In the nick of time

Here I am again getting myself tangled in the world of flying. No no… this time I did not check-into any wrong airport. I have been more careful about the airports after my last experience … traveling woes.

Have any of you have caught a running flight? I did, well, not exactly a running flight but got onto a flight just 3 minutes before it was scheduled  to take off. The flight had already started pushback even before I managed to reach my allotted seat. I thanked my stars and was lucky to board it.

All this happened a few days back during my visit to my Bangalore office (I still prefer saying Bangalore instead of Bengaluru). It was a Saturday afternoon and I had to catch my return flight from Bangalore. Usually I always reach well before time and have managed to chill myself with a mug of beer at the airport. This time too I had thought that I would not break the routine activity. But alas, all these thoughts of mine did not last long. First the goof up from the Uber cab driver in finding the pickup location and then the long serpentine queue of vehicles lined up trying to find its way in busy traffic – shattered my dreams :(.

Well, I have to admit that I had to break all the rules and regulations of the airport starting from the initial security check line to the final individual security check inside the airport. I had hardly few minutes left before the actual schedule departure of the flight and was not left with any options but to surpass all others and run to grab my flight before it took off :). I am sure I must have gotten a lot of swears from people pushed back by me but it was a do or die sort of situation..

To add to all this chaos I forgot to put baggage tags to my backpack and small hand bag and I was sent back by the security personal to get the tags. This meant more chances of me missing my flight and I had a good run from one floor to the next to get hold of the tags.

Once I got my boarding pass stamped, I literally had to run and jump over all the obstacles in-between (you can imagine a similar scene in a Bollywood movie, a hero running & jumping seats) till I reached the boarding gate. Well, luckily for me the boarding gate was very much near and so I made it. Heavily panting I showed the staff my boarding pass and I heard the guy giving instructions on his walkie-talkie “last passenger before door close”.

This time it was a touch and go situation. I just made it in the nick of time to enter the aircraft. I had already given up all hopes of catching my flight while I was on my way to the airport. But thanks to the cab driver who was honking-ponking and driving (rather flying) his car at top speed all the way till the airport.

Well, I feel that lately myself and the airline are playing games with each other giving and giving me an adrenaline rush. But am happy that I have such memories with me which I can pen down and also can narrate such adventurous stories to my family once I am back home.

Wake up….

As the saying goes “Life is too short so enjoy before it’s too late”. Time never stops and I feel that it is running at its full speed. This post of mine is bit different as compare to my other posts of mine. I have tried making a list of things which one can do before it’s too late.

Well these are just few of the things out of the many and there is no particular order to be followed.

  • Speak your heart out – Do not keep anything inside you be it feelings, anger or frustration.6112mdU416L Don’t fake smile – but instead say what you want to say.
  • Do something unique Something which you are afraid to do it like skydiving, paragliding, deep sea-diving, bungee jumping. This will truly make you alive.
  • Try new skills Learn Japanese, learn to play guitar, learn salsa. It could be anything as long as it is completely new for you.
  • Make new friends I know this is very easy and I am sure all of us have so many friends then again a new friend… why not ?? 🙂 Well, who is to say, this new friend may come with so much more to learn from – it may get you to being more spiritual or daring or help you develop a new hobby. Well that new friend can be one whom you have been ignoring. The new connection may spark new starter in your life.
  • Reconnect with your inner child – Do all the things you have done in your childhood. Like watching Tom and Jerry cartoon, playing marbles, riding bicycle, read comic books.
  • Reach out to old friends Talk to your best friend from school and do inform him/her how much you have missed him/her all these years. Bring alive the old memories.
  • Do something for others All these years you have been doing lots of things for yourself. Now this is the chance for you to do something, well at least one thing for someone. Small things like pay for the education of your domestic’s help child. Or sponsor a full year meal for a person in need. All these small little gestures will take you a long way.
  • Spend time with your kids – till the time they want to spend time with you. Once they growstock-vector up they will have their own priorities in life and their own children to look after.
  • Know yourself Take few days off and go for a holiday just by yourself.  Unwind, clear your head of the past, think about yourself and know your life & its meaning.
  • Take control of your health – Are you a person who is fond of butter, cheese and all oily food and you have never exercised till date. If yes then start exercising, walk more and more, do climb steps instead taking the lift, give up parathas for rotis, give up cheese and butter. Start indulging yourself in Yoga. If you wait any longer, it may well be too late.
  • Last and not least – take stock of your life. Take a good look at what you have accomplished and where you failed till now. Start your journey fresh and alive.

