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My daughter’s entry into 4th grade


Today my daughter’s school academic results were declared. As usual she has fared well and got A+ in all the subjects in 2nd Terminals and overall A+ for the full academic year. I really feel proud of her.

Gone are those days where school results use to come by post. After our final exams we or our parents were never called to see the final exam result. It used to come by post at our home. And how eagerly I waited for the postman that every afternoon when I use to see the postman in the building I happened to ask him immediately whether my result was there with him. Normally end of April was the time when results were distributed via postman.

I don’t think now-a-days such practise is followed by any of the schools. Anyways time has changed from my school days to my daughter school days. She will be now in 4th grade from next academic year and time seems to be flying at the wink of the eye. From next academic year her school timings are changing so has her division changed too. She is upset with this change. Mainly the division change as most of her friends are scattered in other divisions. From morning I have tried my best to convince her that the change is good. This will help her make new friends in addition with the old ones. She is not yet fully convinced. I know she will soon accept the change too.

Even I and my wife were discussing about the change in timings of the school. How we will need to tackle this change was the main point. Till last year my daughter school time was 11.30 am to 5.30 pm and now from this year its morning time i.e. 7.15 am till 1.30 pm. Change is welcome but the timing is the issue. Mornings are always hectic for my wife as I leave for office with my Tiffin and she prepares full lunch for me. Change in my daughter’s school time means changes in my wife schedule. This means new strategic planning will be needed. Lots of changes will be required in order that both (I and my daughter) leave on time for their respective destinations. I know my wife is good in this matter and she will manage it well and that too very quickly. Thanks to my wife in advance for this.

I always preferred morning hours as school time and this change is most welcome change in my life.