Monthly Archives: August 2019

Bridge it all the way

Relationships are built everyday.

I termed these relationships as “Bridges”, and why. Why did I name it as a Bridge? The reason is that a Bridge is meant to connect two ends which are far apart. The ends which would have never met without the help of a bridge.

Bridges get built between friends, colleagues or with people wherever you go. Be it close or distant friends. Life of a Bridge is dependent upon the nature of each individual. Some Bridges are built fast and for a shorter duration in-order to enable you to travel shorter distances and some last long and forever helping you to have a safer journey through out. One may have a few bridges and others may have many bridges but more important is the life of each bridge and the medium how it is built.

Till now I have been successful in building many bridges, some strong and some weak too. I tend to start with a weak bridge and then over a period of time I try to invest time and put my best efforts to make it strong so that it can last long. Again, it is not necessary that all strong bridges last forever. Sometimes it also happens that I have started off with a strong bridge with the best of material used (i.e. honesty, trust) but these materials may get decomposed over a period of time if both the ends tend to forget the reason the bridge was built and hence may not last long.

Wise people have said that it’s always better to have one strong bridge instead of many weak bridges; which might not be able to sustain heavy loads or burdens. In my opinion I feel I should have strong as well as weak bridges in-order to balance out both.

Changes in weather occurs all the time. Similarly, changes are seen in the life of the bridges as well. Sometimes we experience bad weather and natural calamities (like cyclone) which is out of our control, in the same way the strongest of the bridges might fall. Possibly the amount of time invested in building it up was not good enough to sustain it any longer.

Sometimes it also happens that you might need to break one of your favorite bridges. Maybe this bridge could mean everything to you, it was one of the vital parts in your life. The flowers and fruits borne were most beautiful till now, however maybe the soil which was holding both ends of the bridge got spoiled beyond control and the last option was to bring it down.

Breaking existing bridges might help building new stronger bridges. Bridges are the way to move ahead in life. It should not become a hinderance. Remember that all bridges will break eventually at the end of your life.

I’d like to end with this apt quote “People come into your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime”.

It’s upto you how you mould and cherish the time and the bonds you share with the people around you.