A better tomorrow

“You always have time for the things you put first”

24 hours = 1,440 minutes = 86,400 seconds is what we all have with us in a day. No matter which part of the world you live in, we have the same amount of time with us every single day. It’s totally upto us as how we utilize this time. In my earlier posts too, I have mentioned time is running at a faster pace than we are. Time does not wait for anyone. You can read those posts here … link 1 & link 2

“I am busy with office work, I work for long hours at the office, I leave early from home, I have home responsibilities, I am balancing my life between professional and personal front, etc. etc.” Sounds similar correct? These were some of the excuses I also used to give myself 3 years ago. You can read my old post here on how i use to be a lazy bone type of person. And I am sure these and many more excuses you all must be giving yourself and others when someone asks you “Which workout have you done today for yourself?”

86,400 seconds are more than enough in a single day to fill your day with all the activities you want to do. Recently I was reading one article and found a few interesting facts :-

  • Indian viewers, on an average watch TV for 3 hours 44 minutes every day = 26 hours/week = 4.3 days/month = 1 month 22 days/year.
  • Indians spend roughly 180 minutes/day on smartphones = 21 hours/week = 3.5 days/month = 1 month 12 days/year.
  • As per a study done by Nokia, we check our phones every 6.5 minutes … that is almost 150 times a day and not only do we just check phones but we send an average of about a 100 messages per day.
  • Another 5 years of our life is spent on surfing the internet.
  • Another survey says that Indians spend 85% of their life indoors, i.e. either inside their homes or offices or schools or colleges.

And so, the list of such crazy facts are endless. The point here is, if we are spending so much time on the TV, mobile, social media surfing endless feeds/updates then how come we do not have time to exercise. Why can’t we just shut off all of the above for 30 minutes a day and do some workout for ourselves, better our future selves so that at a later age we can be thankful for taking care of our body.

This does not mean that one must stop all that you are doing on a daily basis, but we just have to allocate little time from our daily busy schedule and utilize this time towards improving our health and well-being. Just push yourself from the comfort zone you are currently in. Initially it will be difficult but once you are in a set rhythm then you will like the taste of it and will surely be thankful for the wise decision you have taken. We all have those 86,400 seconds with us every single day. Utilize these seconds for our body, for the wellness of ourselves, for our better tomorrow.

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