Life is too short and it’s getting shorter every minute. So just don’t waste a single second – do the things you always wanted to do and which you know is good for you. Learn to say no to things which you don’t want to do but because of pressure you are forced to do it.


Cell phone which has become a necessity for everyone is a boon to all of us. Cell phone help us to keep in touch with our friends , family and acquaintances , getting oneself updated with whats-happening-around-the-world, taking the stress off with online banking , shopping and various other app facilities which we are only too happy to use.

Now think of this…. have you ever felt your phone vibrating or ringing, but when you actually you PVS_2remove it from your pocket or purse to answer it and you realize, that it just wasn’t ringing or buzzing in the first place? Many of us are guilty of this phenomena where we keep checking our phones thinking it has vibrated only to find no one has called. This sensory hallucination has a name – Phantom Vibration Syndrome (PVS) aka Phantom Ringing.  It’s a 21st century phenomenon experienced by millions of people everyday across the globe.


A recent research has shown that the city based doctors are witnessing 30-40 percent rise in PVS_1such patients. In current scenario the way the younger generation are addicted to cell phones it will not be surprising that the figures of patient having PVS will rise to 60-70 percent in short span of time.

 Many people constantly worry about possible calls or messages on their phone and hence get the feeling of their phone vibrating or ringing. This can lead to loss of concentration while work or while studying. Such syndrome also leads to increase in number of accidents as the person checks the phone while driving. Also not to forget that too much addiction of phones leads to social and occupational problems too.

People suffering from PVS feel the phone is ringing even when they are away from the phone. The frequency of checking the mobile phones increases intensely. With high intensity increases ones anxiety and also leads to distress. There are cases found in young generation where in they feel their phone’s ringing even in their dreams and hence the person wakes up in the middle of the night to check for any calls or messages.

Just a note of caution that incase if you are feeling that your phone vibrates or hearing the ringtone and infact nothing sort of it has happen, then you are one of the victim of PVS. Well, nothing to worry as there is therapy/treatment available for overcoming PVS. A small helpful tip – Do cell phone fasting; a way to keep yourself away from your phone and from the syndrome too.

Shor in the city

motorist-stuck-in-a-traffic“Do you buy vehicles based on their power of honking?” this was the question put to me by one of my global CIO who happened to visit India couple of weeks back. He stays in Australia and he was visiting India for the second time after almost 9 years. “Is there no fine for too much honking?” “Why do motorist honk so much when they know the car is going to crawl?” I was bombarded with so many questions and I was in a fix as to what to respond.

The only answer I could come up with was there were so many pedestrians and bikers and hence to avoid any untoward incidents, the horn is used. It was an embarrassing moment for me as I am well aware that rest of the countries honking is an offence. During my brief stay in America I had noticed it that honking is not at all allowed. Although I did hear a fair bit of cars honking in New York – but nothing compares to what you hear in India.

The very next day I checked on the noise level in the city and was shocked to read that a recent report published by Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) last month revealed startling facts about noise level in the city. A four years long study, CPCB concluded that Mumbai is India’s noisiest city, also has the dubious distinction of being one of the noisiest in the world. The worrying fact is that the noise level exceeds the prescribed allowable level by 100 percent. If such high level decibels persist then it’ll harm us only in near future.

