and we have only 1440 minutes in a day).

• Mobile battery life lasts longer and I just have to charge only once versus 3 times when I was using Whatsapp.

• I am getting Peace of mind because no more fights or arguments with anyone.

• I am able to get sound sleep versus I use to get up in the middle of the night to check messages and couldn’t overcome the urge to reply quickly.

• I am missing all the latest updates, jokes and yes ofcourse missing all the people whom I regularly was chatting day in and out.

No whatsapp_3Many of my friends and relatives have asked me as to why am I out of Whatsapp and I had to dodge all of them with some excuse. Frankly I cannot restrict myself from chatting and can’t stay away from my friends and had started using other medium like SMS, FB chat, Viber, iMessage, Wechat to stay in touch with them. As days are passing by I am getting better and better in ways of giving up my habit of chatting. One of my close friend tells me many times “Hemang if you can manage to stay without one particular thing for only 21 days then you can have control on that thing anytime in your life”. This advice is proving it right and am very much thankful to my friend.

But all in all I am missing the fun and few of my ‘chat’ buddies who always use to give me company chatting anytime, day or night. Hope to see you all on Whatsapp, maybe sooner or later!!!

This post is dedicated to one of my special friend….