India is a country which celebrates so many different festivals across all religions and hence the celebrations of these do add up the noise levels in the city. It will help all of us if we all understand the impact of the higher decibels and celebrate all the festivals by trying to control the noise level within the limited range.

The most and highest noise pollution is of honking. If all the motorist try and reduce the amount of honking during their traveling it will definitely help reduce the decibels in the city. Just imagine the conditions of the police man/woman who are on duty and controlling traffic. These are the people who bear the brunt of it all.

When in Dubai last year, I did feel the peace while walking / traveling on road as here too honking is banned. In Mumbai too when I am driving I feel better when my car windows are closed.

The other day when I was out with my daughter & niece in the car, I stopped at the signal; a public transport bus next to us was continuously honking. It was a shock for me to hear my niece (6 years old) and my daughter (11 years old) discussing on noise pollution. My niece also mentioned, that in school they too have been taught on the harmful effects of noise pollution. And it left me wondering – if the kids knew it, how come the adults don’t or do they just not pay heed to it all?

Well, it’s about time the Motor Vehicles Department (RTO) of our country, brings out an awareness campaign against noise pollution & also implements stringent laws against unnecessary honking and ensure that we all abide to the rules and there reduce all that “shor” (which means noise) in the city.


A to Z…

Apple_Logo_2015_03A is for Apple. I mean not the fruit but one of the most trusted brand in recent times. One of my favourite and would-never-let-go brand.

B is for Bombay. Now it is called Mumbai, thanks to some politicians. But I still say Bombay and I simply love the word Bombay.


B is for Beef. You can show it on TV but the word will be bleeped out on radio and sub-titles as this is a banned item in Maharashtra. Well I don’t have it at all.

C is for Censor Board. The most talked body who decides to give viewership ratings to the bollywood movies. The body which allows all type of violence, vulgarity and holism in movies but does not allow the word “Bombay”.

D is for Daughter. Am proud to be father of cute, loving and adorable daughter. She is the world to me and I cannot imagine myself without her.

emojiE is for Emojis. The latest trend of expressing your thoughts in ways of emoticons in social media.

F is for Friends. Friends are also my lifeline. Each and every friend is near and dear to me. And I am a person who will not forget any of my friends so easily.

G is for Good morning. Well most of you must be receiving my Good morning messages everyday in the morning. This is my way to reach people every day.

H is Hemang. Ok that’s me and I am what I am.

indiaI is for India. My country and I proud to say am Indian. India is a country having multi-culture and diversity. Well if I start writing about my country then this post will never end 🙂 .

J is for Jealousy. Not my cup of tea, so let me not get into it.

K is for Kiss. A passionate way of expressing your feeling to the opposite person.

L is for Love. Love is a big word with a small definition. Love can be boundless, unrestricted and has no ends. Love can be between friends, family, brothers-sisters, husband-wife, children and so on.

music-1M is for Music; an integral part of me. I love to hear Music in my free time be it at home or office or while driving or while morning walk.


M is for Mumbaiya Hindi. A different type of Hindi language spoken within Mumbai city.

N is for Net Neutrality. No matter what your faith or political affiliation, its politically correct to support Net Neutrality. When it comes to standing up to greedy Internet Service Providers, then we are  one people after all.

O is for Outrage / Offence / Opinion. One is what everybody is free to have. One is what everyone has right to give. One is a reaction of the other two. You have two minutes to solve this 🙂

P is for Panauti. Almost all Indians believe in this superstitious word. Every one passes thru some stage of Panauti in life. Well even our Indian cricketer team too were not spared from this. Cyber bullies attributed India’s defeat in the last World cup to the inauspicious presence of wife and girlfriends.

Q is for Quota. Looking for a government job, admission to college, darshan to a temple, or just a seat on a bus or train ? Just go through the Q word before you try any of the above. If you have a disability, or are a sports person or a victim of a terror attack, a child of a freedom fighter, former military service person or a tribal domiciled then you fit in the Q and if none of the above then you are into General Category. Well its surprising to know how many people are still left into General Category.

R is for Rape. Rape is the fourth most common crime against women in India. As per the research 98% of the cases are committed by someone known to the victim. Lots of awareness is spread on social media in terms videos and messages to stop this gruesome crime.

S is for Selfie. Smartphones has helped to justify the definition of the Selfie-Design-Elementword Selfie. All these years anyone hardly knew what it meant and today the world is busy clicking Selfies.

T is for Terrorism. The most dreaded word everyone is afraid of and has spread across the globe like a virus. There is not a single country which is free from Terrorism.

U is USA. A dream destination.

V is for Vacation. Most awaited time of the year where you can be free from the stress of day-to-day work, relax and spend some quality time with your family.


W is for Whatsapp. A game changer in way of communication but an addiction app for chatting. Although useful to keep intouch with rest of the world but many times a headache (that’s my feelings).

X is X-rated. Recently government of India ordered to ban 857 pornographic websites. This ban is for preventing Child pornography which is illegal in India. But does banning of 857 websites will help curb this issue?

Y is for Yelling. In earlier days Yelling was for those who had weak arguments. But these days yelling is a way to make yourself heard over the news channel by the hosts (I am sure you guessed it correct).

Z is for Zero. Has no value but if written at the right place than most valuable.

Reminiscing good old days

This is a long pending post which actually I had forgotten to publish it…….

Those were the innocent days of wearing same colour school uniform, same black shoes, covering text books with brown paper, childhood crushes, school classes, tutions & exams and all those teachers & unforgettable picnics, traveling to school & back home with friends, sharing tiffin in recess break..

And right back to the present of office meetings, dashing off to catch the 8.17am local train, grabbing a seat, making sure to reach before the cut-off time to attend day long meetings and then all of sudden a thought pops up “hey why don’t we all school friends just meet up to catch up on those old school days & have a nice get together”

Well getting to the point, we had a rocking school reunion few weeks back (this was my 5th reunion and all of these 5 reunions I have been a helping hand to organise it). And to mention that I along with 2 other school friends had done all the planning and arrangement (this was my 5th reunion . It was our joint efforts from last more than 1 month which made the event successful.

We, specially my friend PK and myself did lots of planning and brainstorming for the reunion event. Numerous phone calls every day, coffee meetings on weekends, the do’s and don’ts wherein all can enjoy and yes ofcourse the laymen thinking of budgetary issue. All 5 fingers of ours are not same, similarly mindset of 50+ people whom we expected cannot be the same. Pleasing each of them was the most tedious task.

Every alternate day there was some twist and turn in our road to the reunion. Hurdles are always welcome and they set the challenge for us. Overcoming them was the most exciting part. Frankly, initially I had thought of dropping off the idea but PK stood strong and always pulled me in for the exciting ride. Thanks PK for it.

Pulling it off from me-out-from-planning-a-reunion to a successful one was a proud moment. Getting intouch with school friends through social media spread across the globe, passing on the communication without missing anyone and most importantly not letting off the momentum which we had managed to build it from day 1 of announcing the reunion date.

Finally the d day was here and we as a facilitator were bit nervous as in hoping that all the pieces which we had planned out should fall out in the right place. The endless chit-chats, loud giggles, still the habit of pulling each other legs, clicking plenty of pictures with each other, dancing, singing, swaying and ofcourse hugging each other and not wanting the night-to-end so soon.

Frankly everything did go well as per our planning and all those who had attended the reunion had ball of a time. Meeting childhood friends took us 24 years back in our school days trying to recollect moments of our life which were full of fun and joy.

There was a lot to learn when we put together the feedback we received from our friends. And I’m sure the next time we plan a school get together it will only be more fun.

Some of the feedback we received are as follows :-

feedback2feedback1 feedback feedback3IMG_5794